How to Become a Witch in Real Life (in 13 Steps)

If you think you might be a Witch but still feel unsure about what your next steps are, here are steps, with examples to help you decide if you are in the right place.


How to Be a Modern Witch |




In my opinion, all human beings have magickal ability; it is just that some are conscious of it while others are not.



I’ve written before about how everyone is born a witch, capable of bending and shaping energy to suit your needs and that you just forgot as you transitioned from the realm of Spirit into the denser matter of the physical realm.



Here’s what separates the conscious Witchy Ones from those who are asleep:



Witchy Ones are aware of the magick inherent in each moment and take advantage of this knowledge.



Witchy Ones sense the fluidity of Universal energy. Knowing when to project and when to receive.



Witchy Ones identify synchronicity and opportunity. Then act.



Witchy Ones observe their thoughts and emotional tides. Then recalibrate.



Witchy Ones recognise the interconnected nature of the Universe and the perfection in imperfection.





If you are interested in the Craft you may be wondering:


  • Exactly how do you become a modern witch? Is the Craft something anyone can learn?


  • How do you begin to enhance your relationship with inner wisdom and the creative forces of the universe?


  • What is the best way to start out on a solitary path when you don’t have anyone to ask?


  • Maybe you were brought up to believe it’s dangerous or just silly superstition but despite what those around you think, something about it stirs your heart and soul


Perhaps you have come across SO much conflicting information across the interweb that you don’t know where to start first and what to do when, finding it all rather overwhelming!



Nevertheless, the feeling to explore this part of you persists…



So how do you begin to bring the magic you feel deep inside yourself to the surface and use it in the “real world”?



This is where I set out 13 steps for you to explore the realm of witchery and decide if you are in the right place.



Shortcuts to click around this post:


> Step #1 – What or Who is a Witch?


> Step #2 – Confirm If You Are a Witch


> Step #3 – How to Express your Witchiness in Daily Life


> Step #4 – How to Look Like a Witch (if you want to)


> Step #5 – Describing Your Personal Spiritual Path


> Step #6 – Making Time For Your Spirituality


> Step #7 – Calm and Centre Yourself (especially in tricky situations)


> Step #8 – Making Space For Results


> Step #9 – Walk Between the Present and the Future


> Step #10 – Embrace the Art of Conscious Choice


> Step #11 – Set Boundaries


> Step #12 – Sense and Sensuality


> Step #13 – Do You Speak Universe?



#1 – What or Who is a Witch?

What or Who is a Witch? |


The word ‘witch’ appears to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon words, ‘wicca’ (masculine) and ‘wicce’ (feminine) which refers to ‘bend and shape’ that is, bending the elements of nature, shaping lives and environments. The Germanic word ‘wit’ means ‘to know’. Hence the term “wise one”.



The word Witch has meant different things to different people throughout history and negative connotations were only dawn when the mainstream religion of the day attempted to stamp out ancient Pagan beliefs and convert people through fear.



So to me, a Witch is someone who acknowledges that omnipresent life essence pervades their core being. 



A Witch energises her/his intention by using symbolic gestures such as lighting a candle, burying a crystal, blowing on a dandelion clock or casting a shell back into the ocean.



The magick is not in the objects but is part and parcel of the Witch; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The symbolic act of sacred ritual itself reinforces the Witch’s intention consciously and in a physical manner reaffirms that her/his request is heard and already manifest.



The next step is to take your sweet self over to your manifestation vibrationally and that is done by aligning your energy frequency with it via thought, word and deed. Witches are dedicated to introspection, poise and mindfulness and use their personal power to contribute to the Greater Whole.



Magick is the art of working with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos to bring about change. It involves directing life force energy in a focussed flow that results in an inward shift expressed outwardly in your reality.



*I Am Witch. Within me glows the beginning of all form seen or unseen.*

Own it. You know you want to.



 But what if you DON’T LIKE the word “witch”? Click here to reframe its meaning.


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#2 – Confirm If You Are a Witch

You Might be a Witch If... |


Thanks to Hollywood, there is this common misconception that witches walk around green-faced, bearing ritual paraphernalia and casting a flurry of spells that can be seen with the naked eye.



In my opinion, Witchcraft is a living philosophy, not a religion. It’s a lifestyle that puts into practise a view of your true nature and the workings of the universe that is different to the majority.



We do things that others don’t and experience results others won’t.



