So you want to know more about being a witch?


arrow-right Maybe you are brand new to the concept of witchcraft and you have no idea how to actually start being witch


arrow-right Perhaps you have read up on beginner basics and you are wondering what the next step is to transition from theory into practice


FREE mini eCourse in living as a Modern Witch every day with a light-hearted, down-to-earth approach to the mystical. Delivered step-by-step in 14 guided sessions you can digest these bite-sized morsels in under 10 minutes a day. No experience (or fancy ingredients) required.



It’s not all about smoke, spells and sparks. When I think of “witch” I think soul ~ nature ~ cosmic connection! Do you?


In this fun 14-day challenge I journey right beside you, encouraging you to dip your toes into the wonderful ocean that is at your core to:


  • Align your Soul.
  • Dive into the Elements of Life.
  • Move and shape energy.
  • Harness the powers Above and Below.

You won’t find any spells in this kit. You won’t find long lists of crystal or herb associations. Nor a lengthy discussion about ethics, the nebulous poorly recorded history of the craft or what tools you need. This kit is designed to help you integrate your Witchiness into daily life from day one. No fancy ingredients or expensive tools necessary.

Using the tools of energy and breath, shadow and dream work, tarot and meditation, readers will learn to open up to ___ and access ___


tick Access your inner wisdom and communicate with your deeper self


tick Weave more practical magick in your life


tick Increase your connection to All That Is


I will show you what you already know within and give you heaps of practical tools that you can use on a day-to-day level to open up to new possibilities.



Why 14?


Fourteen is the twofold manifestation of the sacred number seven. There were fourteen rungs of the ladder of Osiris (which joined Heaven and Earth) bringing together spirituality and everyday life so it also relates to self-initiation, unity, and the blending of enthusiasm with determination.

This kit shows you how to bring deep magick into the ordinary to positively impact your life in the long term.


This 14 Day Dose of Witchery is right for you if…


arrow-right You are totally new to the Craft and don’t know where or how to start or you’re afraid that what naturally feels so right for you is wrong


arrow-rightYou are curious yet nervous delving into Witchiness and you would like someone to virtually hold your hand as you dip your toes in to test the waters safely


arrow-right You need help establishing a consistent rhythm for connecting with the Witch within every day


arrow-right You don’t have a lot of time or space for elaborate ritual OR you have to cloak your Witchery because you live with non-magical peeps who are easily freaked out


arrow-right You are a seasoned practitioner, stuck or experiencing spiritual burnout and want to revive your Wicked Goodness


arrow-right You want to reconnect with your deeper self and inherent wisdom in a way that is empowering, positive and practical


arrow-right You are looking for step-by-step expert guidance to instil confidence in your personal power and abilities


arrow-right You want to share in a sense of unity with a tribe of like-minded Witchy Ones even though your path is solitary through our private Facebook group


arrow-right You are ready to make some “me time” in under 10 minutes a day


Take the Free Own Your Witchiness Challenge |


Three major obstacles to owning your Witchiness are:

nonwitchy Allowing outer circumstances to become more important than your inner state


nonwitchy Giving your power away to others to affect your wellbeing


nonwitchy Losing that feeling of wonder and trust in the workings of the universe



This simple yet powerful online course is designed to quieten the chatter in your mind and open your heart to:


tick Access your inner wisdom


tick Weave more practical magick in your life


tick Increase your connection to All That Is



How the Challenge Works

1. The materials can be downloaded to any laptop or desktop computer, then transferred to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) of your choosing. However, it is not recommended that you attempt to participate with only a smartphone


2. You will receive 14 daily audio sessions (all under 10 minutes in duration) convenient to listen on-the-go


3. PDF transcripts are included so you will have a set of notes to refer back to so that you can maintain your results beyond the challenge


4. You will receive a quick actionable task each day to apply the concepts on a practical level


5. Download 14 printer friendly activity sheets that you can organise into your own Book of Shadows, spirit journal or witchy binder


6. Feel less isolated as a solitary practitioner with the support of a private Facebook group open 24/7 with Witchy Ones from around the globe. I show up at least once a day to answer questions and give feedback during the 14 day challenge.


7. No experience necessary, I’ll expertly guide you each day to build a foundation for greater spiritual expansion



Take the Own Your Witchiness Challenge |



Wicked Side-effects include…


tick Focus on what you can do, assert yourself and make choices from your core


tick Feel more centred, in control and sparkly as you embody who you really are


tick Shift your outlook and witness situations that transform from the inside out


tick Recognise, understand and express your emotions to create better


tick A light-hearted, down-to-earth approach to the mystical


tick Expand your capacity for more magick to flow in your life & activate more peace


tick Receive a cosmic power boost (confidence and self-belief)!


tick Access guidance from your innermost magical self




What This Challenge is NOT

✖️ No fluff, this is simple step-by-step guidance on how to be in this world but not of it


✖️ No judgement, criticism or bullying will be tolerated in the group context. This is a safe space for self-exploration


✖️ No lengthy or complicated rituals to follow. This is about integrating witchery into your everyday


✖️ You won’t get relentless lists of correspondences that you don’t know what to do with


✖️ No secrets for “initiates only” or confusing jargon


Stella Seaspirit ~ Author + Mentor |

If we haven’t met yet…

Hello! I’m Stella Seaspirit, a lifelong hedgewitch with 15+ years facilitating experience. I have been successfully showing modern witches how to integrate their spirituality with daily life, in easy practical ways to feel more connected with their deeper self and the cosmos, since 2006.


I am the creatrix of the Sparkling Witch Coven and mentor to magical starseed. I’m also a certified law of attraction life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master practitioner and hold a postgraduate degree in Psychology.


My personal path is solitary, somewhat shamanic and rather eclectic therefore my teachings are such with no loyalty to any particular tradition or formal aspect of the Craft. I work directly with pure Source energy.



It’s easier than you think!
Own it. You know you want to.








My path is eclectic, that of a white witch or I’m just starting my new witchy life – will this suit me?

Answer: Yes! I work directly with pure original Source energy. You can easily adapt the material to suit your preferences and leave what doesn’t resonate.


I’m a solitary practitioner, is the group necessary?

Answer: You don’t have to join the private Facebook group if you don’t want to. All the materials will be delivered directly to your inbox. The benefit of the group is to extend the conversation, get feedback from your peers and associate with like-minded modern witches.


My family member/housemate is home most of the time, I have little privacy and they don’t understand or see why I do what I do.

Answer: The digital format of the Challenge is super discreet. The short audios you can listen to with earphones. The PDF transcripts and activity sheets provide done-for-you notes so you could literally be sitting across the table and the other party would be none the wiser about what you are up to!


tick Access your inner wisdom


tick Weave more practical magick in your life


tick Increase your connection to All That Is