Time Management for the Modern Witch

How to cultivate a spiritual practise (in simple practical ways) when you feel like you have no time for anything else on your schedule.


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If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you accept that the physical and spiritual are not disconnected.



Flowing Source-ry is an everyday thing not relegated to special occasions or someday when everything is perfectly in place in your life.




Deepening your relationship with Spirit and your Source-Self in fact makes you more productive and efficient.




It also places you in optimal segue from one moment to the next. Because you are fully in tune with yourself and the energy flow of a situation, you are better equipped to process and move through it.




So it warrants endeavouring to accommodate some form of spiritual practise, albeit a brief pause in your schedule to touch base.




Here is how I do it



1) Make it a priority. Take time out to step back from the frenetic energy and engage from a bigger picture. Refuel, release, realign. This need only take as long as your schedule allows.



Thirty seconds is enough. Ten minutes is enough. Whatever is available, use it. Give yourself permission to use that time as extreme self care because maintaining that connection is important to you.






2) Diarise it. Mark it on your calendar, write it into existence. Set up a digital auto-reminder on your phone or computer.



For example, if you want to do a Full Moon ritual/exercise block time out for it well in advance. Set your reminder’s alarm an hour or however long you need before to get ready. Don’t just wait and see if you can fit it in. Decide that it’s happening and allow yourself to get excited about your date with your innermost magical aspect.






3) Say no. Refrain from taking on projects or commitments that don’t serve you in any other way than consuming your time. Unplug from technology regularly. If your kids are busy bees and social butterflies plan the use of your time while they are occupied or away.




Watch less TV/Netflix/YouTube (whatever). How many shows do you watch a week? How many hours a week does that add up to? How many of those shows actually leave you feeling uplifted or fulfilled within your own life? Do you really feel that watching TV together in the same room equates to quality family time?




Go create something of your own instead, whether it’s a meditative adventure, art, writing or mind-body connection through exercise. This is about setting boundaries and honouring them to engage in what holds meaning for you.




Repeat the above questions with regard to social media. How much time are you spending scrolling aimlessly? Turn off notifications on your desktop and phone. Designate a certain time for checking in on social media, once or twice a day instead of being actively “on call” 24/7.



And while we’re at it, turn your wi-fi off when you go to sleep or at the very least place all devices on flight mode, especially the ones beside your head!






4) Do what you say you are going to do. Create a dedicated space for your workings, no keys or clutter! Instigate a no excuses policy with yourself.




If you feel disenchanted by the idea of moving off the couch or away from the computer, start setting up and prepping your ritual space a day before, building on your anticipation and streamlining so it’s all systems go when you arrive.




Make tasty treats to savour afterwards and leave it as a tantalising reward to complete your chosen task. Just start ~ one minute in to the activity you will feel much better as your energy and mood levels elevate. 




The main thing is to remember to do it. Once the wheels start turning you gather momentum and consistency leads to habit.




Obviously there will be times when you really cannot push through with your plans, such as illness and family crises. Don’t shame yourself for missing a beat. What’s important is that you resume the rhythm when you can.



*I Am Witch. Time expands to allow for my needs to be met.*

Own it. You know you want to.



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