Are you aware that something needs to change?

That your soul is calling you toward something?

But you don’t know how to begin or you’re not making progress, so you feel stuck…


It’s easy to get inspired and feel uplifted by good feeling thoughts and visions, but how are you channelling that into everyday actions that create change in your life? How do you align with a truer version of yourself and translate that into how you are living right now?


Change is uncomfortable. You are stepping out of what you know into unfamiliar territory because essentially you have to do something different to what you have been in order to experience different results.


This can be nebulous domain because you’re unsure whether you require a slow brew, rapid boil or even a gradual thaw…


That’s where 1:1 mentoring comes in


arrow-rightYou have me as a sounding board to gain the clarity that guides you into new energy and fresh perspective to be the person you want to be and embody it on a cellular level that sets the path in motion for your reality to follow.


arrow-rightYou have me for accountability so your inclination to follow through with what needs to be done to get the result you want is far more amplified than when left to your own devices and thus you experience transformation much more rapidly than figuring it out alone.


There are very few places modern witches can go to get the support, guidance and practical metaphysical understanding they need that is customised to them. Simply saying your thoughts out loud in a safe, private powerful space works wonders.


In a safe space together we create more beauty, light and magick in your life in just 12 weeks using everything I know, use and have learned through my perspective and experiences so that you achieve results faster.


Private mentoring will give you the tools and personalised support so that you can successfully merge ancient metaphysical principles with grounded practical actions to create real, positive, lasting change in your life so that you consciously align with the life you want to live.


“One who is connected to the energy stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the energy stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that cannot be matched by anything else in the universe.” – Abraham Hicks



In times past, the word witch was a label used to describe someone wise to the workings of the universe. Someone able to tune into their vast inner power sustained by infinite life force. Someone not subject to external circumstances that shape your life and who responds instead by aligning outward behaviour and internal environment only to match what you desire to experience.


The word Witch purely describes a person who is self-aware, comfortable in their personal power and wise to the workings of the universe, beyond the confines of visible matter and free from suppression.


Another Happy Client! |


“I booked this package with Stella because I had previously purchased her Moonlight Magi course, and after using it for 3 months I was seeing positive changes that made me want to further explore my connection to magick and learn how to use it every day – it is working!


Other mentoring experiences have been very business focused and healing in the past has either been deeply emotional or passive. In Beauty, Light and Magick I feel like I’m listening and moving with the flow and trusting, rather than pushing, manipulating or controlling.


Before the sessions I was battling my head, heart and intuition. I was not allowing and trusting and I was creating more negative momentum by focusing on the negative. I was also being visited and affected by lower vibrational entities.


Now after the 12 week passage I feel more in tune with myself and the environment and realise more quickly when I am out of alignment. I am no longer troubled by lower vibrations. I feel empowered, supported and can rest in knowing that all is happening in divine timing.


My connection with my spirit guides has definitely strengthened and my confidence in connecting with them has grown.


I love that I am now taking action that is guided from within. It is very unique to have the mentoring and healing combination – this really supercharges the benefits and depth of the sessions because I feel even more supported and rested. I seem to be making even better health choices too. I am an extremely healthy eater already but I’ve been drawn to increase my green and spirulina intake.


The entire experience really exceeded my expectations. It’s the support, the answers within, the pathway to get there, being led through unique processes, the healing and the accountability. The long term working with Stella is magical and I have stopped worrying so much!


The Beauty, Light and Magick passage is essential if you want to strengthen your connection to your personal power, if you want to learn and feel confident in listening to messages from your higher self and guides and deepen your connection to the flow of the universe while learning to allow but also take aligned action, which is exactly what I wanted.” ~ Heidi Lidholm, Berlin, Germany (Intuitive Business Strategist for Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs) |


Another Happy Client! |


“Before the 12 week passage I was looking for hope, confidence and self-trust, also a deeper connection and relationship with the Witch within. At the time I booked the Beauty, Light and Magick package I felt defeated, lonely and exhausted. Disconnected from the part of myself that I love.


However after the sessions I know I am a beautiful, sensual, strong, brave Goddess of a Witch, who is full of wisdom, has a great sense of humor and is worthy of acknowledging and using her amazing gifts.


Stella continually impresses and amazes me with her wisdom, knowledge and knowing (she always knows what to do without batting an eye)! My favorite part has been talking with Stella every week, and the spells and the energy I felt while doing them. Also how much more comfortable I’ve become with this. Stella answered every question or concern and never left me to fly by the seat of my pants.


