How to Release Your Ex Part 2: Healing and Self-love

How to deal with a break up and heal heartbreak with energy healing and ritual.


Get Over Your Ex Part 2: Healing & Self-love |



After dissolving ties and letting go of what was, there is a period of recovery and healing from heartbreak, an abusive relationship or drawn out divorce followed by a time where you feel ready to begin a new long term relationship.



In this post I share a ritual technique that I have given a number of my clients to put the sparkle back in their aura. 



Some candle magick is in order here because of the transformative qualities of fire, however it is not vital if you are not allowed to use open flame where you live.




The Tending


A pink, white, pale blue or plain beeswax candle it appropriate. If you aren’t using a candle you can place a drop of rose or lavender essential oil on a tissue then rub it briskly between your palms for the heat created by the friction to release the scent.




1) Gazing at the flame or inhaling the fragrance, breathe in your intent to bring love ~ not only of another but for yourself too.




2) Breathe deeply three times and as you do so, allow any heavy feelings to flow out of you and let them drain out from your feet into the Earth for transmutation.




3) Old thoughts may rise up within you but know that you are safe where you are and that you are clearing those patterns and memories from your mental, emotional and physical body to make different choices with fresh results. (If tears start to flow, allow them to as they are cleansing).




Even though it may seem that love has been at the centre of your grief and pain, you are moving through this now for good so that you will be able to separate from past misgivings and once again see love as a positive experience. You always benefit from opening your heart up to more love.




Refrain from spending too much time dwelling on the negatives of your past relationships. Once each thought enters your awareness it is done so just allow them to flit through your mind like a motion picture.




4) While the candle burns (or aroma wafts around you) start to think of all of the ways that love is wonderful. Think of all of the things about yourself that you love. Recall compliments you have been given, think about the things you do for yourself that you find fulfilling and how special you as a person are.




5) Know that the candle flame has burnt away (or the fragrance has vaporised) all of the feelings that no longer serve you and that you are ready to be filled once more with love, poise, calm, self-worth, peace, beauty etcetera.





The Healing


  • Place your dominant hand over your heart and become aware of its life affirming beat.



  • In your mind’s eye imagine rainbow light streaming into your heart through your hand either guided by your higher self or an angel (whatever your preference).



  • Feel the rainbow light healing and integrating forgiveness on all levels regarding everyone involved.



  • Feel the reintegration of fragments of yourself and draw them back into heart space, resolving all wounds and sealing in only the purest highest gifts of love that contribute to your wholeness now.







“I open my heart to receive.


I open my heart to give.


In doing so, I recurrently embody all aspects


of the pleasurable nature of love, wholeness and trust.


I welcome this into my life now and anchor it


into the very fibres of my being


in accordance with the good of all.”




Take one step forward and as you do so, in your mind’s eye, see yourself stepping out of your former self into a brighter more sparkly presence who is loved beyond all measure.



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