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March 2017 Virgo Full Moon Ceremony Packet

Your full moon ceremony packet is available for download now:   To experience a starlight transmission that brings you into alignment with your soul essence like a “Spa of Witchiness” that dissolves tension and enhances your sparkle   To participate in sending a collective surge of beneficial energy across the globe to wherever it is needed at this time… Continue Reading

17 Motives to Attune to Venus Retrograde Energy to Flourish

For approximately 40 days and 40 nights during 4 March 2017 and 15 April 2017 Venus will be retrograde from our perspective here on Earth. During this time its influences are more palpable and tend to dominate specific Venusian trends in our lives.   Cast your mind back to what happened in your life particularly… Continue Reading

2017 Power Planner for Modern Witches

Do you have bountiful goals for 2017? Are you gearing up to be happier, eliminate stress, establish more balance and increase your courage and motivation?   How do you change your reality to fit in with the picture that you have in your mind?   How do you consciously bring yourself into alignment with your… Continue Reading

Drawing Down the Moon

What is drawing down the moon? This is a term used to describe the ritual gesture a witch makes at full moon to open your mind and heart to unify as One with cosmic consciousness, to receive high frequency light codes that grant access to ancient wisdom, activating and assisting you with your navigation as… Continue Reading

The Role of Willpower in Co-Creation with the Universe

When it comes to creating your reality and choosing to manifest consciously, it can be tricky to strike a happy balance between actively taking physical action that drives your vision forward and when to hand things over to the universe to allow space for things to slide into place.   What role does your willpower… Continue Reading