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Wondering what it’s like to work with a Professional Source-ress across the world? Allow the feedback I have received from happy patrons to speak for me…




Another Happy Client! |


I was skeptical the first session I booked but after the second one, I was like “WOW! This gal really knows her stuff!” 



I was absolutely amazed at the sensations I was receiving.




I smiled when I thought of it this past Saturday – just think, Stella in South Africa, all those miles away is doing something just for me at the exact same time I’m out here sitting in the sun in Phoenix, AZ!  How great is this?



For my third session with Stella, a few minutes before 8 a.m. I went outside in my yard since it was so beautiful out.  I walked out my back door and stopped and came face-to-face with a beautiful hummingbird. He flitted around stopping at a flower about 5 inches from my right hand, came up to my face again and then flew away. What an awesome experience!



Once the session started, I mentally saw a golden bubble around me that faded to bright green. I felt very safe. I felt a heaviness in my left hand as if something were placed gently in it.



After about 15 minutes I started to feel very dizzy, almost like I’d been drinking.  After about 20 more minutes I needed to go into the house and it was quite difficult to maintain my balance – almost like I was staggering. I was almost giddy.



I went in and sat down. After a few minutes it faded and I was fine for a short while.  After another 30 minutes the same dizziness returned while I was sitting down for about 10-15 minutes and then it was gone and I was fine the rest of the day.



Many Sparkling Blessings to you and thank you again for all you do!

~ Dee, Arizona, U.S.A.



Another happy client! |


I knew that Stella had an immense amount of power in her and so I was expecting something… but not quite like this. And none of it was negative, it was all very good.


Listen to Flora’s 10 minute audio testimonial or read the highlights below.





I was very interested in how Stella uses crystals and energy work combined. I know her to be a very gentle spirit and a very sincere person in her energy work.



I too am an energy worker and I am very picky about who I let into my energy space so I don’t pick people lightly that haven’t had some kind of training or background and are authentic in their work.



I was literally shocked at how profound the work was and how much it changed me:



— Stella was on one side of the world and here I am on the other side of the world, I felt popping sensations as if someone was gently popping a bone or pockets of energy within my hips, head, and spine.



— I had a sensation that went from my heart space, my third eye, all the way down through my base chakra and my feet as if I was slowly being put back into alignment.



— I was really foggy for a few hours after the activation was done, I could feel myself floating and I also wanted to be outside because I hadn’t been energy-womped like that in a really long time.



— In the process I had a sensation that I needed to have my reproductive health checked out, and the next day that was confirmed when I had my usual doctor’s appointment. My thyroid levels improved and my body had dispelled some cysts as if I had had surgery, but I have no scar tissue.



— That next morning, I had a sharp quick pain behind my left eye, sneezed really hard and out came a metallic rock. When I went to make my bed, there was another rock on my pillow. I had felt a popping sensation in the night. When I picked them up and put them in the palm of my hand, they magnetically connected and acted like magnets.



— I thought I’ve had an implant put in. And that’s quite possible because I did have an experience once in Cancún, Mexico after going to the pyramid there with about 12 other people on the beach, seeing a UFO. I’ve always wondered because all of us met for breakfast the next morning, and talked about all having a very odd dream.



— After that happened I noticed that I was much clearer in my mind the next morning. I had really good thoughts. I had really good clarity about the determination about where I was going in my life. I felt like I was standing up straighter.



— My meditations are much deeper than they have been, my dreamtime is very clear and very vivid. My intuition has been spot on and even my ability to manifest with the Law of Attraction has amped up.



I can still feel things shifting within me and I’m really glad that I invested with Stella to do this and encourage you to do the same because of the potential for healing that this work will bring. Stella has tapped into something by taking that moment of our birth and aligning it with a greater harmony and a greater purpose or energy in this world.



It’s profound and I’m really grateful to her and appreciate her work. I hope that you also choose to have this really deep and receiving blessing. It’s gentle and it’s good for you, and everybody deserves to have good things for them.


~ Flora, Oklahoma, USA |



Another Happy Client!


This has been one of the most intense weeks I have ever had and that’s saying something!



I am already used to having my guides and past loved ones contact me at different times throughout a year, maybe less than a dozen times maximum.



