Caught in Manifesting Limbo? No Signs? No Inspiration? Here’s What You Can Do…

Feel like there is nothing happening in your life? What to do and what to avoid.


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In this situation there are usually those people that want to receive guidance in some form of inspiration or sign from the universe about what to do or where to go next (and aren’t).



And those that are doing their best to manifest something, setting intentions and working hard at getting a result, that is just not happening.



The thing is, Spirit supports you in your decisions. Spirit does not guide you as to what you should do. Unless it is a matter of life and death, then it can get quite vocal 😀



As you become a truer expression of yourself, loving and accepting who you are, you aren’t going to feel excited about your dreams anymore like they are something to be chased, because everything exists in this one moment.



All possibilities have already played out so there is nothing to move toward since they are already part of you. When you are already feeling whole you don’t long for things or circumstances to make you feel fulfilled because you already are.




Avoid This


Entertaining a waiting space for things to happen or a sign to appear before you take another step keeps you in a state of limbo. Chasing after something you are keenly aware you do not have keeps you in not-having.



When you cast a spell it is vital to let go of any attachment you have to the outcome you desire. This serves to create an etheric imprint that claims it as done. If you keep thinking of it as coming, looking for it at every opportunity and snatching it back from the web you aren’t fully owning it.



Taking action doesn’t only mean getting out there and doing observable activities that take you one step closer to your objectives. It also applies to vibrationally becoming who you need to be to match where you want to be.




Does the person with their dream job wake up dreading to go to work? Does the person in their dream home sit and pick out everything that’s wrong within their space? Does your fit and healthy body crave air, sunshine and movement?



Act like you mean it from one moment to the next until the series of moments snowballs and you find you haven’t finally arrived in one defining moment but been there all along.





Tap Into:


What you choose to experience. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.


How you want to feel. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.


What you want more of. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.


Why you want what you want. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.




Questions for reflection:


1) What do I want to create a version 2.0 of in my life?



2) What do I want in place of what wasn’t working or is no longer a match for me?



3) Am I open to different versions of my initial goals, letting them expand into a greater potential that I may not have entertained before?



4) Am I allowing room for magick to unfold?




Know when to let go of something that no longer matches your energy. You either no longer feel energised by it, or that it’s something you feel pressured into as what you should do.



Check progress and enthusiasm. Does “the crowd go wild” still? Is it still a “hell YES”?



Sometimes people and circumstances simply work their way out of your life for example, employment contracts and lease agreements are not renewed.



These may appear discouraging at first, but really they indicate your growth and that you are moving on to equal or better for you to connect at a different level beyond your comfort zone.




Do This:



  • Tell Spirit/the universe (whatever your preference) the story of your life as you want to live it.



  • Initiate action (set magick in motion) by making a deliberate choice and behaving in accord with it.



  • Let the Ancient Ones (or whatever your preference) support you.



  • Do it every day, as part of your spiritual practise. Not because you are afraid they didn’t hear you but to remind yourself who you are and where you are going until you believe it.



  • Don’t be afraid to change your mind and make a different choice at any given moment! If you don’t like where things are going or you realise it’s not what you really want you are free to shift direction. Don’t think you have to stick with the first choice just because you already made it 😉



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