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March 2017 Virgo Full Moon Ceremony Packet

March 2017 Virgo Full Moon Ceremony Packet

Your full moon ceremony packet is available for download now:


  • To experience a starlight transmission that brings you into alignment with your soul essence like a “Spa of Witchiness” that dissolves tension and enhances your sparkle


  • To participate in sending a collective surge of beneficial energy across the globe to wherever it is needed at this time


  • To receive inner guidance so that you can confidently take action toward your heartfelt desires and deepest aspirations during the advancing two week waning moon phase


  • To enrich your connection with body, mind, heart and Source/spirit to activate, release or align frequencies most appropriate for your journey now


Download this month’s guided full moon ritual below


1. Full moon in Virgo Group Meditation for March 2017 MP3


2. PDF esbat booklet where you will find:

Steps to prepare for connecting privately at your convenience with our etheric temple that operates outside of time and space so that you tap into our group mind and benefit at the best time for you

Suggested essential oils, crystals, colours and a contemplation

The transcript of the recording

Unique journal pages for this full moon rite


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May all manner of peace and blessings flow for you now, bringing you into alignment with your path and illuminating your next step as you relax into more of who you truly are.


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