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How To Look Like A Witch

How To Look Like A Witch

Reader Q: I’d like something on how you bring the witch to the outside, if you want to that is. I’m trying to replace my wardrobe and be more creative with my hairstyles, but it’s like I’m stuck in mud.


While I enjoy elegant and sophisticated witchy garb, it isn’t always practical or possible to represent the witch inside. Shape-shifting witch that I am I prefer to blend in to my surroundings.


Nonetheless, I carry a powerful aura of Witchiness about me and I own it. Kindred spirits recognise me for who I am immediately. It’s a classic case of “I see you in me.”


You can invoke an aura of Witchiness at the start of your day to wear as a mantle about you. I’ve written the ritual below which could somewhat take the form of a daily devotion if you wish to make it so.


Easy Ritual to Look Like A Witch

  • In the morning, either upon waking or before stepping out the door for the day, stand somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed for a few moments such as before your altar or a mirror and place your palms together before you in front of your heart centre.


  • Imagine a shining diamond light mist materialising above your crown and enveloping you.


  • Take three deep breaths, inhaling presence in this moment and exhaling any reservations.


1.) When you feel ready call upon your Spirit Helpers and ask them to “bring me opportunities so that I may be in service to others in ways that utilise my natural talents and abilities.”


2.) Inhale, relax and sense the light-mist spiralling around your body, there is a surge of energy entering your cells and as it sweeps through your mental, emotional and physical fields you become aware of the music-like beats running through your veins.


Your aura sparkles brighter and the intensity of the star-filled rush grows, materialising into a hooded velvet cloak accompanied by the distinct tinkle of silver bells and the reverberation of ancient drums.


The waves of energy encompassing you has a whirlpool effect yet it is electric and buzzing. You feel alive, charged and melt into unison with your immortal soul now housed in this physical vessel of higher frequencies.


There is no separation, no time, just unity with Infinite Is, pure essence and potentiality you are aglow. Your cells are purified, reprogrammed and transformed.

You walk amidst an entourage of Ancient Ones and your etheric field is vast, extending to the Milky Way and perhaps further.


3.) Optional Affirmation: “I choose to reclaim all my aspects of Self through all dimensions known and unknown, I now retrieve all soul fragments that will serve me cohesively.

Transmit sacred wisdom via my aura with others in passing, conveying messages, insights and ideas on a subconscious energy level. I vibrate to the sound of wholeness that pervades all of Creation.”


4.) Breathe in and become aware of your inner power, tranquil luminescent liquidity, moving as waves through your being.

Know that you will stay in this space throughout your day and radiate the power to all those who resonate.


5.) Go about your business as usual and allow this mantle of Witchiness to flow about you throughout your day. Visualise it about you as you walk down the street in the aisles, passing others in corridors.


black star tiny If you want to affirm protection, safety and/or a “don’t mess with me” demeanour, pull the hood up. OR if you wish to camouflage into your surroundings and travel unnoticed simply pull the cloak about you more tightly.


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