I don’t think I would be where I am today without the unique connection of the one-on-one setting. I LOVE making new self-discoveries and growing and I know that I will work with Stella again as feel I have a lot of untapped potential!” ~ Kristen, Oklahoma, USA.


12 Weeks of Beauty, Light and Magick

This passage is right for you if…

black star tiny You want a mentor who knows what it takes to create mental, emotional and vibrational change who is able to show you how to do this for yourself to translate magick into your everyday being as you open up to your greatest potential


black star tiny You are ready to progress from what keeps you confused or stuck that is simply not working for who you are anymore. You are ready to generate positive energy to not just nourish your objectives, but become them


black star tiny You don’t want to continue struggling on your own and you’re open to a shift in perspective augmented by powerful vibrational support with Reiki and high frequency quartz crystals


black star tiny You practice self-awareness on a body, mind, heart and soul level and you’re willing to take care of yourself while taking aligned action to show up differently in this world


black star tiny You are already awakening to the truth of who you really are and want to be guided back to your Self more rapidly in 12 weeks than you have in years while increasing happiness, inner peace and confidence


black star tiny You want to take all your Witchy goodness and beam it brightly and confidently to benefit the planet and all whom you encounter


black star tiny You willingly and enthusiastically invest time, energy and money in your personal expansion because you know that it enhances all aspects of your life


I’m reaching out to Witchy Ones who say YES

>> You’re not like everyone else, neither am I. I’ve never been normal *cackle* What you think is weird is likely not that weird to me


>> You sometimes feel lonely as in; even though you have people around you they don’t quite understand your spirit


>> You have felt an awakening and transformation with the intense need to expand your beingness but you are confused or unsure about how to begin. Or you lost touch with the sparkle in your soul somewhere along the way


>> You know magick exists all around you, a sentient energy that permeates everything but you don’t feel like you are really living it


This is ONLY for people who are committed to living an expanded life, willing to pay attention and ready to actively show up and participate in creating change within by unravelling, releasing and re-weaving what needs to be shifted and open to receiving fresh insight, interdimensional experiences and most importantly, prepared to do things differently.


You know the saying that every time a bell rings a faery gets its wings? Well, for every single witch that chooses to fully reanimate their personal power now, you set the blueprint for thousands of others on the planet to follow. Ready to walk in your power more fully and transform all that is around you?


Beauty Light and Magick |



What it is


Beauty, Light and Magick Triad is an accelerated 3 month passage of expansion for Witchy Ones ready to fully embody their wise, beautiful, playful and utterly competent nature; expending only the energy necessary to be expended, adjusting to the Oneness frequency and lovingly trailblazing the way for the millions of other Witchy Ones awakening at this time.


Appointments are held via Uberconference by phone or internet connection. International access numbers are available to avoid long distance charges. Hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (ET, USA) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Alternative appointments by mutual arrangement.


This package is the most intensive that I offer, if you are ready and willing to commit to this full immersion, that will at times feel uncomfortable as you morph into a truer expression of yourself in form, yet will mostly be fun as you get to create and witness more beauty, light and magick for life-long transformation, then read on…


The Beauty, Light and Magick activatory mentoring package is a unique opportunity to receive bespoke spiritual guidance, healing and energy transfiguration aligned with your highest good to connect with your multi-dimensional beingness and inner wise one so that you interact with life from this space.


  • Greater self-love and trust in your abilities as you move forward
  • Peace and calm in perceived chaos that allows change to unfold
  • Clarity on what you want and how to achieve it
  • Improved communication with your Personal Interdimensional Support Team
  • Feel more cosmically supported as you align with a truer version of your Self


This is NOT me teaching you formal lessons. You will be doing approximately 80% of the talking. I help you uncover the answer from within since often it is a matter of hearing what you already know. At times I will advise you, but mostly I will be right beside you as you carry out proven techniques steeped in ancient principles.


We don’t spend copious amounts of time on the past and delving into what is “wrong”with you because we are not going that way. Together we navigate your intentions and how to etherically support them into form. I am your sounding board for confirmation, clarification or a shift in perspective you may not have considered before and then committing to the action required for personal alchemy to occur.


Imagine a dynamic relationship with a fellow Witchy One where the aim is to listen to and dedicate attention to only you and your current heart’s desires. Exploring what will help you achieve them in a way that connects you more deeply to your Witch within and intrinsic personal power.


