How To Distribute Your Intentions and Pave Your Way To Success (in 3 Easy Steps)

In this post we explore how to optimise your odds at attaining your desires.


Whether you seek more love, financial freedom or to restore health and wellbeing you can apply each of the following steps in distributing your intentions and etherically paving a route for them within the matrix of creation.


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We have covered closing your year and purifying your energy field so you are leaner, lighter and stronger going into the New and the necessity for independent thought to be followed through with action so let’s proceed with how to optimise your odds at attaining your desires…



Embed Your Source-ry In The Matrix



Step 1:


Carefully select the phrasing of your request. You want to be clever about this by being specific to what you are actually wanting yet not limit the potential for something better than you can imagine at this stage.



Example: Shelley wants a Macbook Air. She doesn’t ask for the amount of money required to purchase one because the means is not her true intention. She wants a Macbook Air because it is portable and efficient, unlike her current desktop PC clunking around in 2008 capabilities.



She also doesn’t overdo the specifics by saying she wants a rose gold one with a turquoise airport x-ray safe carry case delivered to her by the third week of May.



Step 2:


Name it to claim it. This adage goes deeper than simply identifying your intention. Immerse your senses in how the end result will feel for you. Yes you would likely feel a burst of excitement at first, but what does the experience bring after that initial feeling?



Example: Shelley gains a deep sense of satisfaction as she sweeps her fingertips over her Macbook air’s smooth polished surface, packing it into a sleek carry case that fits perfectly in her hand luggage. The gentle “click” as she closes it and the whirr of the zip on her case.



It has this lovely new smell amidst her familiar travel favourites, she can taste her favourite caramel sweet she always takes with her on flights on the tip her tongue as she walks through the airport with such appreciation for today’s technology.



It feels so light and her heart is warm with joy from being able to take her work and means of communication with her when she travels. She feels secure in that she won’t have to use a communal computer station at a hotel or internet café and that she has access to her documents and contacts when she needs them.



*I Am Witch. To name it fully is to claim it fully body, mind and spirit.*

Own it. You know you want to.



Step 3:


Let it go. Stop thinking about when it will happen, how it will happen, if it will happen. When you do this you keep tugging the thread of creative essence back to square one, instead of letting it sail along the universe’s energy streams into form.



How do you stop these intrusive thoughts about what you are wanting and excited to experience?



Acknowledge them. In your mind simply say “oh alright then” and just let them pass, in one ear and out the other. Don’t try to answer them or begin to brainstorm all the various avenues it could manifest.



Instead, replace them with open-ended statements like



“I open my heart and awareness to receiving it in the best possible way for me now.”



“However the universe sees fit to deliver it to me will be perfect and at precisely the right moment.”



“It’s all wicked good *cackle*” Or “thank you for bringing this into my life I know it is already here.”



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