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2017 Power Planner for Modern Witches

2017 Power Planner for Modern Witches

Do you have bountiful goals for 2017?

Are you gearing up to be happier, eliminate stress, establish more balance and increase your courage and motivation?


  • How do you change your reality to fit in with the picture that you have in your mind?


  • How do you consciously bring yourself into alignment with your dreams with just the right amount of ritual to amplify your intentions more brightly?


If you want things to change for the better, then you have to behave in a way that moves you forward.

What better way than to synchronise with the moon, stars and sun?


I adore showing modern witches like you how to integrate your spirituality with daily life, in easy practical ways to feel more connected with your deeper self and the cosmos.



I’m delighted to introduce you to the 2017 Yearcrafter!

It’s a 200 page magical journal, workbook + planner designed to guide you into making room to dream while taking physical action steps throughout the 12 month calendar year towards manifesting your desires for a much more magical 2017.


The Yearcrafter synchronises you quickly and efficiently with cosmic connection and practical down-to-earth action using the standard calendar for witches of a modern era.


Here are Katey’s first impressions of her Yearcrafter:


2017 magical journal, workbook + planner |





>> Check it all out here

Let’s make 2017 your year of wicked goodness 😎



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