This week however, every single night has been one intense dream after another… The best way I can describe it as if there were ANY unresolved issues I have EVER had they came to me for completion this week in my dreams.



They felt like issues that have been with me for many lifetimes and I was completing. All kinds of activity was stirred up this week and it was literally hang on! Something stirred things up!



The best way to describe what was going on in my life was like this: If I’m generous I would say I was like a bear hibernating, but more realistically it was like hibernating in the summer when I should be out and about. For a variety of reasons I decided to go and stay in the cave.



This was like a cattle prod that got me out and about shaking off the fog and engaging with life. The good and some of the crazy decided to prod me until I got up and started engaging. That’s why so much has been centered around dreams I believe because I was literally “sleeping” failing to engage in my life for the last few months.



Lots of powerful things have come:



– My book, the one I have avoided working on for a million years… the story is flowing out of me like crazy. Even I don’t know what’s going to happen until I start writing and it just pours out of me…



– I had an amazing job opportunity come up, I have a 2nd interview on Monday. (I have been trying to figure out the next chapter of my life for so long)!



– I have a new spark, somehow great things are ahead



I went into this with no expectations but with absolute clarity that it was the right thing for me. Thank you so much for showing up in my life right when I needed you (hug!) ~ Christina, Massachusetts, USA




Another Happy Client! |



It was amazing. Thank you so much. I cleansed the house yesterday had a rosemary salt bath and a white candle burning. I fell asleep but woke up 21:55 exactly I then did my breathwork and fell asleep again.




I woke up at one point with a pain in my side however I could feel something being pulled out there and I must say that has been there for so many years and there was actual pain but not unbearable.



Then I fell asleep again — it was very difficult to stay awake and I woke up again at 22:55 exactly which was interesting. My body was vibrating.



I slept remarkably well and normally I wake up with a bit of back ache and there was nothing this morning. I did my chakra clearing meditation like I normally do and it was so much more powerful today!


~ Ellen, Auckland, New Zealand



Another Happy Client! |


To start with, I was having pressure in my solar plexus and then a popping sound.  Next my right ear felt really stuffy and then it felt as if useless things were being pulled out from it. 



Next I felt a deep relaxation come over me.  There was no pain.  I feel like my head is clear almost as if I am seeing and sensing things differently. Thanks Stella, your work is awesome.


~ Tricia, California, USA




Another Happy Client! |



Thank you Stella that was a wonderful experience.  During the actual session, I felt lots of physical movement going on for about the first 20 minutes which I assumed was just energy shifting.  



At that point I was sitting and when my body became more still, I lay down because I felt really tired even though I wanted to stay awake and actually ended up falling into a deep sleep.



About 5 minutes after I woke up I heard a bell and then I saw a circle of golden fire, it felt light and good. Then I heard another bell and I fell asleep again for another two hours. 



I had some weird dreams and now I feel relaxed but have an intense ache around my third eye. I feel like energetic light pulses are moving through my body and just want to rest and be.


~ Ariel, Maryland, USA




Another Happy Client! |



I felt surprisingly awake during the session and loaded with energy when I came out of it.  I immediately jotted down everything I could remember!



At the start of the session, I was overcome by a feeling that can only be described as when you lie on top of water and then allow yourself to sink beneath the surface. 



I felt pressure on my back as though I was pushing through a liquid and felt pressure above me as though something was lowering its entire weight upon me.  This pressure from above and below covered my entire body. Then I felt incredibly warm, like I was in a cocoon.



The following events are some I could recall:



– There was a cold sensation in my right foot that felt as though someone was dragging a cold steel pipe over my foot but in my mind’s eye I saw the tail of a gold dragon as it lumbered past my feet.



– Something pulled on my right foot gently as though pushing it back into alignment like a chiropractor or masseuse would do.



– Then something pulled on my left shoulder in the same way.



– I felt a pressure to my left side just below my rib cage as though someone was sitting next to me with folded legs and their right knee was pushing into my side.



– I felt prickling type sensations running up the right side of my body, starting from the right foot.



– I remember feeling very warm and safe in a dark place but the darkness was punctuated by colourful spirals – faint, thin and deep colours such as burgundy, royal blues and purples.


~ Delaney, Western Cape, South Africa




Another happy subscriber! |



What an interesting experience! I felt as if my brain was receiving a download during the session.  I had the sensation of getting a tremendous amount of information which I was not consciously processing.  



