How to Bounce Back from a Setback

Sometimes you are merrily going about your day and then thwack!


staying on your spiritual path when the going gets tough |



Something blindsides you and it’s not quite something desirable in your opinion, sending you into a sunken or surly state…



The thing is you know you don’t want to stay in that mood because it’s not who you want to be but as a human being you can’t help but feel this way.



So how do you recover your happiness? One moment at a time, like pausing between your in-breath and out-breath.




In each moment there is always choice. 

Choose to feel differently.

Choose to perceive differently.

Choose to create differently.




How to gradually spiral up from a setback:


Ask yourself;


  • “What am I welcoming into my life now?


  • “What do I choose to release now?”


  • “Where do I already perceive evidence of this occurring?”




For example


“I am welcoming in more joy and prosperity. I choose to release old limiting programs and any emotional baggage that no longer serves me. I see this occurring around me when I received a free gift from the grocer this morning and this joy carried through my day.”




“I am welcoming in a truer expression of myself and releasing the past. I notice this around me by how many people express that something is different about me and the number of strangers who respond to me.”




“In this moment I welcome in love and release fear. I feel this already playing out in my life because I feel safe and secure, calm and centred no matter what is going on around me.”




“In this moment I welcome in gratitude and release lack. I know this is happening because I have this great feeling of fullness, I extract appreciation for the tiniest details in my life and I realise just how much I already have.”




Don’t fret if you aren’t doing it the way you would like to. Appreciate what you are already getting right and let that provide passage for the unfoldment of more rightness.



*I Am Witch. Putting forth my intentions into the greater world, I unwind.*
Own it you know you want to.



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