Imagine someone intent on understanding all that you communicate ~ not just your words, but the spaces between; the language of your body, mind, heart and spirit. Accentuating the very best aspects of you, even if you can’t see them in yourself.


Imagine stepping into an environment and behaving in a manner that stimulates flow and positive action so that you can live in a way that matches what you desire to experience (no longer chasing after dreams but embodying them) with someone who is sometimes even more certain and focussed on your expansion than you are…


That someone is me. I will hold safe, sacred, serene space for you where we visit regularly to merge and assimilate your new now, where your cells pulse with the breath of Creation’s love. I will explain and work with you to use magickal prescriptions that enhance your life.


Together We Can

tickExplore your personal connection with All That Is and connect more strongly with your core essence so that you can be more effective and fulfilled now


tickBlast old programming from your mind and body to regain your centre and make the best decisions for you that benefits others as well


tickEtherically recalibrate your molecules so that you vibrate at a higher rate of frequency and experience more love and happiness on your path


tickFacilitate the space for you to experience downloads from your Interdimensional Support Team


tickBuild up your unique strengths and talents and discover how to operate them on an everyday level




How it works


1.) Once your application is accepted we hop on a quick 15 minute Meet & Greet Skype Call (so I know we’re a great match).


2.) If we resonate well, I will send you your welcome packet with links to make the payment option of your choice. You then send me your details via a fun online clarity questionnaire. This helps me to understand your unique situation and helps you with self-discovery and reflection.


3.) On your first call we discuss what came up in your clarity questionnaire, your deeper intnetions and focus on your foremost expansion needs at this time, opening up to your journey we plan your next step that helps you evolve quickly with aligned tactics and techniques unique to where you are at.


4.) In each of the successive calls we discuss what has shifted, how you are feeling as a result of applying the practical down-to-earth steps you have been taking and we’ll tweak and strengthen as required, adding new magickal prescriptions to the mix. I type up the call summary and send it to you along with the recording for another week of energy transfiguration and sheer wicked-goodness.


5.) You go off to exude more magick, strut your Witchiness and enjoy magical living each week until our final call to celebrate your victories and set you up with a clear, calm, bold framework to keep your inner Witch in tip top shape for what’s next on your path.


Suffice it to say you won’t be the same on the flip side of this passage!

Comfortable in your personal power and wise to the workings of the universe…


Sphinx of yesterday to the left, sphinx of tomorrow to the right and the infinite now, present moment pouring in through the gateway… can you feel it Wise One? |
Sphinx of yesterday to the left, sphinx of tomorrow to the right and the infinite now, present moment pouring in through the gateway… can you feel it Witchy One?

Image source

This wicked good package includes

orb_starTen (10) x 45-minute calls [4 weekly calls in month one, 4 weekly calls in month two and 2 bi-weekly calls in month three] with Stella where you will share your foremost soul-stirrings for suggestions, guidance, laser-focussed questions and processes you can apply immediately to step into a truer version of yourself.


orb_starTen (10) x Bespoke 30-minute Reiki blasts amplified by high frequency Giza-charged quartz crystals immediately after each call to accelerate powerful energy transfiguration and integration, to illuminate your intentions, flow to where it is most needed and burn away any residual dross


orb_starOne (1) Clarity questionnaire that helps me understand your unique situation and helps you with self-discovery and reflection so that we can map out a wicked action plan to get you from A to B.


orb_starTwo (2) weeks of email support after our last call to iron out any kinks as you implement, receive extra encouragement, additional input or to celebrate wins!



orb_starWeekly Check Ins and accountability. Once a week, I will check in with you via email to send me updates on your progress so that you can reflect and record your thoughts and experiences throughout the 12 week passage.


orb_starCommitment to regular calls with me so you make time to fit in what is important to you and what you truly value because at this point, it feels like you have SO much going on! (The secret is that when you habitually step into spirit state you get much more done much more efficiently outside of the space-time illusion).


orb_starA brief summation of points that came up in your session including weekly exercises or “magickal prescriptions” to implement during the week ahead and/or an outline of self-care tips after each call (great to keep as a quick-reference record to refer back to later).


orb_starAudio recordings of all our calls, sent to you following each session (so you don’t need to scramble making notes and can just be fully present during our conversation).


orb_starAt power windows (equinox & solstice) and during stargate activity (8-8, 11.11, 12_12 and Pleiadean Line Up) I offer specialised ritual magick sessions with my Giza Crystal grids, priced at $99 USD which are multidimensional energy sendings.