Witches aren’t all like the theatrical oddballs the media makes them out to be, living in gingerbread houses in the forest. They are well-adjusted, rational, intelligent adults who are able to consciously walk between the worlds of spirit and matter.



You Might Be a Witch If…

Here are 7 signs you are a magick maker in the 21st century:



1. You are aware of a dynamic flow of life force around you


Somehow you know that All That Is feels each step you take, hears your voice and answers your questions. You have always taken an interest in what is considered mysterious and hidden because to you, quite simply, your heart seeks this bond out. Sometimes you just need to get outside to feel the ground beneath your feet, the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.




2. You can sense the character and theme of a day by just leaning into the energy


If you were stranded on a deserted island without a calendar, you would be able to tell the difference between the days ~ some are hotter, cooler, more moist or dry. Some put a spring in your step, a surge of inspiration and vitality while others are lazy and dreamy, with winding introspection, contentment and peace.




3. You can feel the distinct shift in mood and tone of your environment as people and circumstances come and go from your space


Some people and objects have an effect on you that makes you withdraw your energy and retract your aura while others effervesce the sparkle in your soul and set your spirits in bubbly flight. When you’re feeling out of sorts everything around you tends to reflect this.




4. Before you give someone a gift you hold it and charge it with a special wish for them


You can’t contain your childlike enthusiasm for enchantment, magic and miracles, even if you don’t know how it works, you inherently know that magic is real and there is a whole world of possibilities out there. It’s simply a part of you to know that you can imbue something with a special thought and it will carry that energy to that person.




5. You feel a close connection to the Earth and all her creatures and acknowledge this in some way with self-devised rituals you create


Your body automatically responds to seasonal rhythms and lunar tides. Communing with the creatures of this world and other realms is something you just seem to do ~ sometimes to the bewilderment of muggles who find themselves in close proximity to you.




6. You are easily drawn into the depth of ancient activities long held in the collective unconscious


The archetypal image of a Witch at her altar gathering the elements of alchemy and consulting with their wisdom or a Witch stirring a fusion of energies in a cauldron placed upon transformative fire. Entering stone circles and misty lands ~ these all transport you to another dimension, rousing memories of other times.




7. You get your regular fix of magical fulfilment through reading or watching fantasy


The imagery holds deep resonant meaning for you, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings ~ they all bring little puzzle pieces to your soul and instil trust in your notions that there is more, beyond what appears to be solid here and now. Affirming that, magick is alive and well within you.




This list is by no means conclusive, but at least you know that witches are human (and sane)! For all intents and purposes my definition of a modern witch is as follows:


Someone (male or female) who is self-aware, comfortable in their personal power, feels connected to Source/nature/the creative forces of the universe while trusting in their ability to influence the way things are beyond the confines of visible matter and create a life they enjoy living, free from suppression, that also benefits the Greater Whole.



*I Am Witch. The power and skill of magick runs through me.*
Own it. You know you want to.


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#3 – How to Express your Witchiness in Daily Life


At an increasing rate many of you are feeling the intense call of something that you say you are unsure of how to put into words, a sense of fully coming into your own and a readiness to BE in this world like never before.



It is something you can’t seem to find in the modern world, no matter how far and wide you have searched. That is because it is a sense of longing for home, a hint of something ancient, a deep re-membering of your very soul essence.



It can only be found within and yet it can be reflected by the sun, moon, stars and original elements. That rush within your blood when you recognise magick, that profound appreciation for nature and that magnetic pull toward ritual exists because it is a part of you as much as you are a part of it.



In my opinion, there are no “new” witches, only re-membering ones.



So the logical question that beckons is, “how do I become the witch I am, implement witchery in my life and reflect my choice to do so in my personal environment?”



  • You don’t have to dress bizarrely to express your Witchiness


  • You don’t have to build elaborate altars all over your home


  • You don’t have to procure rare or expensive esoteric tools


  • You don’t have to wear what “all the other witches are wearing”



It doesn’t make you any less Witchy when you aren’t explicit about your path.



The most powerful witches are the quiet ones, those who walk between worlds yet blend in because they are comfortable in their choices so they don’t require shock value or approval to walk their talk. Plus the Muggles would NEVER see them coming. ?




Just like Catholics keep depictions of Mother Mary, you could:


  • Have a display (either an obvious or subtle altar) that reminds you of the seasons and elements.


