Cast Your Year Before You

How to wrap up the past and move forward into all the beauty, light and magick that can be (and why you would want to).


Cast Your Year Ahead |



Making your way from an old calendar year to a new, there are many practises for taking inventory and releasing as you transition into a new cycle of possibilities.



Whether it be cleaning your house from top to toe, shredding old receipts for recycling or clearing clutter and donating to charity ~ these all take the form of ritual if you do them each year with a specific intention behind them.




During December through January you have likely



  • Reflected on what came to pass



  • Appreciated lessons learnt



  • Celebrated achievements




So you will have crystal clarity about what went well last year, what you want to cast off, what you want to improve and what you want to experience more of.





Now it is time to design what you wish to come to pass.


Casting before you is about holding a vision with enough solid focus to allow the strands to begin knitting together for that which you wish to take form.




Why is this important?


Until you commit to a specific direction you would like to take things in an area of your life, there is a hesitancy ~ which makes for manifesting ambiguity because all your thinking and ideas about a matter channel energy toward it but then the energy becomes diluted and scattered, swallowed up by the ether, returned to Source energy because it hasn’t got a clear direction of what to fill.




When you resolve to attain a specific result, you create an energy beacon that you emit into the universe like a flashing neon sign with an arrow above your head that reads “This Way!” Your matching vibration is what contains it and so creative essence has a bucket, or dam to fill.




This allows providence (i.e. magic) to flow toward you because your energy beacon is steady and precise like a lighthouse beam. Because of this a stream of opportunities, events and people who have something of value to contribute to your cause are able to cross your threshold of awareness.




One of my favourite ways of committing to my personal goals is putting pen to paperFor me, mind maps in particular because they blend the linear and creative. I get a clear picture of what I feel takes me closer to where I want to be and this gives me a visual yet tangible framework to pump energy into.




I also leave blanks and write incomplete sentences for the map to remain flexible and open-ended so the matrix can fill in the gaps with delightful surprises. This allows room for Spirit and matter to mingle while you take simple mundane action.




Casting before you feels progressive, expansive and real, like a plant taking root in fertile soil ~ not just whimsical thoughts flitting about in your head, prancing about like sunlight bouncing off foliage.



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