These high frequency “interstellar showers” directly boost the consciousness within your cells, which strengthens your soul mission by harmonising body, mind, heart & soul to facilitate more clarity, ease and grace on the next phase of your journey.


When any of these occur during your mentoring time booked with me you have the option to book these completely complimentary to your collaboration with me 🙂


This service is suitable if you want

tickDeeper clarity, commitment and accountability to step out of your comfort zone into the fringe where possibility and magick occurs


tickClear instruction for engaging and aligning with the Witch within for personal expansion and greater connection to your personal Interdimensional Support Team and All That Is


tickPowerful transformative processes that create confidence in your ability to receive your own guidance with the know-how to align body, mind, heart and spirit to craft your energy effectively


tickProgress in a fiercely supportive and safe space. Notes and additional tools to take forward in your life for continual expansion and greater awareness


This is NOT me teaching you formal lessons. You will be doing approximately 80% of the talking. I am your sounding board for confirmation, clarification or a shift in perspective you may not have considered before and then committing to the action required for personal alchemy to occur. I will advise you as you carry out proven techniques steeped in ancient principles.


Stella Seaspirit ~ Author + Mentor |

If we haven’t met yet…

Hello! I’m Stella Seaspirit, professional Source-ress and mentor to magical starseed who shows modern witches how to feel more confident and connected to their interdimensional or spiritual nature in practical everyday ways so that they can experience more magick in the here and now. I have a knack for translating metaphysical concepts in a down-to-earth manner and shifting your perspective.


I’m also a certified law of attraction life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master practitioner and hold a postgraduate degree in Psychology. My personal path is solitary, somewhat shamanic and rather eclectic therefore my teachings are such with no loyalty to any particular tradition or formal aspect of the Craft. I work directly with pure Source energy.


My mentoring approach is

Rooted in supporting your personal empowerment, spiritual expansion and fostering conscious awareness of how you are the creative force in your life. You will benefit the most from these sessions if you are open to support in realising your deepest innermost magickal aspect and prepared to self-reflect and let go of any outdated, limiting beliefs and patterns.


The emphasis of our calls together is

To access solution-oriented conversation and energies that lead you toward greater expression of your truer self and the raising of unified consciousness and subsequently vibrational tone. Even though I use psychic skills within the sessions, the call is not focused on predictions of the future or to function as a psychic reading.


If you are ready

To Witchify your life by leveraging ancient wisdom and the energies of the stars to find balance in your actions and align yourself with natural forces to enhance your aspirations while receiving the support to achieve deep and meaningful transformation, I’m the mentor for you!


I’ll provide the compassionate neutral space, encouragement and healing that you most need to release fear, misconception and/or uncertainty to move fully and decisively into a new way of being so that you can live your most joyful fulfilling life.




Since neural pathways don’t (usually) change overnight, you need to commit to this mentoring passage for at least three (3) months. In most cases, by the end of three months, you will have what you need to move forward on your own.

Every person is different, as such each person’s experience depends on their background, unique energy signature and soul path choices. How this experience affects you specifically will vary based on where you are at in your own journey of expansion.


How To Get Started

Please click the button below to fill out the application form and I will be in touch within 3 working days to schedule a Meet & Greet call if we are a good fit.


Apply Now


For more details about service terms and conditions, refund and cancellation policy etc. click here


More Praise

Another Happy Client! |


“I booked this package because I wanted to live from a place of self-trust and confidence. Before the sessions I was holding onto past baggage but didn’t know how to let go.


Now I am able to acknowledge and release that which does not serve me quickly and easily. I am able to face the world with open eyes and an open heart. These sessions helped me find and maintain balance within myself.


Stella’s perspective and presence during our conversations helped me to shift in subtle but profound ways. She is open and allowing which helps me to be the same. Stella presents a genuine interest in each session and her weekly guidance was spot on. I felt an immediate trust with Stella prior to working with her and that trust was confirmed week after week. I was pleasantly surprised by many things during the course of our sessions − at times what seemed to be the most insignificant detail became the most purposeful and resulted in the greatest personal insights.


By incorporating the simple energy alignment and visualization techniques I am more empowered. The releasing meditations and exercises were exactly what I needed and I now understand how to release and receive simultaneously. This process helped me to trust myself because our sessions confirmed all that I already knew and more.


This experience differs from previous experiences as I was accountable for my needs and wants every week. Whereas, in other previous experiences I would have profound moments but then fall back into my old patterns of thought.


