A masterclass to start and keep a simple daily spiritual practise that suits your personality and lifestyle.


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Powerful Invocation  +  Class Notes  +  Workbook  +  Meditation…





Here is what you get in this FREE NO-FLUFF training:



tick The 4 common misconceptions that really STOP you from 


having a daily practise


tick How to deal with TOXIC people


tick The 5 steps to START a daily practise that fits your lifestyle and personality


tick WHY sustaining a daily practise is more important now than ever


tick Class notes and activity sheets to GUIDE you through the entire process




Plus get the Magick Instigator BONUS MP3


tick TRANSFORM with this potent invocation encoded with dragon energy


tick CONNECT with the Ancient Ones for a full cellular cleanse and reset


tick EXPAND your aura to receive high vibe cosmic downloads


tick REAWAKEN your bond with the elemental realm to bless your manifesting skills


Another happy subscriber! | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

Thanks for the audio class which I have listened to twice now. I have felt inspired each time I have listened and have been struck by how comprehensive it is.



For myself I already have a regular practice that is a given and it is rare that I miss my morning ritual. I also do extra fun on the full moon (abundance spell, crystal elixirs, meditation outside and of course crystal cleansing).This full moon I listened to the magick instigator recording, very powerful.



The takeaway for me was that I can make changes and that there is no script but to rely on my intuition to guide me. I also liked to hear about your approach to toxic people and the internal approach when dealing with said people.



This recording will be helpful as a tool to get people started for sure. A great deal of information and take away knowledge to be applied. It inspired me to stay true and focused. Thanks for your resources and wisdom.

~ Vicki, NSW, Australia 





Stella Seaspirit ~ Author + Mentor | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za


I believe every human being deserves to live a life tapped into deep magick and the power to claim ANYTHING they want from life.



It’s not enough to just talk or read about the unseen realms (reason alone won’t get you very far)… versus actually working with cosmic forces directly and having a well-versed instructor be there and support you as you implement the steps yourself to lovingly and safely journey to places you never dreamed you could enter!



I’m on a mission to activate your inherent ancient and otherworldly wisdom, one witch at a time, to create a ripple effect that restores humankind to their true multidimensional nature and as the rightful custodians of this world.



Excessive pomp and tacky props are unnecessary. As a professional Source-ress I’m the real deal with over 20 years of personal practice. I facilitated my first “official” course of training for modern witches in 2006, and I’m super excited to share THIS masterclass with you.



I am the creatrix of various online trainings and a mentor to magical starseed. I’m also a certified law of attraction life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master practitioner and hold a postgraduate degree in Psychology.



WITCHCRAFT BY MY DEFINITION IS A LIVING PHILOSOPHY. It’s a timeless lifestyle that nurtures your inner source of magick more than ANY short-lived fictional fantasy fix could come close to. It’s an experience that will alter your way of being for the rest of your life.



tick This class is for you if you are called to Witchy ways yet you feel like you have little to no time, space or privacy to devote to your spirituality.



tick This class is for you if you are looking for a way to interact with toxic or negative people around you so that you are least impacted by their energy.



tick This class is for you if you are raising a wonderful family whom you love fiercely but there are lots of questions to be answered like, “what’s for dinner? What to wear? And “has anyone seen my keys?” 😉 … And you’re looking for a way to bring some calm to the chaos.



Your heart and dreams are waiting for you to take the leap my dear…

Unleash your Witchiness from the shackles of society and step into