What To Do With the 11.11 Stargate Portal Energy

The annual stargate opens up again, generating a sacred portal that flows more light codes to Gaia and all upon her, triggering ancient recall within your neural pathways, further awakening your DNA to higher vibrating realms.


11:11 Gateway | www.stellaseaspirit.co.zaVisually 11.11 looks like two pillars, a perfect gateway to walk through into in-between space ~ a still point within perfect balance.



This is a powerful energy to attune to for new beginnings to activate higher consciousness and integrate greater levels of light.





It is also ideal for building ritual or ceremony to demonstrate your conscious choice to experience change in your life.



You can’t miss the bus so to speak. Just by stating your willingness to be open to receiving this energy is sufficient. Even muggles will feel it (but they won’t know what to do with it 😉




Engage the 11.11 gateway to:


  • Merge your starry soul origin with your physical earthly composition


  • Access higher frequency realms and activate higher consciousness


  • Initiate steps to incur change and expansion in your life


  • Make a fresh start for the year ahead (this 11.11 gateway to the next)


  • Integrate greater levels of light


  • Tend your creative goals and projects in preparation for the next level


  • Release outdated roles and identities


  • Heal old emotional wounds for good




This is a very powerful energy window to work with each year, but it is especially pertinent if you are currently seeing 11:11 everywhere.

The matrix is hinting for you to make use of this portal!




Set aside some time whether it is just 11 minutes or an hour to enter a calm, centred state to connect with this energy available to you for more elucidation, cosmic flow and balance on your path. Connect with your true mastery, now is the time.



Use your imagination when it comes to projecting your intentions through the gateway pillars. See energy stream through in your mind’s eye or draw two pillars on a sheet of paper or in your journal and set your intentions in the space between. Make sure you only note what you want and where you are going!




The 11.11 gateway adds up to 4 which is the angelic number of support, amplifying your intentions throughout the 4 directions and bringing them into form with the 4 elements. How do you wish to optimise the next phase of your journey?




Ask to be attuned to and to be activated in higher consciousness, to unlock subconscious abilities and embody greater levels of light.




Communicate your conscious decision to step into a new way of being through this creative, expansive portal, further awakening to higher vibrating realms 💎💫




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