  • Your morning ritual getting ready for work may entail an alignment process or meditation


  • Your night time ritual preparing for bed might include a devotional candle lighting to your Spirit Helpers


  • Opalescent objects, paint or fabrics to remind you of the moon and stars


  • Plush towels in the bathroom that prompt the multidimensional goddess within you


  • Enchant selected pieces of jewellery


  • A miniature cauldron on your kitchen shelf cues that we are all one in a quantum soup



I love a beautiful cornucopia on my dining table stuffed with fresh fruit and those who don’t know my beliefs would think it’s just a pretty table centrepiece.



Essentially it is about what the items mean to you and your deliberate placement of them in your personal environment is a means through which you express your personality.



It is kind of like wearing sexy underwear ~ nobody else need know it is there but it still gives you the psychological edge!



It’s not only about the physical



Expressing your wicked good tendencies are actually done most effectively through vibration, by applying “unseen” energy-based methods. For more about how to get started click here.



black star tiny If you would like to read more about blending the religion you grew up with when your heart pulls you toward Witchcraft click here.



*I Am Witch. I engage and the matrix gives form.*
Own it. You know you want to.



#4 – How to Look Like a Witch (if you want to)

How to Look Like a Witch |


I often get asked by my students how you can bring the witch within to the outside, if you want to that is. It’s not actually about your wardrobe or getting creative with your hairstyles.



While I enjoy elegant and sophisticated witchy garb, it isn’t always practical or possible to represent the witch inside. Shape-shifting witch that I am I prefer to blend in to my surroundings.



Nonetheless, I carry a powerful aura of Witchiness about me and I own it. Kindred spirits recognise me for who I am immediately. It’s a classic case of “I see you in me.”



You can invoke an aura of Witchiness at the start of your day to wear as a mantle about you.


I’ve written the ritual below which could somewhat take the form of a daily devotion if you wish to make it so.



An Easy Ritual to Look Like A Witch


  • In the morning, either upon waking or before stepping out the door for the day, stand somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed for a few moments such as before your altar or a mirror and place your palms together before you in front of your heart centre.



  • Imagine a shining diamond light mist materialising above your crown and enveloping you.



  • Take three deep breaths, inhaling presence in this moment and exhaling any reservations.



1) When you feel ready call upon your Spirit Helpers and ask them to “bring me opportunities so that I may be in service to others in ways that utilise my natural talents and abilities.”



2) Inhale, relax and sense the light-mist spiralling around your body, there is a surge of energy entering your cells and as it sweeps through your mental, emotional and physical fields you become aware of the music-like beats running through your veins.



Your aura sparkles brighter and the intensity of the star-filled rush grows, materialising into a hooded velvet cloak accompanied by the distinct tinkle of silver bells and the reverberation of ancient drums.



The waves of energy encompassing you has a whirlpool effect yet it is electric and buzzing. You feel alive, charged and melt into unison with your immortal soul now housed in this physical vessel of higher frequencies.




There is no separation, no time, just unity with Infinite Is, pure essence and potentiality you are aglow. Your cells are purified, reprogrammed and transformed.



You walk amidst an entourage of Ancient Ones and your etheric field is vast, extending to the Milky Way and perhaps further.




3) Optional Affirmation


“I choose to reclaim all my aspects of Self through all dimensions known and unknown, I now retrieve all soul fragments that will serve me cohesively.


Transmit sacred wisdom via my aura with others in passing, conveying messages, insights and ideas on a subconscious energy level. I vibrate to the sound of wholeness that pervades all of Creation.”




4) Breathe in and become aware of your inner power, tranquil luminescent liquidity, moving as waves through your being. Know that you will stay in this space throughout your day and radiate the power to all those who resonate.




5) Go about your business as usual and allow this mantle of Witchiness to flow about you throughout your day. Visualise it about you as you walk down the street in the aisles, passing others in corridors.



If you want to affirm protection, safety and/or a “don’t mess with me” demeanour, pull the hood up. OR if you wish to camouflage into your surroundings and travel unnoticed simply pull the cloak about you more tightly.



*I Am Witch. Confidence comes and self-belief grows, quickly in my power flows.*
Own it. You know you want to.


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#5 – Describing Your Personal Spiritual Path


Something I am often asked is; “how to put your thoughts into words about what you believe in, when it comes to explaining your spiritual path to others?”



Firstly, the learning never stops. For me the Craft is experiential, expansive and empowering.



I can’t tell you what your path is and exactly how to describe it. As you walk it you will come to know what resonates and discard what doesn’t. However, I can share my viewpoint of my own path to help you to start forming your own working definition. So here goes:



I live my own eclectic form of spirituality as I have my own way of relating to life and All There Is that contents me. Thus, I work directly with pure Source energy with no loyalty to any particular practice, other than what intuitively feels right and I encourage you to do the same in our time together.



