Navigate Your Day with the Moon

How the zodiac sign the moon is in affects you and the potential success of certain activities.


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While lunar phases indicate the type of energy we will experience for a few days.  The zodiac sign the moon is in will set the mood or theme that supports the energy of certain enterprises, giving them the potential to be that much more successful.



The moon governs your deepest feelings, self expression and emotional nature regardless of your personal astrological chart.



The moon does not “cause” anything per se; it purely mirrors forces that already exist within your consciousness.




The sign the Moon is in changes every two to three days, paying attention to it will give you an idea of what the mood of the day will be like.



It just means that the energy of the day supports the energy of certain activities, giving them the potential to be that much more successful.



Even in a corporate setting, you can implement the natural flow of energy into your workplace for auspicious dealings such as setting up contracts, signing contracts, meeting, networking, PR, HR and advertising.



For example, Moon in Gemini has a social, talkative mood which is favourable for communication, meetings, networking, socialising, presentations, change of residence, writing reports, public relations, travel, study and research.



Certain signs yield better results. That is not to say you can only do these things on these days, they will simply flow better and allow a boost of magick to unfold.




Moon in Aries


Favourable for; authority, rebirth, spiritual conversion, will power, job hunting, taking calculated risks, finding new friends and adding spark to romance.




Moon in Taurus


Favourable for; love, prosperity, tenacity, self-indulgence, sensual pleasures, banking, debt-collection, budgeting and business, jobs that require patience and bringing stability to relationships. Unfavourable for securing loans.




Moon in Gemini


Favourable for communication, meetings, networking, socialising, presentations, change of residence, writing reports, public relations, travel, study, research and magick.




Moon in Cancer


Favourable for home life, taking care of all domestic matters, emotional commitments, divination, peace and protection.




Moon in Leo


Favourable for asserting authority, power over others, public acclaim, socialising, making a good impression, exuberance, vivacity, fulfilling goals, courage, fertility and preparation for childbirth.




Moon in Virgo


Favourable for employment, intellectual dealings, concentrating on intricate tasks and precise detailed work, making repairs and helping others reason logically, health and dietary concerns, finding things, self-analysis and decision-making.




Moon in Libra


Favourable for justice, legal cases, resolving conflict, fairness, partnerships, unions, mental stimulation, aesthetics, love and romance, art, karmic, spiritual and emotional balance.




Moon in Scorpio


Favourable for physical passion, psychic matters and development, intuition, discovering secrets, locating stolen property, divination, transformation and requiem. Salutary for the bladder and genitals.




Moon in Sagittarius


Favourable for publications, legal matters, travel, truth, exploring, taking advantage of abundant energy, generosity, making travel arrangements and planning business trips.




Moon in Capricorn


Favourable for signing contracts, closing business deals, finance, organising, restructuring, career, promotion, self discipline and political dealings, setting rules and regulations, protection, evaluating goals. Unfavourable for bargain hunting!




Moon in Aquarius


Favourable for science, breaking bad habits and addictions, freedom, creative expression, boosting new ideas and viewpoints, problem-solving, doing something differently or new, leadership, studying, self-esteem and extrasensory abilities.




Moon in Pisces


Favourable for dreaming and dream analysis, psychic abilities including clairvoyance and telepathy, visualisation, meditation, divination, ritual baths, music, the arts and practicing service to others.




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