What is the difference between a ritual and a spell?

The term spell and ritual are often transposed. Both set alchemical motions in place.



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Rituals can be everyday actions (habitual thought patterns, emotional states and behaviour) that you repeat to create your reality without even realising.



But ritual can also be performed with specific intent to become a deliberate act of creation.




As such, ritual is encapsulated within the spellcasting process.





  • A spell is to create something and embed its stirring life force within the living matrix.


  • A spell adds an energy strand to the energy web


  • Spells instruct, craft, weave, swirl and mould life force.


  • A spell is a representational formula to incur change.





  • A ritual, no matter how simple, touches deep within your core.


  • A ritual fosters connection and soulfulness with body, mind and spirit.


  • Rituals hold space by helping you maintain an internal state until it becomes a default.


  • Ritual is prayer-in-motion, a physical gesture that merges within and without, above and below, integrating them in your present by shifting and transforming your vibration.




Brush your teeth. Walk the dog.

Invoke the Ancient Ones. Dance with the Little Ones.


What underlies these actions?

What meaning do you derive from them?




Rituals give form and structure that provide a safe space from which to open up to explore your innermost being and/or honour the sacred. I like to think of ritual as a template.



Spells are transformational in essence.  You can cast a spell for the purpose of spiritual expansion or you can cast a spell for the purpose of making overt changes in your reality.



A spell is a conduit that gives purpose to gathered energy (life force). You are fervently focussing on what it is that you want precisely. Creating a concentrated vortex and the releasing it to return manifest in the physical.



Hence spell-casting. You are literally casting your emotionally charged intention into the ether. I like to think of a spell as a projection of energy.



There is a ritual constituent to spellcasting because you follow a ritual format, performing a series of actions that merge both hemispheres of your brain ~ such as creating sacred space, calling on the quarters and stepping into the emotional vibration of what it will feel like to achieve the outcome you desire.



You operate outside of physical limitation, linear time and space effectively entering the rite in one reality and exiting in another, where your will is firmly embedded in the matrix.




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