10 Signs You Are an Empath

Do you get told you’re over sensitive? You feel things much more deeply than people around you do? 


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Does this sound like you?



“I took an empath test online and it said that I am an empath.  What can I do to control this as I am becoming physically sick and emotionally overwhelmed?”




“Could my depression possibly be linked to being an empath? I have this cloud hanging over me all the time and I suspect this could be the reason.”



“I don’t trust people so I tend to stay by myself when I’m not working. I have so many walls up I won’t allow people into my space. All these things plus many more leave me feeling sad and disheartened.”



10 Signs You Are an Empath



1) You feel uncomfortable in crowded settings



2) You have random unfounded mood swings



3) You burst into tears during emotionally charged movie scenes (even Disney)



4) You are able to gauge if what someone is telling you is sincere



5) You can read the emotional state of others beyond what they are revealing



6) You experience a visceral reaction to loaded words such as “hate”



7) You enjoy being out in nature, in or near water more than the company of
most people



8) You are naturally inclined to alleviate the pain of others (physical or emotional)



9) You have a history of co-dependent relationships that likely weren’t healthy



10) Your energy frequently feels depleted after listening to the personal woes of




In a nutshell an empath feels what somebody else feels, you are able to take on the energy physical, mental, emotional or spiritual of somebody known or unknown to you whether they are in close proximity or afar.




For example, if someone is angry or deeply saddened but not saying anything, pretending everything is alright you may walk into the room and find you experience that emotion like it happened to you out of the blue.




Or you could walk into a room in perfect health, someone in that room has back pain and you experience the back pain as if it’s your own with no obvious cause.




If you know that you are an empath and you notice this it is easy to shift by acknowledging it is not yours and that you release it. The sensation will disappear as suddenly as it set in.




If you are unaware that what you are doing is empathing and you are someone who has a propensity for depression it may deepen and you think you just have mood swings or internalise this occurrence as something being wrong with you.




You may as a child have misunderstood this and perceived the other person’s feelings as resulting from something you did or diligently tried to make them feel better in some way.




I have dealt with a lady who at the age of six was seated next to a classmate in her schoolroom who had a broken arm. She felt extreme pain in her arm and cried. They sent her to the nurse and her parents took her to the doctor but there was nothing wrong. She had taken on the other child’s pain.




It doesn’t stop there though. You can pick up on others’ energies via TV even if it is recorded because it carries the energy with which it was made with. Tuning in to news media that go all out for drama and hype immediately sets you in a fearful, powerless place.




You can also pick up on someone else’s energy through hearing the harmonic in their voice, when you think of someone you have a strong connection with or when someone is reminiscing via strong emotional memory about you.




Essentially, you can empath energy through your computer screen, phone and so on. It’s also not limited to your environment and mass consciousness but astrological line ups as well.




In the next post we will look at ways you can prevent overwhelm by shielding against taking on the energy of others that doesn’t serve you, how to release it and move it out of your system.



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