1 Minute Daily Practise: Sacred Space

How to to focus, increase productivity and open to receiving spiritual guidance (in one minute)!


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Sometimes you just need a time-out for a quick breather to get back on track in your day, elevate your vibration or to boost your creativity and productivity levels.




This quick exercise is ideal if you:



  • Have a specific task you would like to complete expediently without interruption


  • Need a quick recharge


  • Would like a moment’s peace and quiet to gather your thoughts and realign


  • Want to touch base with your core for some inspiration or resolution




How to do it:


1) Ground and centre.




2) If you have a specific goal, state in your mind, or aloud if you prefer something along the lines of “I intend to … I aim… in 30 minutes.”




3) Ask your Spirit Helpers to come to your side and assist you.




4) Call in the elements if you wish. State mentally or aloud, “I invoke the powers of Air, Fire, Earth and Water to bless this space.”  Alternatively, you may wish to connect with a particular archetype to channel their energy into whatever it is that you are doing. E.G. Athene for wisdom.




5) Imagine yourself and the area surrounding you beneath a dome of shimmering blue light.




6) Proceed and remember to flow some appreciation for the interlude when you’re done.




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