Be a confident soul connected Modern Witch every day

Free Resources

Here’s a collection of my favourite free resources to activate and inspire the modern witch within you. Use them to live in connection with your true self and the cosmos every day…


Please spread the magick and share these with your Witchy friends!



The Beginner Witch Masterclass



Learn how to tap into the powerful, wise, capable Source-ress or Source-rer that you are in quick, simple, practical ways in just 5 days (even if you live in the city) so you can cultivate more soul alignment, inner tranquillity and cosmic connection.





The Daily Practise Masterclass



Discover how to start and keep a simple daily spiritual practise that suits your personality and lifestyle to access the vast and ancient magick within and around you.





The Witch’s Year at a Glance



Keep the natural rhythms such as the seasonal, lunar and solar cycles at your witchy fingertips to create, develop, transform, release and rest better all year round.





Your Map to Witchiness




A “road map” to modern witchcraft for beginners of exactly what you need to get started.