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Afraid Of The Dark

Afraid Of The Dark

Reader Question: “I want to learn more about Witchcraft, but I am scared of it at the same time because of the sinister and dark stigma that surrounds it.”


Darkness brings mystery and the promise of discovering something about your Self. It is part of the natural cycle of life as can be witnessed by the waxing and waning of the Moon, throughout the month, the Sun throughout the light and dark halves of the year and with sunrise and sunset each day.


What is known as Dark Magick deals with the “unknown, hidden” side of life; transformation, destruction, ‘negative’ (heavier) emotions such as depression, anger, lack, trauma, sadness, the subconscious and even the collective unconscious.


Shadow-work is about delving into the depths of your being in order to understand your own motivations, face fears and dissect self-imposed limits so you emerge more firmly rooted and in touch with your soul and innermost self.


Most Witches acknowledge that all energy, light or shadow is fundamentally mouldable potential. Some practitioners of the Craft prefer to cast from the lower chakras whilst others the upper chakras ~ this is simply a difference in self expression and no hierarchy exists.


Things are only dark when they are hidden, that is, when we are repressing or denying some aspect of ourselves we do not wish to face.


As soon as you bring the neglected aspect into the light of your consciousness you are acknowledging it and when you accept it as part of you and embrace the fact that it does not make you sparkle less because of it, you transform.


Darkness allows you to tap into your creativity. Through a cave, you can travel into the depths of the Earth and experience the heartbeat of Gaia. In the absolute blackness of a cave there exists emptiness ~ a void filled with potential from which the unmanifest can become manifest.


This dark void acts as a protective womb, holding you within your own resources until a spark of wisdom is ignited which shifts your perception. Without darkness you would not have light and without light you would not have dark, because they are indissoluble aspects within each other.


You can’t keep pressurising yourself to avoid either the light or the shadow, as always, balance is the key to wholeness. Your position on the spectrum shifts during your existence according to what your soul needs to experience in order to learn and grow.


*I am Witch. I dare to go there.*

Own it. You know you want to.


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