There was some twitching in my body over the course of the session as well. I laid down for the duration. Once I got up I noticed something I had not seen before — an old raspy spider web outside of my window, at eye level, with the old body of a spider and other debris on it.



I felt instantly that I needed to provide a prayer for it’s spirit so that it could depart. It didn’t need to watch over me anymore.  Then, before I went to bed last night I found an incredibly tiny white, almost clear, spider by the side of my bed, on the wall above my lamp.  



This morning as I went to my car I had a very large bumble bee fly by me.  But it wasn’t just a bee passing by my head – it was like we were community members passing by one another and he wished me well.  It made me feel incredibly integrated into the fabric of the Earth



I am feeling a tremendous amount of activation energy Stella. Lots of things, aligned action,  that have been happening since then. I feel more clear about my purpose and what needs to happen for it to be manifested in the world.


~ Stephanie Lagana, Maryland, USA |





Another Happy Client! |

I’ve been experiencing a lot of emotions coming to the surface since you performed the rite.



Mostly I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of wanting to just “be” more, and to “do” less, while relaxing into the feelings themselves and allowing them to pass through me.



This has been an interesting experience since I’m acutely aware of what’s going on this time around. It reminded me that I still have yet more to process when it comes to family patterns.



Coupled with these periodic “emotional upheavals” I’ve also been experiencing excitement for no apparent reason. I’ve been content (but not necessarily happy or manic) with this odd knowing that “someone” or “something” is about to positively show up in my experience.



I don’t feel overwhelming inspiration to take action, but rather just relaxing into what may unfold. I’m excited to see what shakes out.



I also wanted to mention that Archangel Michael came to me very powerfully during my meditation the day before the session. He told me very clearly that he would be with you as you performed the rite. I’m glad to know that our Spiritual Courts were in full attendance 🙂


~ Gina, New York, USA




Another Happy Client! | has definitely changed about me. This is the first time I’ve had a cleansing like this and wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, however there really was no mistaking the work being done.



It started a couple of minutes before 9 a.m. and seemed to scan my body from head to toe, then concentrated at different points of my body throughout.



During the session I felt like someone or something had one hand on the back of my head and another somewhere on my left shoulder. A bit later I saw in my mind’s eye a hand filled with violet energy reaching into my head, followed by several moments of insight.



After the session I had a headache on the left side of my temple and then I fell asleep. Definitely something I will be doing again when needed.


~ Natasha, Oregon, USA




Another Happy Client! | went into this with no expectations or preconceived ideas so I was a blank slate.



I work with high vibrational crystals and have had many soul lifting experiences, but NOTHING like this! I actually saw you as we connected at the start.



For the session I was drawn to have my Faden quartz in my left hand. I saw many things, flashes of the future, however I can’t recall exactly what they were now. I also saw a lot of symbols. At one point I saw a bronze or gold disk that was etched with all sorts of glyphs — felt like light language.



Physically I was so open to receive the energies I felt everything; someone brushing a finger across my third eye area. All the way through the session I felt my root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras expand and contract and felt the energy coming in and taking out that which no longer serves.



I couldn’t turn my head, I would start falling asleep and my head would slowly turn to the left then it would kind of snap back. I felt someone physically holding my hand, and I don’t say this lightly for I have had spirits hold my hand before, but this was 3 dimensional.



I squeezed back and that hand was there, I opened my eyes to look and I couldn’t see it with my physical eyes, but my hand was definitely holding someone’s hand.



I was here in the physical plane, I was the core of the Earth, I was the Sun, I was Source. This was such an amazing beautiful experience Stella. I thank you for having these wonderful gifts and sharing them with all who are ready.


~ Catz, Massachusetts, USA |




Another Happy Client! | So, I set my intention last night. I awoke excited for this and also planned to get my day started as usual. NOPE! I was totally lethargic.



Could not get out of bed even though I went to sleep. I suffer from insomnia, so if I get 90 minutes of sleep at night then I’ve done good but not last night. I slept through the night soundly.



ALL day long too. I was also pretty weepy/teary for most of the day and at times a little ill — not like a cold or flu, but just not my normal self. I only started feeling energized around 8 p.m.



