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Witch Training

Learn the Craft’s ancient principles in a very modern way!


In times past the word “witch” was a label used to describe someone wise to the workings of the universe. Someone able to tune into their vast inner power sustained by infinite life force. Someone not subject to external circumstances that shape your life and who responds instead by aligning outward behaviour and internal environment only to match what you desire to experience.



For me, the concept of a Modern Witch purely describes a person who is self-aware, comfortable in their personal power, beyond the confines of visible matter and free from suppression. S/he respects the forces of nature, draws energy from Earth, Sky and Spirit to create a joyful fulfilling life in the realm of form through re-establishing inner wholeness.



These dogma free comprehensive and quality trainings are some of my best teachings lovingly channelled and optimised for you to integrate in your personal path in practical everyday ways via step-by-step guidance, audio and printable materials available anytime to read or listen at your own pace.



I have taught hundreds of Witchy Ones these steps and of course, everything I show you I have learnt and experienced for myself first hand so I know it works. You get the theory behind the methods so you understand the dynamics PLUS the practical exercises to help you integrate the subtle energy work and anchor it into the very fibres of your being so you can’t help but live from your natural Witchiness every day.



The digital nature of these home study classes are super discreet and private so if you live with non-magical folk or have nosy neighbours they will be none the wiser. Plus everything is downloadable, so you can take it with you on-the-go!



The 14-Day Starter Kit for Awakening Witches


  • Focus on what you can do, assert yourself and make choices from your core
  • Feel more centred, in control and sparkly as you embody who you really are
  • Shift your outlook and witness situations that transform from the inside out

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Currently Under Revision and Forthcoming Soon…


Program on the Way |


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Have you taken the Daily Practise Masterclass?


  • Start and keep a simple daily spiritual practise that suits your personality and lifestyle
  • Discover how to merge with the sparkle in your soul
  • Access more of your inner knowing and bring it into your everyday

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