Fae Rite to Connect with the Faery Realm and Invite them into Your Life

How to connect with faery in a way that you protect yourself from the mischievous type of fair folk you hear about in faerie lore and legends, and how to make offerings in return for real faery magic.


Faery Rite to connect with the Fae Realm and Invite them into your Life | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za



First you need to know that faeries are not malicious. The tales of spiteful cursing faeries and trickery are meant to create distrust and discord between our realms.



Thereby further severing our relationship with them, encouraging disconnection from our natural state of human being and relinquishing our personal power.



When fae are mischievous or become particularly rowdy they are alerting you to a disturbance in the environment and natural order of things. Collaborate with them to restore beauty, love, balance and harmony.



Those who get prodded, stung or spooked were probably doing something destructive in faery eyes!



Lastly, if they are meddling with your things and causing some light chaos after you’ve spun some ritual magick, it is because they want you to do something for them in exchange for their blessings on your wishes, reminding you to acknowledge them for their assistance.




Rite to Connect with the Fae Realm




1. Create an indoor or outdoor faery shrine in your garden or home to “formally” invite the fae into your life. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Add items that represent the fae to you and that are meaningful to your unique spiritual practise. This will operate as a portal to link with them as they come and go between realms.





2. Standing before your shrine place 4 stones around you, one in front, behind, to the left and right to represent the four directions and elements. Become aware of your energy being drawn deep into the core of the Earth, pulsing beneath your feet as well as the energy surging in through your crown from the stars.



Draw the energy back up from the earth and through your being so that it exists your crown flowing upward to the stars. Sense the two-way flow of infinite replenishing life force.



Imagine yourself standing in the centre of a crossroads then refine that even further to the centre of creation. So that you find yourself suspended in the very essence of All That Is, where you feel wholly loved and supported on every level.





3. Dedicate the shrine with a decree along the lines of;



“I dedicate this space to the Fae.



Your positive, bountiful energies are most welcome here in perfect love and perfect trust.



I heartily invite you to dwell with us in this place.



Your benevolence and grace are welcome here.



With this shrine I attune to your realm.



With open heart and open mind I am ready and willing



to receive greater understanding and awareness of your ways. I am listening.”





4. Listen if you hear a wind chime tinkle or feel a breeze touch your cheek ~ they will let you know you have been heard in some way even if you don’t notice anything immediately expect a message or clear sign that will confirm your extension to them.


Collect your four stones and pack them away to use with other rituals or add them to your shrine.





5. Leave an offering of fruit, nuts, seeds, water, wine, meade, milk, honey, feathers, special rocks, pinecones, acorns, incense or spices for them as a token of appreciation. You don’t pay or bribe the fae for their assistance ~ a gesture of kindness that stems from gratitude speaks louder than words.



They will not physically consume or carry away your gifts. Rather they imbibe the essence or astral signature of the token and reuse that life force energy in their mission on the planet with the elements, minerals, plants and animals.




OR listen to the 16 minute guided meditation below




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