Did My Spell Work?

My top tips for spellcasting success; why they fall flat and how to prevent this.


Did my spelll work? | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za



It is common for new witches to be weary of doing something wrong during a casting.



They are concerned that perhaps by not reciting each word perfectly or executing each gesture in the right manner, using the “right” ingredients or selecting the best timing that it won’t work.



This imbues the whole spell with a wavering and timid energy so your intentions are carried forth into the matrix on a diluted frequency.



Similarly, being wand shy (fearfulness that you will cause harm to another or suffer some negative backlash from your spell) will only hamper your working or in effect become a self-fulfilling philosophy because if you think that what you are doing is “bad” and will have undesirable consequences you will create circumstances and experiences in your life to verify this belief for you.



The other and most essential criterion for a successful spell casting is confidence. When you step up to your altar and get your Witchy on you know without a doubt that you are creating ripples throughout all time and space and that a result will manifest.




How to get your spells to work


Notice when you enter your sacred space and enter alpha state if your heart centre feels closed and small with a meek aura about you or if your heart centre is open, powerfully flowing constant and expansive aura about you.



Determination that you are going to witness a result that will improve or resolve the situation is key. You may not necessarily know how things will come about (because that is not your job, leave it to the ether) however, your confidence in your ability to incur change is what lends certainty to the process. Put your best into it and then let go.




Check your personal frequency


  • Are you asking for some kind of change to happen or are you telling quantum waves to rearrange differently? E.G. find employment


  • Are you hoping that things will shift or are you sure they will? E.G. new romance


  • Are you yearning for transformation or are you expecting it? E.G. healthier body



The matrix responds to you once you emit the “there you are!” vibration, that is, knowing what you seek is already here and confidently calling for it to make its presence known versus vaguely entertaining the idea while going through the motions and wondering if it will work or flinging out a request from a desperate “OMG I neeeeeed this! Where is it?” frequency.



*I Am Witch. I fully believe in my ability to achieve results.*

Own it. You know you want to.



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