1 Minute Daily Practise: Alignment (To Raise Your Vibration)

How to increase your vibrational frequency and step into your multidimensional consciousness every morning in 1 minute! Plus how to relax, de-stress and access higher consciousness at night in 1 minute!


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It is a common misconception that a daily spiritual practise has to be long and involved and take up a sizable portion of your time.


This is not so. Small, simple actions that preserve your alignment with your core Source-self are adequate.



Begin your day with alignment and end it in alignment and the space in between becomes an embedded spiritual practise.



As in the beginning, so in the middle, so in the end.  Buddhist Maxim



How do you start your day?


~ Present, conscious, aware of; body, thoughts and emotions


~ Deliberate markers or goals set in place


~ Calm, relaxed, sustained approach; “I can handle this.” Or “I’m ready to be amazed.”




How do you end your day? On a note of;


~ Appreciation


~ Love


~ Fulfillment




Try these pre-written alignments on for size and tailor as required



Daily Alignment



Ground and centre.



I am one with Source (or your preference). I connect with the living essence in all things.



I acknowledge the Greater Whole within which all things exist. I attract endless blessings from this infinite realm of potential.



My intentions serve only my Highest Good and flow to me effortlessly.



{Here you may list your intentions such as; The meeting with X brand will come to an amicable resolution for all parties concerned, I will have X in hand by 16:00 today, bring me what I need, show me how… etcetera}



I ask my Spirit Helpers to walk with me this day, help me to recognise the most appropriate action to take and bring messages from the matrix to my awareness in a way that I will understand.



I am held in diamond light and all that I hold dear is bathed in love throughout this day.



And So It Is.





Nightly Alignment


I give thanks for all the blessings I have received today.



{Here you may list all that has transpired today, lessons learnt, experiences and things you are grateful for ~ big and small. Also recollect your scattered energy from the scenarios of your day.}



I ask my Spirit Helpers to surround me in diamond light whilst I sleep.



I may be taken to the highest levels of wisdom, truth and love to receive any healing, instruction or guidance from my Highest Self.



I intend that I remember what I need to know.



I choose to restore my sacred blueprint and release all that no longer serves me into the Earth for transmutation.



I will awaken feeling rested and refreshed.



And So It Is.




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The FREE Daily Practise Masterclass is ideal if you are struggling with keeping a simple daily spiritual practise. I’ll share with you the 4 common misconceptions getting in your way, how to deal with toxic people and how to create (and keep) a simple daily spiritual practise that suits your personality and lifestyle.




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