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Ritual magick swirling soft pink + golden gloss in your sacred heart centre, washing away heartache and immersing you in cosmic love



Cherish the Love Higher Heart Activations |




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I know, Valentine’s Day is a commercialised “Hallmark holiday”. The thing is, a large number of the collective focuses on love and thus brings more love into the world. Whether you are sharing this love with a partner, your family, friends, community, pets and/or practicing pivotal self-love…




With a greater number of people placing emphasis on LOVE at this time, the global grid does not go unaffected.


There is strength in numbers.


The collective consciousness infiltrates the matrix.


So why resist the tide when you can flow with it?




Love Magick with Stella Seaspirit |




Imagine yourself walking up the steps of a vast and ancient outdoor temple… 




The sky is bedecked in the deep shades of predawn. Glancing up toward the sky you see the sparkle of Venus rising in the east with the moon.




The heady scent of roses meets your in breath, softly crushed underfoot. The large stone pillars stand bold as the veils of the sheerest silk-like fabric wave lightly in the breeze.




Sense your heart swirl with soft pink light and a warm golden sheen from the ebbing sunrays. You feel safe, loved and whole in this place. It is your sacred centre and deepest surrender to your soul.




Relax as the shimmering energy enters your bloodstream, vibrant yet balancing. Your cells tingle as any heartache you have been carrying is soothed, leaving you feeling fresh, clear and free to proceed unencumbered into a new cycle.






Step in to sacred space with the high vibrational realms of the unicorns and fae to:



  • Invigorate your relationship with your Self on a deeper level for a greater a sense of personal fulfillment



  • Dissolve grief from your being for a deep integration of the One Flow that permeates all of us to open the doors to more love in your life



  • Strengthen your connection with the heartbeat of Creation (Earth/Universe/Source/whatever your preference)



  • Bless all the relationships in your life ~ everyone you know and have yet to meet by encouraging deeper bonds with friends and family, within groups and your community






About 5 minutes after my scheduled time, I started feeling goosebumps everywhere and a sense of calm and peace.



Then 20 minutes after that, I felt a quick, sharp, twinge in the middle of my chest, then went back to feeling calm and peaceful again.



Something I’ve noticed since the Cherish the Love grid session is the guy I’ve been interested in and have been flirting with etc. for the past few months hasn’t contacted me at all. And I’ve no urge to contact him.



I’ve seen a lot of synchronization in the last few days like, if someone wants you they will show it, not to be someone’s backup plan, sometimes things end without closure, etc.


~ Jennifer, Texas, USA


Another Happy Client! |


WOW! What a night I had. I actually heard the voice of one of my spirit guides and I can’t remember what she said, but feel it was more of an assurance that I am on the right path. I feel good, much more deeply connected on all levels.



I’ve been sighing like when a burden has been taken care of and just being so relieved, that’s the only way I can explain it. I feel lighter, more assured, and determined. This experience really got deep into the areas I have had such a hard time releasing. And I am so very grateful!



I have struggled with faith, confidence and had lost direction but I wanted you to know that you had touched my very core fears and what I have been struggling with for the past six months. Now I am embracing my natural power that I had smothered out over years of people telling me I was crazy and just weird and am ready to own myself again!


~ Iryne, Pennsylvania, USA




Bookings close at 23:59 (PT, USA) on Sat. 29 Feb. 2020


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Available to You for Only $99 USD




Regular price is $125 USD per 30 minute session

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$99 USD


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Powerfully woven fae magick softly delivered upon gentle unicorn sighs…





Heart Healing with Stella Seaspirit |




What it is

Highly flexible across time zones and available anywhere in the world. These multidimensional energy sendings directly boost the consciousness within your cells, activating your divine original blueprint thereby facilitating the free flow of energy around and through you.




Cherish the love is a thirty minute ritual magick sending performed remotely by me on your behalf available during February ONLY.




In sacred space I invoke the high vibrational realms of the unicorns and fae alongside your personal Interdimensional Support Team, and mine to Invigorate the relationship with your Self, open the doors to more love in your life while pulling grief from your being to allow for a deeper integration and strengthening of your connection with the heartbeat of Creation (Earth/Universe/Source/whatever your preference).




This is all conducted under the guidance of your Overlighting Interdimensional Support Team so that the cellular memory and light codes are integrated at the correct rate for your specific soul blueprint and physical constitution.




During this ritual magick session I use your astrological chart (like Spirit GPS) beneath a crystal grid that includes double terminated clear quartz crystals that were encoded in the Queen’s Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza for 48 hours.




The rose quartz incorporated in this rite is attuned to the fae and unicorn realms at mid-summer solstice, lending a compassionate, peaceful, nourishing energy imbued with the essence of unconditional love and faery magick. It dissolves emotional wounding, resentment and infuses your aura with love.



