How To Give Your Magick Momentum

Goal setting is continually a trending topic, but just thinking about what you want without any action on your part won’t get you very far.


Although it is a lot like setting out a road map for where you want to go, it can’t be so inflexible and dry that you can’t bear to look at it once you have penned it all out on paper!


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Similarly, just thinking positively about all the things you would like to do and experience and then waiting for it to happen won’t elicit the adventures you hope for.



Get what you want by claiming it before it is


Take the time to sit with just 5 big goals for your next year and see whether they are still in line with whom you are becoming or whether they need to be tweaked.


Then keep them somewhere where you can see them often and review them regularly to check if you are still a good fit.




Some questions to help you:


  • Do I derive meaningful internal experience from taking action toward my desired end result?


  • What’s my ultimate benefit? (And it doesn’t have to be astonishing)!


  • Am I gaining a sense of positivity or happiness from engaging in these activities?


  • Does what I am doing give me a greater sense of purpose?


  • Are the smaller steps I am taking now stimulating my long-term aspirations?




*I Am Witch. I consciously channel energy toward life areas I wish to see transformed in a joyful heart-centred way.*

Own it. You know you want to.



How to follow through on this


You have to engage some form of action beyond the imperceptible workings of your mind alone to create an avenue for magick to flow.



That is because Spirit (or whatever your preference) weave synchronicity and miracles that complement your journey, but in order for them to be able to do so you have to be taking physical steps on your path that facilitates their intervention.



The generic resolutions people are inclined to make, and shortly thereafter abandon, are not really important enough to you to achieve because it isn’t in alignment with your core values and you can’t actually see yourself attaining them.



It doesn’t matter if your goal is financial in nature, or relates to health, family, spirituality, creativity, friendship or living situation. You are dynamic and so your objectives shift each time you do.



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