Spell to Attract More Clients

How to attract more clients to your business the Witchy way…


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If you are self-employed or sidelining to supplement your income for example, running a craft business or offering private tutoring, establishing a steady flow of income from you offerings is likely one of your intentions.



While there are plenty of spells for money, it is always better to be precise about what you are actually wanting beside the money.



  • Do you want people to come and buy?


  • Do you want people to seek you out via your advertising?


  • Do you want more of your right-fit clients?




Spell to attract more clients


If you are new to working with crystals, I recommend partnering up with a piece of citrine, orange carnelian or yellow aventurine with this spell. More about crystal magick here.



1) Once a month at new moon or half moon waxing take your crystal and hold it in between both palms of your hands in front of your heart centre.



2) Close your eyes and imagine more clients flowing to you.




3) From your core, send out an inviting energy amplifying out from your aura into the ether.




4) Ask the unified field to send you good people who are in integrity, of high frequency, happy, financially stable and the perfect match for your services. Feel them as if they are there right now.




5) You could imagine them as many lights approaching you, almost like fireflies drawn to your light.




6) Finish off by beaming love to all your clientele, current and prospective. Appreciate what they bring into your life and take joy in what you bless them with through your offerings and unique talents that only your light brings.



Keep the crystal on an altar dedicated to business growth or in a secret spot on top of your business card.




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