Today I received a clear and powerful revelation. It is through writing that I receive divine downloads answers, guidance, etc. and have been instructed that this needs to be done daily, so I will incorporate it into my daily spiritual practice.



I can definitely tell you that the days following my session I felt more calm and steady, I do feel more energized and my intentions seem to be much more aligned and full of purpose than in the past. 


~ Sumaiyah, Maryland, USA



Another Happy Client! |


I feel more connected and in tune with nature and our universe.



The first night I had a dream where unseen hands were moving grids of crystals around my body and telling me to watch the patterns so I could learn to heal myself and others.



It was amazing. My body just went into a deep state of soaking it all up. I couldn’t move for two hours, but it was good.



Last night while I slept I received another large download. I get them when I am integrating new learning that really resonates with me, but it doesn’t happen very often.


~ Michelle Martin Dobbins, South Carolina, U.S.A. |




Another happy client!


I decided to book because I had been feeling stuck and frustrated for so long.



I felt very depleted, burned out and unfulfilled and I wanted to change my energy flow to more positive energy that would allow for a process of graceful transition into another career as well as to boost healing of a stress-related health issue and my overall happiness.



Meditating a few hours before, I had two insights/visions and both had powerful amounts of energy. During the session I again meditated and felt very calm. I fell into an extremely relaxed state as I cleared my mind to connect with whatever energies were present and I felt very positive afterwards.



I am continuing to incorporate the affirmation that you provided into my daily routine. I have also begun utilizing some of the other tools and techniques that you provided you offer a wealth of resources!



I realize things take time and I have to play an active role to bring positive change into my life. I look forward to wonderful opportunities unfolding in the coming weeks and months. Thank you very much, Stella for sharing your special gift and channeling positive energy into my life! I will definitely stay in touch on my progress in becoming more positive and powerful.



Many blessings to you ~ Tracy, Wisconsin, USA



Another Happy Client! |

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that experience to be so clear, powerful and intense



I experienced some interesting things right after booking and a couple days ago I started experiencing a new energy shift.



I get lots of chaotic sounds in my ears when this happens and then they calm down after the shift is complete which started happening sometime yesterday as I realized I needed to let go of some things in order to step fully into my new life.



It’s a pretty major life change in fact (new on many levels). My full moon ritual last night was somewhat emotionally charged as I continued to release my old life and continue accepting my new life – sad and exciting at the same time.



But that was nothing compared to what I experienced this morning. Around 8:30 a.m. I relaxed and got into a meditative state which I was planning to continue doing for the duration of the session.



But then after a while I sensed your presence as if we were actually talking to each other and having a direct conversation which was very clear to me. This lasted for what I think was about an hour as I lost track of time.



My spirit guides were present but sort of on the sidelines and there were other guides there that I didn’t know and a little hazy in the distance (I didn’t see any direct forms) and they shared something, which I don’t know very much about at this point, or exactly what my place is in it.



The main “theme” seemed to be that I can open up fully to love now. I can let go. Memories came up so I could see them from a new perspective, there were some tears being released (and still are), but most of all, just a lot of insight flowed. It reminded me of being in a counseling session except with spirit guides.



I wrote down everything I could remember after the session and while I was writing it down, I immediately started detoxing and had all kinds of physical detox symptoms including a migraine. To be honest I feel a little bit of a mess but it’s a good mess I think and thank you for saying that I need to be gentle with myself and that it might take a few weeks for the energy to saturate all my bodies.



Also, after the session I had an urge to eat certain foods (and also to throw out other foods in my fridge which I think have been causing me some issues, which I did). I also had the urge to take a shower, deep clean my teeth, my hair, scrub my body… so I did that too. And I’m cleaning my living space and washing a lot of laundry today. I just want to deep clean everything!



And I’ve been incredibly thirsty so I’ve been drinking lots of iced tea. The insight is still coming in although not as rapidly as during the session and it feels like my energy is slowing down again. I’m creating a daily ritual now in order to continue and maintain this shift.


~ Elizabeth, Washington, USA | 



Another Happy Client! |



During the designated session, I noticed a couple of things that happened energetically, such as a brief feeling of undulating energy, and nearing the end of the hour, a pressure and slight discomfort (dull pain) somewhere behind the bridge of my nose (which disappeared within minutes once the hour was over).



