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How to Become a Witch in Real Life

How to Become a Witch in Real Life

At an increasing rate many of you are feeling the intense call of something that you say you are unsure of how to put into words, a sense of fully coming into your own and a readiness to BE in this world like never before.


It is something you can’t seem to find in the modern world, no matter how far and wide you have searched. That is because it is a sense of longing for home, a hint of something ancient, a deep re-membering of your very soul essence.


It can only be found within and yet it can be reflected by the sun, moon, stars and original elements. That rush within your blood when you recognise magick, that profound appreciation for nature and that magnetic pull toward ritual exists because it is a part of you as much as you are a part of it.


In my opinion, there are no “new” witches, only re-membering ones.


So the logical question that beckons is, “how do I become the witch I am, implement witchery in my life and reflect my choice to do so in my personal environment?”


  • You don’t have to dress bizarrely to express your Witchiness


  • You don’t have to build elaborate altars all over your home


  • You don’t have to procure rare or expensive esoteric tools


  • You don’t have to wear what “all the other witches are wearing”



It doesn’t make you any less Witchy when you aren’t explicit about your path.

The most powerful witches are the quiet ones, those who walk between worlds yet blend in because they are comfortable in their choices so they don’t require shock value or approval to walk their talk. Plus the Muggles would never see them coming.


How to Start Being a Witch in Real Life |


Just like Catholics keep depictions of Mother Mary, you could:

  • Have a display (either an obvious or subtle altar) that reminds you of the seasons and elements.


  • Your morning ritual getting ready for work may entail an alignment process or meditation


  • Your night time ritual preparing for bed might include a devotional candle lighting to your Spirit Helpers


  • Opalescent objects, paint or fabrics to remind you of the moon and stars


  • Plush towels in the bathroom that prompt the multidimensional goddess within you


  • Enchant selected pieces of jewellery


  • A miniature cauldron on your kitchen shelf cues that we are all one in a quantum soup



I love a beautiful cornucopia on my dining table stuffed with fresh fruit and those who don’t know my beliefs would think it’s just a pretty table centrepiece.


Essentially it is about what the items mean to you and your deliberate placement of them in your personal environment is a means through which you express your personality. It is kind of like wearing sexy underwear ~ nobody else need know it is there but it still gives you the psychological edge.


It’s not only about the physical

Expressing your wicked good tendencies are actually done most effectively through vibration, by applying “unseen” energy-based methods. For more about how to get started click here.


How to Start Being a Witch in Real Life |



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