How Do I Know If I Cast A Spell Right?

How to make your magick feel more real if you are having trouble wrapping your rational mind around an invisible concept.


How to make your magick feel more real |



Reader question: “The hardest thing for me is not knowing if I am doing things right. I could do a spell, but is it enough?



How do I make my practice of magic feel magical rather than just acts to perform?”




You have probably heard that after many years of meditation and/or ritual practise a person will be able to shift their consciousness into alpha state just by engaging in the thought of starting the process.



Your subconscious mind is many times more powerful than your conscious mind and it communicates with and through symbols and images i.e. the right brain. Your left brain correlates to logical thought and your conscious awareness.




When you perform a spell or ritual gesture you are merging both left (sacred feminine) and right (sacred masculine) hemispheres of the brain, the intangible and the tangible, projecting and receiving.




Everything is made of energy which connects us to the living essence within all of Creation. We are part of One unified field of energy.



When you acknowledge this you understand that you are not attracting something external to yourself but drawing on what is already inherent within you and flowing around you to create an experience.



The physical world of form and the pervasive world of spirit are not separate from each other.



When you spend time fuelling a spell or ritual energy form with your attention, you are making it more real to your body on a cellular, physical level.



That is why you use your senses in ritual and workings getting clear on what the outcome looks like, feels like, sounds like ~ they all integrate into your molecular resonance filtering in from your soul essence.



A thought is potential energy. When fuelled with emotional currency and life force via placing your attention on it, that thought crystallises, essentially converting into a sacred geometric pattern within inherent in every single cell of your body.



This frequential signal is then transmitted from within your being throughout your subtle bodies into the hologram of this Earth-based reality incurring change in your perceived experience.




How to make your magick feel more real


Imagine sitting (or standing) in a stream of energy. I sense it synchronising with my pulse and breath, dissolving into the unified field that flows around me and through me and then when I cast my spell or perform my ritual I perceive myself doing it in this vortex that is timeless and primordial, free of any restriction or limitation, ripe with infinite potential. I am literally weaving it into the fabric of Creation.



By doing this I feel the energy “click” for what I am doing occurring on all three body-mind-soul levels, confirming that I have done it “right” because I experience it so fully.



A spell or ritual creates an etheric portal for a result to enter into physical form. You pour your best into it and then let go. Your role is following up on synchronicities, signs and messages that Spirit utilises to guide you in your actions afterwards.



Lightly expect evidence of a shift, staying open to perceiving subtle patterns without obsessively trying to force things along. Support your workings with matching thoughts and speech and most importantly trust that there is magick afoot behind the scenes, even if you just don’t see it yet 🙂



It is also helpful to be mindful of what energy you approach your ritual magick with for example; asking or telling, hoping or certainty, yearning or expecting. For more about that see:


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Magick = Free Will + Witchiness in Motion.



*I Am Witch. I dissolve my beingness into the Infinite Is that flows around me and through me, timeless, primordial and so vast that there is zero resistance or limitation, experiencing it fully.*

Own it. You know you want to. 



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