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Bringing Your Creative Vision to Life for the New Year

Bringing Your Creative Vision to Life for the New Year

Dreaming up a new calendar year and the months to come is a process for me, one that incorporates ethereal and corporeal gestures. I like to take a breather and gently lean into the feeling of the energy for the year.


First I start to look at the best of times and the worst of times. Then I decide what I want to keep from the year gone by, treasuring the happiest, love-filled moments while consciously detaching and letting go of the rest.


Second, I replenish my energy by drawing all the time and attention expended on ventures (personal and professional) that didn’t progress back into my energy body, refilling my “auric cache”.


How to Bring a New Year to Life |


In these two steps I have made room for the new and recharged my energy stores to cultivate anew. Then I start scanning the landscape of the year to be…


  • What do I want this year to look like when I stand here at the closing in 365 days’ time?
  • How do I want to shape my lifestyle in a way that matches my dreams and vision for the year?
  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work that I want to revisit?
  • What didn’t work that I want to let go of for good?


This is a means of gathering what you will take into the new year with you and discard what no longer serves you to open up to fresh possibilities and cosmic flow.


7 Steps to Unveil Your Heart’s Desires in Sacred Space


1. Choose a time and place where you will be undisturbed for anything from 20 minutes to a few hours. (If you only have the 20 minute option perform step 2 and 4 beforehand).


2. Set up some sensory connections via fragrance, candles and crystals.


3. Invite your Personal Interdimensional Support Team (or your preference E.G. guides, guardians, angels, goddesses etc) to witness the birth of your new year’s dreams.


4. Craft a playlist that uplifts and inspires you to listen to Earth, Sky, Heart and Soul while you select stimulating images and positive power words to paste or pin. Here’s one of my favourites to help you get started.

(Of course if you are more of a cyber witch go ahead and set up a secret Pinterest board or make a mind movie with Powerpoint or Prezi).


5. Tap into your core essence, sway with the music and let the rhythm of your pulse infuse your vision as it unfolds in tandem with your soul, allowing the vision board to become the centre-point from which you launch your new calendar year ahead.


6. You can continue to add to it as you discover new avenues of muse, innovation and creative vision.


7. Due to its deeply personal nature, you may wish to keep your vision board on the inside of a wardrobe or cabinet door where it is only visible to your gaze or bookmark your secret Pinterest board and set a regular reminder on your phone to visit! Alternatively you can set it as digital wallpaper or dedicate a page inside a display file, journal or Book of Shadows.


Start the new year from a place of focus and grace by surveying a map of powerful influences, knowing how to invite sparkling cosmic energy unique to your natural stellar rhythms to support your primary intentions and heartfelt dreams.


You can then build on to this vision board/art journal with the new moon of each month, breaking your goals and dreams into smaller steps that you can take action on and review every 30 days.


Have you seen the Yearcrafter? It’s a magical journal, workbook + planner that guides you into making room to dream while taking physical action steps with the moon, stars and sun so that you can weave magick and spirituality into every day of your year. Please click here for all the details


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