Do boring, repetitive household chores make you want to run screaming for the hills?

What if… you could turn them into magical actions that:


1) Turn your home into a sanctuary from the outside world − a peaceful, loving, magical space that feels like a retreat for your soul?


2) Help you to work more closely with your Ancestors and Nature Spirits (including faeries) so that they can look out for you and support your efforts on this dimension in their very special “behind the scenes” way?


Allow me to show you in an uncomplicated, non-scary way how to open these gateways confidently and safely. Even right under the noses of non-magical folk!


With the Housewitch Mischief Kit you will discover exactly how to…

tick Become conscious of the energy of your place of residence and raise its spiritual vibration


tick Invite benevolent Nature Spirits and Ancestral Helpers to lend a hand


tick Shift and transform “challenges” with household tasks in fun ways


tick Enrich your relationship with the Earth as your current home base


It’s a straightforward step-by-step process so you will be able to take action right away and adapt it to fit in with your personal path and lifestyle.




Another happy client! |


“When I started the Housewitch Mischief Kit I was hoping to learn how to direct my energies in an easy to follow, safe way to enhance my connection to Spirit to bring and maintain love, security and abundance in all areas of my home.


However, what I have implemented from this kit so far has been ten times stronger than when I have been working with my energy before. I love how Stella brings in ALL aspects of the home and its guardians inside and outside.


Stella’s style of witchery speaks to me on so many levels… I am a High Energy worker and I have been looking for some way to learn more but I have never had this kind of resonance with anything magic before. I cannot wait to do more housework LOL.”

~ Catz, Massachusetts, U.S.A. |



Three Common Obstacles to Maintaining a Magickal Home

nonwitchy You don’t know how to express your unique energy in your space, especially when you have to cloak your witchery from the prying eyes of others


nonwitchy You are unaware that your home is a launch pad for your dreams and personal power


nonwitchy You approach housekeeping as a meaningless and boring drudgery



The Housewitch Mischief Kit gives you clear actionable instructions on how to magically tweak your residence to open doors (and windows) for creative, positive solutions to flow into your life and re-establish the sacredness in consciously tending your home.


You Get:

Orb_Audios SEVEN short audio MP3’s (all under 15 minutes)


Orb_PDF A detailed Guidebook in PDF (everything I say in the audios)


Orb_PDF A transcript of the audio alignment process in PDF


Topics covered include

tick How to turn the housework you loathe into magick you love


tick How to become conscious of the energy of your home


tick How to transform your home into a powerful magical ally


tick Practical examples for turning mundane chores into magical actions


tick How to connect and build a beneficial relationship with your ancestral spirits


tick How to attract and commune with nature spirits (including faeries) to live with you (and a ceremony for inviting them to move with you when you do)!


tick How to play with numerology and colour in your home


tick Suggested connection scents & crystals plus a power mantra to evoke maximum housewitchery


tick Ritual suggestions from how I personally work with Ancestors and Nature Spirits



Plus These Bonuses!

Orb_PDF A detailed time-saving Magical Moving Home Checklist so you can leverage moving in the best way to accommodate change and magnetise blessings


Orb_Audios The Personal Sanctuary Audio Alignment Process MP3 (under 10 minutes) that you can listen to whenever you need to turn within for guidance and answers or to calm and relax yourself from a frenetic pace. Raise your vibration and feel the love!


Orb_PDF A step-by-step guide for how to cleanse and preserve the energy of your space


Orb_PDF Three house spells you’re going to want to try if you are house hunting, buying or selling



Another Happy Client! |“I have gained such a boost of confidence, I’ve been hearing from my guides and I keep going back to the meditation… each time I listen to it I have a renewed sense of purpose and affirmation.


Today’s cleaning feels quite therapeutic and I find myself actually quite happy having shifted my perspective about it. I’m cleaning that muck out and making way for new fresh life.


I also believe there is a reason we came here and that a blessing will reveal at some point and when it does you’re the first I’ll tell! Thank you.”

Jessica, Waikato, New Zealand



Details you need to know about this eKit

  1. This is a digital download so you get instant access to the full kit. No waiting, you can download and get started right away. This product is not available elsewhere, you can only get it through this website. Plus once you sign up, it’s lifetime access, this means you will get any updated versions I create forever at no additional cost.


  1. After completing payment the e-mail address associated with your payment will automatically receive access details. If for some reason this doesn’t happen, please check your spam or promotional folders, and if it’s still not there contact me and I will be happy to help.


  1. The materials can be downloaded to any laptop or desktop computer, then transferred to a mobile device(smartphone or tablet) of your choosing, taking it anywhere with you. Private, compact and discreet if you have nosy neighbours or live with non-magical peeps.


  1. The guidebook is printer friendly so you can add pages to your personal Book of Shadows, decorate as you wish to return to again and again.


  1. It doesn’t matter if you don’t identify as a Pagan to get the most out of this Kit, all wording is adaptable to suit your personal preference.


This ekit is perfect for you if

tick You want to turn perceived mundane household chores into commanding alchemical motions


tick You want to openly cast magick right under the noses of non-magical people or nosy neighbours without them being any the wiser!


tick You want to reset your current home with sparkly energy, clearing out whatever feels stale and stuck plus keep it shiny and alive to ceaselessly benefit you and yours


tick You are moving into a new home and want to glean tips for starting fresh and favourably


tick You lose sleep wondering if you can take the garden faeries with you when you move




Choose the Best Option For You

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IMPORTANT: You may need to check your spam and/or promotional folders for the access details of your kit.



Another happy reader! |



About Me

As a lifelong hedgewitch with 15+ years experience, I have been successfully helping modern witches reunite with their innermost magickal aspect so they can explore a deeper connection with their interdimensional or spiritual nature, since 2006.


I am the creatrix of the Sparkling Witch Coven and mentor to magical starseed. I’m also a qualified holistic therapist, Reiki practitioner and hold a postgraduate degree in Psychology with a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of transfiguration and spiritual modalities that help you interlace your life with magick in a practical everyday manner.


My personal path is solitary, somewhat shamanic and rather eclectic therefore my teachings are such with no loyalty to any particular tradition or formal aspect of the Craft. I work directly with pure Source energy.


Stella Seaspirit ~ Author + Mentor |


Basically, it’s just about everything you need if you want to change the way you think about housework, cultivate a loving, positive relationship with your ancestral spirits and the fae for more practical magick, blessings and fun in your life!


Or you can wing it, resenting the whole “chop wood carry water thing” the rest of the time you inhabit this physical body, not taking advantage of the amazing support available to you and wondering why you keep experiencing more of the same.


Happiness Guarantee

money back guaranteeI want you to absolutely enjoy this purchase, so if for any reason you are not 100% happy with this digital product, let me know within 30 days of purchase and I’ll gladly refund you in full. That’s right, I’m so confident you’ll adore this kit, that I’m offering you this money-back refund policy because your happiness, peace of mind and satisfaction is extremely important to me.


I’ve packed everything I would advise you to do around this topic during private sessions into this eKit for a fraction of my mentoring fee. When you get this eKit you will discover how to see your home in a new, loving light so that together you get up to beautiful mischief that supports you on all levels. You just have to implement the action steps with a pinch of faith and a dash of optimism. It’s a bit like cake mix that way.


Choose the Best Option For You

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