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Annual 8-8 Lion’s Gate Energy Portal

Annual 8-8 Lion’s Gate Energy Portal

Atlantis ended during the Age of Leo. As we transition into the Age of Aquarius (the opposite sign of Leo) the Galactic Councils give us the opportunity to spiral up from the destruction that took place and catapult both humanity and planet Earth into a higher dimensional consciousness.


It was during the August Harmonic Convergence of 1987 that this acceleration of consciousness began and each year around this time, many more starseeds awaken and remember to who they really are. That is why we annually experience the end of July through August as a particularly intense energy portal.


The annual 8:8 Lion’s Gate starlight portal peaks on 8 August and is going to be pouring a wave of fresh light codes into our energy fields for the evolution of our planet and all upon it for the coming twelve months.


It is further enhanced by two eclipses, a full moon lunar eclipse on August 7/8th and a new moon solar eclipse on August 21st which may affect changes in your personal journey and consciousness for the next 18 months.


This high frequency energy flows directly from Source, through the blue-white light of the star Sirius, via the grid point of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza to ripple throughout the Earth’s grid.


8:8 doubles and amplifies the vibration and attributes of the number 8 which include personal power and potential, inner wisdom and manifesting as a result of union, harmony and integrated wholeness with all that is.


The image of 8:8 is reminiscent of double infinity symbols, vast and ancient as well as helical human DNA.


This energy supports you in restoring your connection to All That Is, moving beyond past limitation and integrating the incoming light; body, mind and soul.


Use this energy for:

 Opening up to more of your heart’s wisdom and soul’s happiness

 Lighting up your DNA to facilitate a personal quantum shift

 Structuring your daily life around what you want to experience more of

 Awakening and re-membering more of your true infinite nature

 Retrieving soul fragments and personal power to accelerate your personal consciousness and that of the collective as well


The sign of Leo adds the element of fire for a cosmic push, purification and safeguard into change for the better (even if it includes abrupt endings) trust that what unfolds is for your highest good and out of it only positive and productive transformation will come.


If you would like to take full advantage

Of this powerful and magical guiding starlight, I am offering individual 8-8 Interstellar Shower ritual magick sessions between the full moon lunar eclipse on August 8th and the new moon solar eclipse on August 21st where I will be facilitating the illumination and activation of this starlight within your being for you.


These sessions are designed to support and nourish your system as we receive high levels of light and opportunities to step into the new and embody more of your infinite true nature.


You may use these sessions to anchor in any intentions you wish to set for yourself as well as releasing that which no longer serves you.


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