Because my spiritual practise is eclectic (based on my personal experience, practice of magick and nature based values which are somewhat shamanic in nature) I choose to call myself a Hedgewitch.



I consider my path a living philosophy rather than a religion and I have no interest in any traditional or formal aspects of the Craft (no offence to anyone following a specific tradition). Truthfully, I don’t take to anyone telling me what to do, how to do it, when to do it or whether I can do it.



For me, being a witch nourishes my soul ~ it is about better knowing my true self and communing with the cosmos (what is greater than my physical sense of self).



*I Am Witch. Divinity in physical motion.*
Own it. You know you want to.



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#6 – Time Management For The Modern Witch


Deepening your relationship with Spirit and your Source-Self in fact makes you more productive and efficient. It also places you in optimal segue from one moment to the next. Because you are fully in tune with yourself and the energy flow of a situation, you are better equipped to process and move through it.



So it warrants endeavouring to accommodate some form of spiritual practise, albeit a brief pause in your schedule to touch base.



Here is how I do it



1) Make it a priority. Take time out to step back from the frenetic energy and engage from a bigger picture. Refuel, release, realign. This need only take as long as your schedule allows.



Thirty seconds is enough. Ten minutes is enough. Whatever is available, use it. Give yourself permission to use that time as extreme self care because maintaining that connection is important to you.




2) Diarise it. Mark it on your calendar, write it into existence. Set up a digital auto-reminder on your phone or computer.



For example, if you want to do a Full Moon ritual block time out for it well in advance. Set your reminder’s alarm an hour or however long you need before to get ready. Don’t just wait and see if you can fit it in. Decide that it’s happening and allow yourself to get excited about your date with your innermost magical aspect.



3) Say no. Refrain from taking on projects or commitments that don’t serve you in any other way than consuming your time. Unplug from technology regularly. If your kids are busy bees and social butterflies plan the use of your time while they are occupied or away.



Watch less TV/Netflix/YouTube (whatever), how many shows do you watch a week? How many hours a week does that add up to? How many of those shows actually leave you feeling uplifted or fulfilled within your own life? Do you really feel that watching TV together in the same room equates to quality family time?



Go create something of your own instead, whether it’s a meditative adventure, art, writing or mind-body connection through exercise. This is about setting boundaries and honouring them to engage in what holds meaning for you.



Repeat the above questions with regard to social media. How much time are you spending scrolling aimlessly? Turn off notifications on your desktop and phone. Designate a certain time for checking in on social media, once or twice a day instead of being actively “on call” 24/7.



And while we’re at it, turn your wi-fi off when you go to sleep or at the very least place all devices on flight mode, especially the ones beside your head!




4) Do what you say you are going to do. Create a dedicated space for your workings, no keys or clutter! Instigate a no excuses policy with yourself.



If you feel disenchanted by the idea of moving off the couch or away from the computer, start setting up and prepping your ritual space a day before, building on your anticipation and streamlining so it’s all systems go when you arrive.



Make tasty treats to savour afterwards and leave it as a tantalising reward to complete your chosen task. Just start ~ one minute in to the activity you will feel much better as your energy and mood levels elevate.



The main thing is to remember to do it. Once the wheels start turning you gather momentum and consistency leads to habit.



Obviously there will be times when you really cannot push through with your plans, such as illness and family crises. Don’t shame yourself for missing a beat. What’s important is that you resume the rhythm when you can.



*I Am Witch. Time expands to allow for my needs to be met.*

Own it. You know you want to.


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#7 – Calm and Centre Yourself (especially in tricky situations)


Remember Step #4 where I gave you the ritual to invoke an aura of Witchiness to wear as a mantle about you?


I also mentioned you could make it a daily devotion if you wished.



Benefits of Daily Alignment Include:


  • Clearing your head from the distraction and external noise of the workaday world


  • Connecting you with your Deeper Self and Spirit Helpers


  • Helping you remain present and centred in the moment instead of darting back into a past experience or projecting into a potential future



As part of a fun challenge I ran on Facebook, participants received an alignment process which I encouraged them to listen to throughout the challenge since (as mentioned above) it is a great way to set the vibrational tone for your day.



I also suggested that should participants find themselves stressed at any time throughout their day, that they simply listen to or recite the alignment and be present in their body because in those few minutes, they would find themselves more centred and calm.



black star tiny To read the story about how a participant shared her experience from using the alignment technique, click here.



