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Earth Day Ritual

Earth Day Ritual

I consider Earth Day as a calendar reminder to work in harmony and co-create with nature and to celebrate the highest potential of this physical realm. Although I practise this as a Hedgewitch, I am more mindful of it throughout Earth Month (April) and like to build some ritual around it on Earth Day.


Whenever I tend to my herb garden I think about the nature spirits and the over-lighting nature spirit (deva), and connect with their energy. A thought is all that is required to draw them near.


“The frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives” – Native American Proverb


Ritual for Earth Day

1.) Light a candle for the nature realms, the mineral realms and for Gaia (the spirit essence of Earth). If you prefer another element use incense, a crystal or a bowl of water or incorporate all four.


If you want to add some visual stimuli to your altar place the 3 of Cups (to represent celebration and community) and the Fool (to represent unlimited potential) from the Tarot in your space.


2.) Through the flame of the candle (or your preferred item), place loving intentions and feelings of gratitude from your heart. Think of all the abundance that Earth offers us despite what the mainstream media will have you believe. Spring flowers, harvest time bounty, light, sound and scent, the seen and unseen beings who reside here with us ~ there is so much!


3.) Imagine a beautiful new era of peace and plenty for all in harmony with nature and the cosmos and dissolve into that energy frequency of a grander vision for our planet by letting it reverberate outward from your heart centre to encompass the entire globe.


4.) Leave the candle to burn for a number of hours so that the subtle energies may reach into the hearts of humankind, the elemental and devic realms and all spirits of Creation, into the heart of Gaia and beyond into the heart of our galaxy.


Small things you can do on a regular basis


  • Unplug any appliances not in constant use (I never leave anything on standby).


  • Recycle as much as possible.


  • Install a water filter at home so you don’t need to buy bottled water in plastic containers.


  • Leave large buckets out to collect rain water for irrigation or install a water tank to collect grey water.


  • Support local farmers markets, shops and restaurants that serve locally grown and/or organic produce.


  • Buy products in recycled or recyclable packaging.


  • Go digital for data, music and photo storage and strive for a paperless office as much as possible.


  • Invest in solar panels to provide energy for your home. For example, most areas in South Africa average more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year with Cape Town, South Africa coming in at 2 830 hours (which is more than most Mediterranean cities)!


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