The format of this package creates a forward flowing process of self-enlightenment and follow through. The 12 week passage provided a platform for me to share and discuss my thoughts in an open setting where I felt safe with disclosure and where I received instant feedback and guidance. Working with Stella has been illuminating. I have been able to accept myself in so many ways that I was not before and it has helped me to realize that I am the key to my freedom.


I would work with Stella again because discussing and sharing methods and outlooks on connecting with self and The All is beneficial. It helps to expand consciousness and the free flow of energy. This program has truly helped me in body, mind and soul. I am brighter and lighter!” ~ Shirley, Texas, USA


Another Happy Coven Member! |

“I booked this package because I really wanted to connect with someone who could teach me more about working with energy and stepping into the magick.

Before the sessions I felt quite confused and unsure what to do with newfound abilities. I also really felt the call to disrupt the old paradigm.


When we started I was a bit worried that a call every week for 12 weeks would be too much, but I am glad it was set up like this. It really helped me get at it and stick with it.

I LOVE how this commitment turned my Tuesday evenings into a self-care ritual with first the call, followed by the Reiki. It has really deepened my connection with myself and everyday magick.


This package has made my path clearer. It has unearthed a deep sense of power that I am able to feel more and more. I am very glad to have had this opportunity to connect with someone who is intelligent, down to earth and talking to faeries all at the same time!


It’s a real journey − you have to dive in, but it is so worth doing if you want to grow more into your power and learn to live more magically. It is truly transformative. And fun. It has given me a different perspective; I am more comfortable working with energy now and owning my power. Beauty, Light and Magick has helped me turn intellectual knowledge into actually “living it”. I knew magic is not something separate, that it permeates everything but I couldn’t live it before, not like I can now.


Stella’s mentoring is in fact very practical and grounded, it was empowering and soothing at the same time. I feel my confidence is growing and even though I am not sure where it is all taking me, I can feel momentum building. That I am on the right track and that I will finally be able to fully be me, and fully use my talents.


I will absolutely work with Stella in this way again as I really feel understood and that I can talk about anything, no matter how silly it feels at first. As a coach myself I value that some things you just can’t do on your own, Stella is a very wise counsel and I can tell she walks her talk.” ~ Monique, Tilburg, the Netherlands |


Another Happy Client! |


“Before the Beauty, Light and Magick Triad I felt a little directionless and lost. Having just broken free from old restrictive beliefs that caused me to be deeply unhappy.

I had opened up to a completely new world of ideas and thoughts, and I had all this newfound energy to invest in exploring my spirituality.


The first half of this year, before my awakening I had been very emotional and down, and had lost the passion for life. Now a few months later, I am beginning to find my energy again thanks to these sessions.


At first I was a little resistant to the calls as I was afraid that the advice given would be mundane or generic − like advice my friends or family would tell me. However I quickly learnt that the advice and knowledge that Stella passed on to me appealed to both my spiritual and logical side, which I absolutely loved!


I couldn’t really see major shifts however I just felt that much better every week. Having a mentor and a guide allowed me to not only release some of my burden through conversation, but also helped me greatly in seeing how I could overcome these issues.


I know that I walk away from this passage more confident in myself and my abilities, as it helped me see and understand the power that I have to create the magic in my life.


What I loved the most was it felt so safe and non-judgemental. I find it hard to discuss my feelings and issues and this was something that I had to get used to. Stella was so warm and accepting and worked with me to find solutions. This is something that I am forever grateful for, as I could feel myself open up more and really get the most out of the sessions.


Even some of the stuff that would have sounded so crazy had other people heard it, felt so normal and natural with Stella and this allowed me to feel comfortable asking more questions. Stella is like the wise, witchy friend that I have always been looking for!


The experience was much more than anything I expected as it helped me take action, stay on track and really felt as if I was doing something magical though subtle and easy to implement techniques. I felt heard and understood and would literally be able to throw anything at Stella and she would always have an answer.


I have been able to gradually break free from always being future-focussed, worried, stressed, overwhelmed, helpless and basically every other negative thought! I have also discovered how to handle my emotions much better, which has allowed me to flow with life a lot more.


I am feeling much more empowered, strong and magical as I know that all these techniques and knowledge are now inside of me, and that I will be able to use these in my life whenever I need them.


This has been an invaluable experience that has helped me navigate the start of my spiritual journey. I am finally beginning to really understand who I am and why that is. Because I have developed such an open and warm relationship with Stella, I will definitely be back in future.” ~ Isobella, Victoria, Australia


Apply Now


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