*I Am Witch. The more I relax the more things fall into place.*
Own it. You know you want to.


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#8 – Making Space For Results


When something has run its course in your life there is usually a significant ending, but how often do you demarcate a conscious new beginning? For example, you shed weight and continue to embody the identity of someone with a larger frame or you divorce and continue identifying as an estranged spouse.



Regeneration isn’t simply about resting; it is about making a conscious decision and taking action beyond the mental realm to be fully renewed.



Take a moment to consider your personal expansion in the past year alone. You are a different person now to who you were then. Are you perhaps still conducting yourself from the space of an ‘old you’? Do you let this residual energy colour your forward movement?



  • Sit quietly and relaxed where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes.


  • Take 3 deep breaths and take your awareness to your heart centre.


  • Ask your Spirit Helpers to bring some loving warmth to this area and allow yourself to feel a gentle unfurling sensation, melting away any tension and pain.


  • Affirm either out loud or in your mind “I accept my constantly shifting and renewing identity. “I give my full permission for these energies to transform every part of me for the better.”



*I am Witch. I am here. I am now.*

Own it. You know you want to.


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#9 – Walk Between the Present and the Future


If you sense a calling toward something, and it doesn’t have to be a huge declaration to change the world, it could just be dog walking or making art… Pour your heart, joy and soul perseverance into it, learning all you can about it and you will end up somewhere even better than where you set out for.



If you’re approaching something in the hope of being happy or fulfilled later you will stay in that state – never reaching that end point. There is no time as a manmade concept. There is only the present.



For example, think of all the Witchy Ones reading this article every week. Some of you are reading it late at night, mid-afternoon or early morning on various devices across the globe in multiple environmental settings. Yet the act of reading these words are all taking place in one collective moment.



Who then is reading this article in the present? The answer seems to be that we all are and that the differences are all a result of malleable experience in a constant state of flux.



There is a lovely quiet power associated with staying serene and unflustered in situations where others zip around you chaotically.



In this space you are able to listen calmly and mindfully before eliciting a deliberate response. From this composed state you are also able to circulate a loving, grounded energy to everyone involved while making smart decisions from your core.



*I Am Witch. Mind, matter and magick are all one in the grander scheme of things.*

Own it. You know you want to.


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#10 – Embrace the Art of Conscious Choice


The fabric of the universe responds to the energy you present yourself with. What are you offering right now in this moment?



Whenever you start a fresh cycle you get that burst of enthusiasm and surge of momentum that compels you to stop doing something and start doing something else. There is very little need for willpower or exertion. It’s as if it’s a done deal and you’re just along for the ride!



Forward movement is a state of mind.



And if you are not feeling what I am saying, here is a fun trip I like to take to shift myself out of the doldrums…

I look at the clock and think about what life would be like and I would be doing right now if I were in that year. E.G. 15:45 or 19:42



In a few seconds I have processed some form of loss, triumph, sacrifice or transformation and I am appreciative of progress and where I am today. What happens is I let go and move on despite any hesitations because just look at how far we have come 🙂



At times you may expect events to unfold in a certain way. You won’t have all the answers or be able to see the path ahead. You are simply required to trust as you move forward, staying open and aware so that you can make conscious choices along the way.



*I Am Witch. My thoughts and actions have died a thousand deaths to be reborn and become even more.*

Own it. You know you want to.


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#11 – Set Boundaries


Clearing your space and setting boundaries actually go hand-in-hand because you symbolically remove any residual crud-iness and invite goodness like happiness and prosperity in by making space for it and shaking up any stale energy to be replaced with new.



“You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes” ~ Elvis Presley on setting boundaries.



If you are familiar with the lyrics, you will know that there is a firm line clearly indicating what is acceptable and the boundary that may not be crossed.



Having good boundaries means aligning with your Truth by engaging and inviting things that feel right to you on a soulular level. This may also imply letting someone else down (from their perspective) but you are not responsible for their wellbeing, so this is a fallacy.



1) Setting boundaries is not selfish, uncaring or ruthless. You are not contributing to another’s pain or lashing out at the slightest bit of emotional threat. Mean people are hurting. They live small, think small and feel small. As my Witchy Reader, this is not who you are.



2) You will feel more empowered and energised because you are not allowing any person, entity, group, condition or situation to siphon your energy, which could be put to better service elsewhere. Respect and appreciate your energy. Take response-ability for your part.