During the rite I wear my enchanted emerald ring, ruled by Venus and Taurus, resplendent as the fecundity of Earth to; stimulate heart healing, restore equilibrium from grief and inspire a deeper knowing for discernment and truth in all your relationships, enhancing your capacity for pleasure in life.




8-8 Lion's Gate Portal |


About the Giza Crystals I Use


The set of crystals I work with are clear quartz. This includes some tiny (and VERY powerful) double terminated quartz crystals which originate from the Jeffrey Mine in Arkansas, U.S.A. They formed in water by double helix spiral generation, which is a rarity in the mineral kingdom. A diver was commissioned to dive 90 feet (27 metres) to retrieve them.



There is a finite number of Giza Crystals left. They cannot be bought, only gifted to those who are aligned by the world renowned master astrologer, psychic and extraterrestrial contactee known as Lavandar.



She was telepathically directed with the task of placing them in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza for 48 hours, while the sun was in Scorpio and the Earth in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades, for a group of off-planet Pleiadeans to place codes of frequency within these crystals. (If you are unfamiliar with astrology, Scorpio is respected for its qualities of intense and major transformation).



As a result, these crystals may be referred to as Star Gates and hold an immense amount of celestial power.




How I Do It:


Most people who received these special Giza Crystals would be tasked via telepathic communication to place them in specific locations (sacred sites, trees, buildings, lakes etc) to assist with the restoration of the planetary grid.



However, it didn’t happen that way for me. I started recalling rituals (pages and pages of invocations) using quartz crystals, drawing in celestial and elemental energy to assist people to realign with their natural state. No one else on the planet works with these crystals the same way as I do.



My ability to help you tap into your own power and align it to cosmic flow with elemental and celestial support to personally transform your level of vibration is something I do naturally by recalling these rituals I used to perform in celestial temples with crystals in other timelines (Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt).



Using channelled invocations I evoke the celestial and elemental energies that you already carry within your DNA via your astrological natal chart. Because every single cell in your body carries this imprint from the moment you were born and what you wanted to be, do and have in this incarnation.



Using your astrological chart like a unique fingerprint it’s like “GPS” for the energy sending and this is what triggers the shift, from within you. This is extraordinary energy work that strengthens your soul mission and purpose for being on the planet and brings opportunities and people onto your path that support this unfolding with more ease and grace.



The quartz crystal grid links up with the grand crystal grid of the Earth and conducts the spiral of energy to wherever you are, permeating your physical and subtle bodies.



Just like ley lines form an energy system, so too do your meridians, chakras and aura. During your ritual the energy infuses your molecular structure, dissolving any energy blocks and bringing your vibration into alignment with your original sacred blueprint.



In sacred space I invoke the high vibrational realms of the unicorns, elementals and faery to hold the space for your intentions for the rite and to facilitate the free flow of unconditional love to fill your heart and infuse your aura through all directions of space and time to optimise the next phase of your journey in the highest light and purest intent.




The Procedure:

Cherish the love is a singular 30-minute remote multidimensional energy sending exclusively offered during February so book now to avoid disappointment!



I will send you simple step-by-step instructions to prepare for your session when I confirm your booking. You don’t have to to do it but it’s recommend so that you set intentions on your part to open, allow and receive the energy work being done on your behalf thus facilitating a vortex of energy between us. You can be asleep or going about your day as usual or be in meditation or a Yoga pose if you prefer.



You don’t need to do anything at the time of your ritual sending. You can be going about your day as usual or be asleep when I perform it. Simply open your heart and mind to receiving the energy when you make your booking and submit your personal details.



Most people find ritual magick sessions with me relaxing and/or rejuvenating and report sensations of heat or tingling, some even feel “hands” stroking their aura as the energy moves through their entire system.



Sometimes, clients feel very little or nothing ~ this does not mean that it is not working for you, everyone is different in their sensitivity of psychic energy and perception of it.



There is no limit to the number of Cherish the Love heart healings and activations you can have. Each year when you feel ready to accelerate your personal expansion and/or spiral up in frequency you may request one.



Love Magick with Stella Seaspirit |
Aspects of grids may vary at different times



You will receive a mini report about your session in PDF that includes a photo of your grid within 24 hours of completing your session.



Bookings close at 23:59 (PT, USA) on Sat. 29 Feb. 2020


Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    


Available to You for Only $99 USD




Regular price is $125 USD per 30 minute session

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$99 USD


Secure Payment via PayPal

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Simply put, if this service resonates you will feel the call strongly within the fibres of your being. I look forward to connecting with you on the astral and facilitating your heart healing and soulful expansion!




