Be a confident soul connected Modern Witch every day

Online Courses

Learn the Craft’s ancient principles in a very modern way!

Comprehensive and quality online training classes for living the Craft in practical everyday ways. Step-by-step guidance, audio and printable materials available anytime to set your own pace.


The 14-Day Starter Kit for Awakening Witches

  • Focus on what you can do, assert yourself and make choices from your core
  • Feel more centred, in control and sparkly as you embody who you really are
  • Shift your outlook and witness situations that transform from the inside out

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The Housewitch Mischief Kit


  • Invite benevolent Nature Spirits and Ancestral Helpers to lend a hand
  • Shift and transform “challenges” with household tasks in fun ways
  • Play with colour in your home to express specific intentions

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The Witch by Day Witch by Night Kit


  • A done-for-you daily practise to stay connected to your spiritual core
  • Set the tone of your day immediately after waking in under 5 minutes
  • Sleep deeply and well, enhance your inner wisdom while you sleep

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The Surefire Source-ry Kit


  • Experience pure quantum magick as you are your own wand
  • No expensive tools, fancy ingredients or complex rituals
  • Learn the Craft plain and simple without any religion or harm

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The 2017 Yearcrafter

2017 magical journal, workbook + planner |

  • A magical journal, workbook + planner
  • Make room to dream & take physical action steps with the moon, stars & sun
  • Weave magick & spirituality into every day of your year

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GET IT ALL and MORE with the Coven Membership

The Coven provides quality no-fluff online training and support for exceptional witches >> specifically for those who want to stay magical in simple, practical ways with limited “me time”.


tick Access every core training course (not available for independent purchase anywhere else)

tick Private members-only New and Full Moon download packets each month

tick The Resource Library of guides, power packs, meditations and masterclasses


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