Cryptology of Curses Part III ~ When Hexes and Curses Are Appropriate

Having discussed the theory of cursing from the perspective of the Cursee previously, I thought it fitting to explore it (with practical examples) from the flip side as the Cursor here.



Cryptology of Curses Part III - When Hexes and Curses Are Appropriate |



The words curse and hex have a strong stigma of malevolence.



However I am of the opinion that it is acceptable to hex when you do it from a place that seeks to effect change of your personal circumstance for the better.



For me this includes personal safety and protection of your space as well as loved ones, and your community at large.



For Example…



>> A government department has lost an important document and you don’t want to go through the hassle of reapplying for it so you bewitch the office by sending a powerful vortex of energy to find your document in record time.




>> Your sister is in a volatile relationship and you cannot speak with her about it so you send a curse that thwarts the old pattern of abuse in a most deliciously surprising way.




>> You have paid for a service which was only half rendered and you request completion to no avail so you hex the service provider in question to have repetitive thoughts about you until they deliver.




>> You have a creepy, stalkery, borderline sexual harasser co-worker and you make an enchantment to keep them at bay.




>> Local authorities are searching for a confirmed offender and you weave a little something to trip them up and land them securely in the arms of the law.




>> Your child is being bullied by peers, mistreated by someone (perhaps a step parent) or you notice behavioural changes in your child from engaging with a stranger who is targeting them online. So you serve something up to restrain them.




Obviously, before practising any of these tactics, there is deliberation and careful consideration on your part as to whether this kind of ‘fire power’ will satisfy you. Check your vibe:



  • Is this coming from a place of ego; revenge, anger or loathing?


  • Are you setting boundaries ~ not cutting someone down for the sake of it?


  • Have you calmly thought this through, contemplated it and decided this to be your most appropriate, justified course of action? (Not a knee-jerk reaction)



Then proceed accordingly. Remember, you don’t need to specify what must happen to them, or that they befall any particular harm.



You are simply asking for them to receive a taste of their own medicine (what they put out). That they experience greater self-awareness about the harm and/or trouble they have incurred. For the world to reflect their attitude right back at them.



Leave it open to the Powers That Be to deliver this in the best way they deem fit 👻 It will be way better than any scenario you could think up anyway!




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