How to Get What You Want ~ Manifesting 101

Manifesting made easy with conscious precision is about holding a vision and structuring a foundational framework for that which you wish to take form.



Deliberate Creation Manifesting 101 |



Until you commit to a specific direction you would like to take things in an area of your life, there is a hesitancy.



This makes for a manifesting black hole because all your thinking and ideas about a matter channel energy toward it but then the energy becomes diluted and scattered, swallowed up by the ether, returned to Source energy because it hasn’t got a clear direction of what to fill.





Why is this important?


When you are vague about a result you want to create, the energy beacon you emit into the universe is like a flashing neon sign above your head that reads “Skittish. Uncertain. Withdrawn.”



By getting clear and precise, that sign morphs into a flashing arrow accompanied with the text, “This Way!” It allows providence (i.e. magic) to unfold because your energy beacon is a steady, precise beam.



The stream of opportunities, events and people that flow toward you who all seem to have something of value to contribute to your cause are drawn to you by that beam.



How the Elements Can Help You Get Precise for Manifesting Made Simple


~ Air ~

Choose the words for your intentions wisely, set them in the positive (refrain from using “not“)



~ Fire ~

Envision yourself in the scenario you want to be in



~ Earth ~

Put yourself out there physically for opportunity to find you



~ Water ~

Stop trying to feel the way you think you will feel then. Feel like you’ve already done it. Claim it now.



*I Am Witch. With conscious precision I allow magic to flourish in my realm.*

Own it. You know you want to.



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