Essence of Money ~ Basis for Money Spells

Money spells won’t just bring money to you. There’s more to the way this works…


Essence of Money for Money Spells |



Many people associate money with the earth element for its material features.



However they tend to overlook that money possesses an energy that is fluid like water.




Have you noticed how money is associated with water-like adjectives most of the time? Cash flow, income streams, trickle to torrent, ship comes in…



Have you also noticed how your emotions are an indicator of your financial situation? When you are upset or depleted money flow tends to constrict. While when you are enjoying life and feeling supported and loved it tends to flow effortlessly.





At its core money is a fun, free-flowing energy that is infinite and we tend to weight it down by placing pressure on it by expecting it to make us feel good, loved, worthy, secure or any number of emotional states.





Here’s the thing, to tap into that infinite abundant flow and to be able to contain it so it doesn’t flow right on through to the other side and lingers instead, you need to step into right relationship with money and what it represents to you.




Do you believe money is the root of all evil? Or is it the lack of money that leads to nefarious activities? If the 99% wielded the world’s wealth how would the planet look? If thoughts of money stir discomfort, resentment or distaste within you that reflects your attitude toward it.




Money is associated with power and rightly so since clearly the more you have the more you are able to support others in your local and global community to thrive as well. The freer you are to choose what you purchase and where. The more you are able to stay true to your core values and have your voice heard.





Try on these thoughts about money



  • As a fluid energy money enjoys circulation ~ whenever you incur an expense bless it and see it flowing out into the world contributing to the greater good.



  • You are not separate from All That Is and therefore all the money in the world is already a part of you.



  • Money is a symbol for infinite energy in physical form and this life force that is represented by money cannot run out.



  • The more you approach money from an aligned vibration the more it will flow to you.



  • Money is sacred not scary. “I give myself permission to receive more money and transform my thoughts and emotions around money now because it is just like me in my truest sense ~ timeless, formless, boundless, full of potential, deeply loved and appreciated.”



  • Imagine money as a fine gold dust at a microscopic level. Feel how it flows to you from all directions. Inhale this abundant free flowing joyful energy and let it begin to glow in your chest. Expand that golden glow of prosperity from your heart centre outward saturating your energy field.




At first these new thoughts may feel a bit outrageous, especially if money has been an issue for a long time. I strongly encourage you to see its light and the more you lean into the idea and what you know to be true in your heart the more you will expand into a blessed rich witch 🙂




By harmonising your relationship with the essence of money, you can also practice stepping into the sensation of abundance and prosperity (for free) here.




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