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Closing Year Ritual

Closing Year Ritual

When we wind down the year we are inclined to revisit our goals and reflect on our achievements as well as disappointments. We seek to rejuvenate which isn’t always easy since many of us are embroiled in family holiday cycles and stressful patterns that often play out at family and social gatherings. 


Depending on what has occurred during the past year, it may be difficult to let go, you may not want to embrace impending change and the uncertainty associated with it.


Nevertheless, many societies across the globe mark Old/New Year’s Eve as an event where something old ends and something new begins, not just the actual calendar year but within your core you sense stirrings.


The Ritual:

  • You will need a notepad (digital or pen and paper)
  • Cast sacred space in the way you like, where you will be undisturbed for at least twenty minutes.
  • Set the mood with some music, scents of spearmint and rosemary to stimulate your mind and memory and some crystals such as rutilated quartz, citrine, amethyst, brown tourmaline and haematite.


List the following about the year gone by:

black star tiny 5 things you are grateful for that occurred (can be bad or good in hindsight)

E.G. Changing a flat tyre and being late for that interview but missing the armed robbery that took place when you would have been there

E.G. Having good food on the table all year round


black star tiny 5 happy moments

E.G. Getting that remarkable new book in the mail

E.G. Reconnecting with a friend you haven’t seen in ten years


black star tiny 5 behaviours, habits or rituals you broke because they weren’t serving you

E.G. Cut TV viewing down to 3 hours per week

E.G. Saving documents in date order all in one place


black star tiny 5 poignant moments for release plus your take away lesson for each

E.G. Transition of a loved one ~ don’t hold back, live in the Present Lane

E.G. Not backing up your data and losing it ~ back up when your phone alerts you to!


black star tiny 5 experiences you want to magnetise into your life in the approaching year + brainstorm 5 ways to make it actionable

E.G. fitness

1) Eat healthily

2) Move more, start a new activity with Virgo new moon

3) Get an accountability buddy

4) Forgive yourself for neglecting your body

5) Shed emotional weight


E.G. finances

1) Getting clear on the exact number you need to get by

2) Opening a savings account

3) Investing savings in a higher interest option

4) Budgeting to keep track of income and expenses

5) Sowing prosperous intentions with each Taurus moon


When you are done

Give thanks to your Personal Interdimensional Support Team (Angels, Guides, Ancestors etc).


If you wish, place a white candle on your altar and carve the Rune Kenaz into it to symbolise the igniting of your spiritual fire, both in DNA and ancestral form in your body and from the sparkle in your soul. Add a drop of rose geranium essential oil to the candle (if you have on hand) and then light the wick. Dedicating the flame with something along the lines of:


“To my Spirit Helpers (or your preference) that this year to me have been so kind and brought me peace of mind, I now give thanks for those gifts given and bless each day the sun has arisen.”


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