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1 Minute Daily Practise: Food Blessing

1 Minute Daily Practise: Food Blessing

While it’s desirable, at present it is not always possible for us to consume fresh organic seasonal foods all of the time for various reasons.


The Japanese utter a phrase before commencing eating which I am told, translates into “I take this nourishment in gratitude (to all beings)” which includes the Spirits of the Land.


Today our food is of a lower vibration to the nature of mass production that it has very little life force left in it. When you bless your food you heighten its frequency so it fuels your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies much more optimally.



Below is my version as it stands in my personal Book of Shadows:


Powers That Be

Please bless this food in all positivity

So that it is wholesome

Nutritious and tasty for me

I give thanks for these fruits of the Earth

And to all those involved in bringing it to me

May this blessing nourish my spirit as the food

Nourishes my being on all levels

Thank You.


I have found the food is more flavourful as a result and in my mind I trust that it yields much better nourishment whilst clearing any harmful substance and energy.


You can do it while preparing the meal or before eating one. If you forget, bless your food halfway or afterwards anyway. Switch it up for a family or group by injecting plurals where required.


Consistency leads to habit and once you get accustomed to it you will notice the difference between blessed and non-blessed food!


How may I serve you next?