3)  Expressing your intentions and desires clearly about what is acceptable and what is not will foster more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want in all areas of your life.



4) Honouring your boundaries by setting and enforcing them is a reflection of your self-value. Putting others’ emotional needs before your own is disempowerment. Practising unconditional love and acceptance does not connote becoming a doormat.



5) Your boundaries will vary depending on your belief system. Choose what behaviour (ultimately energy) you will and won’t allow in your space and create a non-negotiable baseline.



*I Am Witch. I choose to allow or disallow from my place of power.*

Own it. You know you want to.


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#12 – Sense and Sensuality


While the word sensual may most often be used for its carnal connotations, it also relates to the senses. Sensuality, relates to the quality of being pleasing to the senses. Most of us tend to give the bulk of our attention to sight then sound, often neglecting touch, taste and smell.



Deliberately expanding your sensuality brings richness and indulgence to the simple things in life such as;


  • Really noticing the silky texture when you run your hands through your hair


  • Inhaling the fragrance of your favourite organic body wash or lotion


  • Eating slowly to savour the flavour of your meal


  • Listening to the sounds beyond your immediate environment



Are you aware of your body? Or do you ignore it and take it for granted to just convey you around? Your body hears everything you think. Your cells respond to everything you feel. The least you could do is give it the time of day!



I see so many Witchy Ones get caught up raising their vibration to ascend (whatever they believe it to mean) in order to get away from the physical experience. Which is weird… because that’s precisely why you chose to incarnate here at this time.



So instead of trying to get away from your body to what you know for an eternity as a spiritual being anyway ~ get EMBODIED.



Being fully present in your body connects you to the life force that flows through you and around you. Your body connects you with the sensual experience of this plane and nourishing your senses helps you align with both Earth, Sky and the primordial Sea of Spirit because it attunes you to the here and now.



*I Am Witch. Rich, heady, earthy and spirited*

Own it. You know you want to.


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#13 – Do You Speak Universe?


Ask your Spirit Helpers (guides, angels, ancestors, animal allies, fae etc.) to assist you on your path and with your undertakings.



Connect with them consciously by asking aloud or internally.


Feel your heart opening and expanding to welcome their assistance whilst simultaneously exuding appreciation for their blessings.




A word of advice ~ due to free will your Spirit Helpers will never outright tell you to take a particular decision. Sometimes their counsel can be maddeningly neutral because they have a larger perspective on the situation which holds different meaning to your comprehension.



That said, in the case of personal safety they will tell you to take another route or some action in the form of a clear instruction which may be audible, visual or a sensation.



If you are communicating with an entity that is instructing you on what you should do in no uncertain terms, it is likely for its own agenda. Shut down that channel of communication.



Have you noticed how people have diverse ways of communicating?



For example, the Earth communicator is precise and staid, Water may gush or trickle and there is always emotion behind the words, Air can ramble or excitedly take off on a tangent and Fire communicators tend to rapidly and sometimes curtly blast their thoughts out.



  • Identify the different communication styles the people around you are using and connect them to the elements.


  • See how you can increase your ability to communicate more efficiently with others by meeting them with the element they resonate with.



Within your blood is held all four elements



Air ~ oxygen in haemoglobin of red blood cells from the air you breathe


Fire ~ red the colour of physical life force, circulation keeps you warm and your cells nourished


Water ~ blood is a sloe, a fluid consisting of water and salt, the same solution as that of the primal sea


Earth ~ salt remains after matter has dissolved and transformed into subtle matter. The ashes remaining after cremation are the salts of which the human body is made.



The building blocks of life are inherently yours. You are a microcosm within a macrocosm.



When you cast a spell, meditate, set an intention, speak out what you would like to happen or any number of things you create a resonating field that spirals from the inside out, beginning with your blood.



At any given moment creation presents an infinite number of possibilities, each with their own fields of resonance.


Which do you consciously choose to resonate with?


Literally, the resonance you are at One with is what manifests.



*I Am Witch. It’s in my blood.*

Own it. You know you want to.



The FREE Witchification Kit is designed to get you into your power and cosmically connected *fast* It will help you shift from not knowing what you are supposed to do, worried you will do the wrong thing to feeling comfortable and clear in your true nature every day. Check it out here.






Hi, I’m Stella. In 2006 I started helping modern witches connect more deeply to their own inner wisdom. Do you want to live a life touched by more beauty, light and magick? Of course you do. See how we can work together here.