Understanding Fae Messages and How to Work with the Fae

How to understand fairy symbols and work with faery magick.


Understanding Fae Messages and How to Work with Fae Energy | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za



After extending the hand of friendship with respect and honour…



Exactly how as a modern witch do you tap into the Fae realm and how do you find evidence of real connection with them and better understand them?



This article will show you how to notice if something is significant and how to take what you have learnt forward.



You will know that the Fae have responded to your request when;



They displace something on your shrine, working altar or respond with a gift similar to or matching the one you left them.



If you work with crystal grids and you have set an item up to charge you will know it is done when one of the stones pops out of the grid formation. It’s kind of like an oven timer going “ding!” your spell is done 🙂



They also send animal messengers to you like; cats, snakes, spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, hawks, owls, frogs and lizards. Hmmm, nothing Witchy about those!



You could also observe their presence like a shimmer in the air, a flash of light, the sun hitting water at just the right angle or glinting off a hummingbird’s wing. Beauty that captures your attention is largely faery communication.




Use Faery Magick Related to Anything That Has to Do With:



  • The Earth (gardens, vegetables, herbs, organic farming projects, stones, soil, trees, minerals, animal protection, shelter and care).



  • Devastation areas ~ send supportive energy to assist the elementals in restoring harmony and balance in the area.



  • When you or loved ones are under threat from the elements; wind, rain, snow, earthquake or fire ~ ask the fae to keep all concerned safe.



  • Get more grounded (ask the fae to bless your morning green smoothie, forest trail snack and… coffee)!



  • Invite the fae to look after your garden and pets while you are away.



  • Tell the fae you would like to heal and purify your heart from past wounds and then lie down on the ground outside if you can or lie in a spa bath with candles, crystals, sea salt and an essential oil or herb blend.



  • Invite more fun, optimism, joy and laughter into your life by requesting the fae to send you inspiration, entertainment and a boost of enthusiasm.



  • Sit out in nature or beside your shrine holding a crystal (rose quartz or moss agate are excellent but any crystal will suffice) or go to sleep with your crystal in your hand after spending time in nature.



  • When outside find a focal point to gaze at like a moss patch, tree branches, flowers or the sky and cloud watching – just listening to the fae helps them build their energy and strengthens your connection to them.



  • While a shrine provides a physical place to touch base with their energy to visit and communicate you could also construct an astral space in your meditation where you specifically go to access the fae realm for example find yourself walking on a path that takes you to a pond, stone circle or forest.



  • Dedicate your dream time to connecting and perhaps supporting the fae in their collective purpose.



  • After a full moon rite (especially when you can perform it outside) send any residual energy to the fae. This is like a cosmic hug!



  • Build a faery ring with a circle of stones (or pebbles) depending on the size of space you have available. Place items in the centre of the ring you want the faery to charge, enchant or bless.



  • At full moon leave a candle or some incense out for the fae and place a bowl of water at the shrine to be infused with faery blessings of health, happiness, prosperity and love. Use that water in enchanted spritzes, floor and window washes or add it to your bath water or scrying bowl.



  • If your shrine is outdoors; blow your wishes to the fae in bubbles over their shrine or write your wishes on leaves or brown paper, rolling them up like little scrolls and embedding them in the shrine.



  • At the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox or Summer Solstice (Midsummer’s Eve) place a bowl of “scratch patch” tumbled crystal chips out in the moonlight then scatter them around the garden for the fae before dawn.



  • I like to drum beside my shrine, invoking the fae into my space, communicating with them and sending them the pure energy of the sound. You could also hum, tone or sing.






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