This service is especially suitable if you want to:


tick Open your heart to an immersion of self-love



tick Attract new love with your most appropriate match now



tick Enhance the bond with your current significant other



tick Heal from the dissolution of a relationship (any kind of parting)



tick Enhance the qualities of; love, peace, joy, healing, magic and mystery in your life




Important: Read This! Do not undertake this decision frivolously. This is potent energy work. Be prepared for big shifts physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you are pregnant or suspect you may be, please postpone until another time.


If you have had an artificial regulator medically inserted please be aware that due to the electromagnetic intensity generated by this work that its functioning may be affected. If you have a chronic health condition I strongly recommend you collaborate with your preferred health professional to monitor symptoms and adjust treatment if necessary.


Enter this rite in this awareness so that you may recognise the synchronicity and meaning of what unfolds. Things can appear to be tearing apart when they are actually falling into place to match who you are becoming now.




What It Is Not

✖ This deep magick sending is not meant to manipulate, control, bind you to another, ensnare someone you fancy or to force another to reconcile with you.


✖ This is not for you if you believe love is something outside of you that another person must give to you in order for you to feel good and/or complete within your being.


✖ This is not for you if you are not committed to doing the inner work that complements this ritual sending to connect with the love within and around you.




What To Do:

Upon completion of payment, Paypal will direct you to an online intake form so that you can send the following details to me:


1. Your full name

2. City, state/province and country of birth

3. Your date of birth in day, month and year format E.G. 7 April 1983

4. Your time of birth (if unknown, don’t worry it’s not pivotal!)

5. Your current location i.e. city, state/province and country


If you are not directed to the web form for some reason after completing payment, you can simply return to this page and click here.




Bookings close at 23:59 (PT, USA) on Sat. 29 Feb. 2020


Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    


Available to You for Only $99 USD




Regular price is $125 USD per 30 minute session

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Click the Paypal button below. You will receive confirmation of payment in a matter of moments.


$99 USD


Secure Payment via PayPal

You don’t need a Paypal account to make a secure payment with Paypal. Simply ignore the prompts to get a Paypal account and continue with your purchase via debit or credit card.






Stella Seaspirit ~ Author + Mentor |


I believe every human being deserves to live a life tapped into deep magick and the ability to stay in touch with an inner world of wonder that opens your heart to endless possibilities in life.



It’s not enough to just talk or read about the unseen realms (reason alone won’t get you very far)… versus actually working with cosmic forces directly and having a well-versed instructor be there and support you as you implement the steps yourself to lovingly and safely journey to places you never dreamed you could enter!



I’m on a mission to activate your inherent ancient and otherworldly wisdom, one witch at a time, to create a ripple effect that restores humankind to their true multidimensional nature and as the rightful custodians of this world.



Excessive pomp and tacky props are unnecessary. As a professional Source-ress I’m the real deal with over 20 years of personal practice. I am the creatrix of various online trainings and a mentor to magical starseed. I’m also a certified law of attraction life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master practitioner and hold a postgraduate degree in Psychology.



WITCHCRAFT BY MY DEFINITION IS A LIVING PHILOSOPHY. It’s a timeless lifestyle that nurtures your inner source of magick more than ANY short-lived fictional fantasy fix could come close to. It’s an experience that will alter your way of being for the rest of your life.




Happiness Guarantee:

There are no refunds on Cherish the Love sessions rendered. No cancellations. No exceptions. I bring the best of myself to our collaboration and I firmly believe that you get out what you put in. You cannot merely lay back and wait for things to shower down on you ~ although this can happen sometimes.



I do not claim to heal you or make your problems disappear over night. My job is to bring to light the sparkle in your soul so that you become a truer expression of yourself. Know that all possibilities reside within you and the onus is on you to follow through on high value mundane actions toward your desired outcome. You can think of the energy work I perform on your behalf as a supplement to your own.



In my experience with energy transfiguration I have come to know that there are very few instances where it is unable to bear some influence. So, even if we do not achieve the exact results we set out to obtain, we will still cast a favourable sway for the highest outcome of your situation.



At no time do I invade your personal space or remote view. All clients request this service out of their own free will based on their own discretion.



Please understand that when you invest in your Self with this service, your purchase is final. Supplies are used and time is spent. Consider this a small investment that will exude blessings greater than you can imagine for many years to follow.



If you have any questions about the Cherish the Love session that are not answered on this page please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to resolve them with you. I want you to have happiness and peace of mind in my service to you.



Bookings close at 23:59 (PT, USA) on Sat. 29 Feb. 2020


Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    


Available to You for Only $99 USD




Regular price is $125 USD per 30 minute session

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Click the Paypal button below. You will receive confirmation of payment in a matter of moments.


$99 USD


Secure Payment via PayPal