Bewitching 2019 with an Eclipse Sand*witch* and a Sprinkling of Stardust

Catching the cosmic slipstream for reaching high and flying far!


On 5/6 January 2019 (depending on where in the world you are) we have a new moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn.


Also in this galactic brew: Pluto and Vega, the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra situated at 15° Capricorn where the new moon is exact.



Incidentally, ancient astrologers associated Lyra with angelic beings, musical ability heart-centred spirituality and super high-vibe consciousness involved in the upliftment of humankind and life on planet Earth.



Who we aspire to be and what we aim to do is liked with the energy of Capricorn ~ reaching for the highest peak, climbing to the top of a mountain, reaching that personal zenith.



The solstice is one of the principal quarter days of the year, corresponding in tropical astrology to 0° of the cardinal signs (in December the sun is at 0° Capricorn). This event is then proceeded by a stream of high frequency light waves that continues to flow around and through us into January *witch* makes the sprouting potential for “intention seeds” planted now super potent.



The thing is you’ve got to pair those starry-eyed dreams with practical tools, just like the fish-tailed goat brings mystical spirit into physical form. This is neatly rounded out with a full moon in Leo total lunar eclipse on Jan 20/21.




This is your star-aligned opportunity to:


  • Structure your life in a way that allows you to live more efficiently


  • Make aligned decisions about the life you are creating for yourself


  • Direct your life from a place of personal power




A solar eclipse intensifies the “conception” energy of a new moon X10 and its potency sets things in motion for at least the next six months, if not years. Combined with Pluto in Capricorn (who is ruled by Saturn) until 2024, this energy stream is potently transformational.




Here are two vital questions to consider when it comes to rocking out 2019:



1) What do I need to prepare in support of my goals?


2) Who do I need to be in order to turn my goals into a physical reality?



Take these thoughts into your body, feel them moving through you, sit with them in meditation and let them loosely waft through your mind for a few days ~ noting down any impressions, ideas and inspirations about how to align your day-to-day living with your greater aspirations.




If you would like assistance with:


  • Identifying your unique energy patterns as you experientially journey through each month plus how you can best stay grounded, in flow and in harmony, body, mind, heart and soul


  • Guidance for deliberately shifting your vibrational frequency each month to optimally support your goals and desires.


  • Reawakening your thought processes, stimulating creativity, expanding your spiritual connection and multi-dimensionality throughout the year.



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I can’t wait to work with you as you navigate your way to making your dreams real.


Make room >> Connect >> Be your best >> Love the life you live


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If you would like to raze old karma and unlock new experiences:


  • Accentuate your connection with your magickal allies (higher self, angels, guardians, elementals and galactics whom you made agreements with about your mission before incarnating).


  • Clear obstructions, patterns and sabotage to open avenues for opportunity to flow


  • Boost your light quotient to express your beautiful creative self in this world consciously and powerfully



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