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Colour Magick ~ How it Really Works

Colour Magick ~ How it Really Works

There were Healing Temples of Light and Colour at Heliopolis in Egypt, as well as in ancient Greece, China and India. Light creates colour and the Sun produces different wavelengths of light which when they bounce off different objects, create the sensation of light. Therefore, everything we perceive is reflected light.


Many of us love certain colours and abhor others. Understanding  these preferences tells us a great deal about ourselves; physically regarding our current state of health, emotionally regarding our feelings which are sometimes deeply buried, mentally regarding our intellectual state and spiritually regarding issues of a soul nature.


Each colour holds its own specific wavelength and vibration which resonates with different energies. Each colour choice made acts like a mirror, literally reflecting your intention or a state of being you desire.



This means that colour can also be used in many ways

  • As a tincture (charge water with colour in sunlight)
  • Infused with a crystal
  • Instilled with botanicals
  • To emphasise purpose in a room
  • For bolstering your outfits with magick
  • Beaming a light of intention with a candle or oil lamp
  • Scripting in ink on paper
  • Weaving cords of influence


How this applies to everyday magick

What colour are you today?

Which one complements your objectives?

Is your wardrobe dominated by a particular hue?

How can you interact with colour more meaningfully?



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