What is the Difference Between Witch and Wicca?

Not all Witches are Wicca. Just like not all Christians are Catholic.



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Wicca is a formal religion with its own set of guidelines and faith-based worship that distinguish it from other Pagan traditions, with various denominations such as Gardenarian, Alexandrian etcetera much like Protestants and Methodists have differentiation.



Witchcraft by my definition is a living philosophy. Not a religion.



It’s a lifestyle that nourishes your soul by better knowing your true self and communing with the cosmos (what is greater than your physical sense of self).



It is a very personal spiritual practise that adapts and grows with the individual’s self-expansion, inspired connection and understanding of the cosmos.



Witchcraft can be practised under the umbrella terms of “folk magic” and “superstition” syncretically within other belief systems and religious branches. This may or may not include deity, honouring of spirits and observing seasonal change.



A Witch, by my definition is someone who is wise to the workings of the universe, energy frequency and other dimensions and is bold enough to leverage this knowledge to their advantage and often also offer it to the benefit of those who ask.



Asking can be done through ritual invoking mineral, plant, animal, elemental, celestial and/or spiritual connection and assistance however it is not imperative. Simple self-awareness techniques involving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the individual are also employed.



Not all Witches cast circles or utilise specific ritual items, not all Wicca cast spells. Not all Witches identify as Pagan and not all Pagans are Witches.



In my opinion, magick ultimately describes experience perceived through sacred living. Change within leads to expression of this change without.



Sacred living is about being present in the moment, consciously aware of the life force flowing within and around you (thoughts, emotions, consciousness) and opening your mind and heart to possibility ~ so that your wellbeing is not subject to external circumstance.



Whether you do this by engaging in elaborate ceremony, simple ritual or through ripples of understanding that fuels inspired connection, it is magick all the same.




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