Magick = Free Will + Witchiness in Motion

You can take some bark, seeds and leaves and haphazardly scatter them around your space then sneer because nothing happened. I would tell you that I am unsurprised.


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You have a number of goals, dreams and objectives swirling through your consciousness at any one time.



When you hold back from focussing in on what it is that you want precisely, they keep swirling around you until they become a hazy fog.



“Oh, I’ll take a handful of this and a pinch of that, now go get me that stuff I want”.



Until you commit to a specific direction you would like to take things in an area of your life, your frequency bears that of hesitancy ~ which makes for manifesting more ambiguity



Why? Because all your thinking and conceptual possibilities about a matter channel energy toward it but without clear direction it becomes diluted, scattered and returns to the greater field of consciousness because it has not got a clear direction of what to fill (or fuel).



Free will consists of two components:


1) The power of independent choice (thought)


2) The power of independent action (deed)



When you choose to consciously create differently or better for yourself, you hold a vision while you structure a foundational framework for that which you wish to take form.



Thought –> hold a vision with enough solid focus to allow the strands to begin knitting together for that which you wish to take form.



Deed –> decide wholeheartedly what you are going to create then ground that into practical action.




Take the bark, roots, seeds and leaves…


Hold them in your hands and charge them fervently with your exact intentions,

vision and supporting emotional tides until you feel the life force within them stir,

cast them about your space.

AND THEN go do something that will bring you closer to what you are asking for.




For Example





  • What do I want? (Get a hold on the general picture. Then explore it further to increase the detail.)



  • I want another job ~ I want to move to a location where there are more opportunities ~ I am scared of making a mistake by resigning from my current position.



  • Precise answer: I want to feel supported in my decision to relocate and secure a more stimulating career.






  • Perform a ritual asking your Spirit Helpers for their guidance and assistance in your decision, seek out divination to examine the potential outcome of your decision. Forewarned is forearmed so you can adjust anything that may be out of step before it unravels all your plans.



  • Cast a spell to find fulfilling employment. Polish up your résumé, search adverts, sign up at a recruitment agency, prepare for the interview so that you shine.



  • Cast a spell for the smooth and swift sale of your home. Wash the windows, apply a coat of fresh paint, get a professional to market it.




*I Am Witch. I reach out in good faith that the universe will meet me half way.*

Own It. You know you want to.



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