What Every Witch Needs to Know About Manifesting

It is my intention with this article to save you some of the heartache and headache when it comes to confidently walking between the worlds of spirit and matter to create a life you love and reach your dreams.



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When it comes to achieving anything ~ whether it’s baking a cake or starting a business or even taking a vacation, we all go in hoping for the best.


That doesn’t keep unexpected things from happening, though.



Dang, the cake is dry.


That business idea totally tanked.


The vacation was stress-inducing.



In my 20 years of personal practise, I’ve discovered it’s REALLY about letting go of control. You aren’t creating your path, you are discovering it.



It is NOT about you directing everyone to fulfil their role in a specific way like a play.



It IS about releasing unproductive patterns, opening up to new viewpoints, trusting what is flowing toward you, having the courage to express yourself and recognising the previously unseen gifts on your path.




Here are some things I wish more solo modern witches knew:



1) 75% Fate 25% Free Will


People go bankrupt. People get sick. People die. I know the “new age” movement dislikes the idea of anything that infringes on the concept of free will and your potential to be “King of the World”.



However, that doesn’t mean you are a victim of circumstance or that you manifested a terrible event because your vibration wasn’t high enough or whatever else you have blamed or shamed yourself into believing. You indeed possess power, and it lies in how you respond to the cards life deals you along the way.




2) Questions Are Always Answered


When you ask Spirit for guidance and direction, unless you have natural abilities or have consciously developed your skills in clairvoyance or clairaudience, you won’t see a vision or hear a voice like the clouds parting in the sky for the sun to beam an epiphany upon you.



The clues and messages flow to you in the way of synchronicity ~ much like a treasure hunt. You look for the repetitive patterns such as three different people in three separate interactions suggesting you read the same book.




3) Stop Chasing


Your path is unfolding in ways that nobody can predict for certain and for the most part, very little is actually within your ability to control. So stop fighting to MAKE something happen when you can just relax into what is!



When you quit resisting the circumstance you find yourself in, you drop out of the energy that holds you in it. Meaning you no longer approach it from a “problem” standpoint thus, allowing a solution to present. It was always there, you just couldn’t perceive it before because you weren’t on the same wavelength.




4) You’re Not Broken


You are a unique expression of Source energy. There is nothing to prove and no one to impress. It’s nice when you don’t feel like you’re failing at life, yes?



After all, you can’t be failing when the only person you need to measure up to is yourself. You fit your path, what is yours cannot be taken from you and you cannot miss the bus!




The bottom line is…


People who successfully “manifested” something they wanted ~ didn’t necessarily originally set out with having chosen what it was they were trying to achieve!



  • They decided on a goal that seemed right for them. Not what someone else had that looked good. Not what they thought they should have.


  • They chose to seek out what felt right to them. That might have meant making “tough” choices because where they were didn’t feel right; trusting that while it hurt to be honest with themselves, and others at times, it was leading them to something better.


  • They had an innate sense of something their heart was calling them to. And they walked their path.


  • They didn’t actively push to manifest anything. Rather, they accepted what was naturally flowing toward them. Yes there were trials and tribulations but lots of happy moments too versus struggle, exhaustion and disappointment that things didn’t go “their way”.



Setting out to achieve a goal from a place of fear or neediness around not getting what you want or worrying you will lose something you already have along the way makes incurring change in your current circumstances harder.



When you cast a spell you open a doorway for fresh perspectives and possibilities to enter your realm of awareness. As you witness them in your internal world your frequency shifts, rearranging atomic particles and making quantum waves, discarding what was and creating transformation in your outer world.




Here are 3 things you can do to make creating a life you love and reaching your dreams easier:




#1 Put Your Heart In It


Notice when you think about your goal if your heart centre feels closed and small with a meek aura about you or if your heart centre is open, powerfully flowing a constant and expansive aura about you.




#2 Confident Expectation


You may not necessarily know how things will come about however; your confidence in your ability to incur change is what lends certainty to the process. Put your best into it and then let go.




#3 Discard Your Former Self


Examine where you are carrying false beliefs about yourself shaped by past experiences forward. What you think to be true becomes your truth, a self-fulfilling prophecy as it were. The light of awareness blazes away self-imposed limitation.




These tips will get you started but if you want to dive deeper with a well-versed Source-ress guiding you every step of the way, sign up for Zero to Witch.




Here’s how it will help you:


  • Disentangle from limiting perceptions and learn how to hold pure Source energy within your being to open up to new possibilities.


  • Reconnect with your Spirit Allies and soul essence so the restlessness and questioning stops.


  • Experience the world around you as magical, inspiring your spiritual expansion not as a day-to-day drudgery of endless chores that creates more restriction.


  • Integrate more light, love and wisdom into life’s situations to consistently regenerate your spiritual strength and blend with cosmic flow.


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