In the days following, I have felt increasingly light relative to mood, and I’ve found it much easier to shift my focus from unwanted to wanted scenarios and carry and embody a positive vibration. After several days of this, I realized this had to be due to the session, because there was no other explanation, and this has continued.



Within the last 4 days, however, I’ve experienced emotional upheaval (very unpleasant) stirred up by surprising family ‘drama’. These emotions come and go, with my determination to release them and allow others to have their feelings and opinions about me.



Through this, gradually, I’m trusting myself more and it is beginning to feel good and like long overdue ‘relief’. This has been tricky, but I’m beginning to sense that this situation, if I navigate it well emotionally, will serve me energetically… that all this, in some way and on some level, is a good thing.



On a lighter note, money-flow has noticeably increased and has been coming in surprising ways since the alignment! I’m delighted!!!



I will most definitely want to have another alignment down the road when the timing is right. I can feel there’s so much more to milk here with this one. The personal message was so deliciously relevant… especially as I re-read it now.



The most important thing people should know about a session is that over the course of a few days or weeks, you’ll realize you’re becoming more grounded in a new way of being or that you’ve gone through challenges that have moved you forward in some way.



I’ve found that things have been happening so naturally that it’s sometimes easy to forget about the alignment until something causes me to pause after a few days or weeks to realize, ‘Hey, this is new for me!’, or that I’m experiencing movement in areas that have been stagnant for a very long while.


~ Brenda Pringle, Ontario, Canada



Another happy client! |

First of all, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I fell asleep pretty quickly, but I definitely felt different immediately upon waking that next morning.



I felt it in my heart chakra, as if something had been healed or lifted, it felt lighter.



You wrote that I felt victimized and that was so true, but immediately after that session, my thoughts regarding the issue that this was related to had magically shifted, which was both a very surprising, strange and delightful realization.



I tried to go with that flow as much as I could and I tried to explore it with the questions you offered in my report, but since I felt I couldn’t really get through to the core. I decided to let the questions go and just see what happened, if my feelings and thoughts would shift further by me just letting it go. And they did.



Especially now, after four months, I feel very differently, more like my old self again. You have to understand this issue made me very unhappy for two and a half years, so feeling happy and satisfied like I do now very much seems like a miracle to me.



On a different though not entirely unrelated note, after four years of pursuing something that I was good at, but I wasn’t passionate about at all, I’m finally happy and enjoying my daily life again. As if things couldn’t get any better, I got offered my dream job.



Something else that wasn’t totally right at the time of my session was the house I was living in, my roommates and I didn’t get along really well. Three months later I got a new place to live, in a different city and moved a week later. I have never felt immediately at home before, but I did here.



So, thank you. The magic just keeps on unfolding, I definitely feel healed and I look forward to another session with you. I don’t understand what you did exactly or how it is possible for this to be so powerful, at least in my experience, but I’m very impressed and very, very grateful!


~ Annemieke, Amsterdam, the Netherlands




After preparation last night – I sleep with an eye mask on because I see everything in my room if I don’t  – my eye mask was completely surrounded with a bright lavender light and the center of my mask was filled with a green glow.



I began dancing then jumping rope.  I saw small children running through a meadow of green grass, they were 3 to 6 years old and were holding hands, laughing and having a wonderful time.  Then I fell fast asleep.



When I woke I remembered that I had been walking thru dark spaces and I was following a large light that shone before me, leading me.  I made lots of turns and a few times I thought I lost the light.



At the end I saw myself glowing in golden light and I was wearing my eye mask it was black but the inside was beginning to change to the bright golden light also with a rim of black around it.  It was like wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses with bright light pouring out of my eyes. I was swirling in warmth, and felt full of power.



Also when I woke I remember being in complete peace – that I didn’t find the need to study new methods of doing things, read books on health or buy, buy, buy anything.  I learned that (I) was enough and began looking at everything with new eyes. I felt raised to new frequencies.


~ Beverly, BC, Canada



Another Happy Client! |


I wanted to let you know that the crystal rite really stirred up some stuff for a few days after you performed it, but things are looking up now.


I’m feeling more excitement for my life than I have in a long time! ~ Izabella, Illinois, USA 


Another Happy Client! |


Last night’s experience was quite amazing. I lay down and when it started I first felt buzzing through my body from the feet right up to my brain.



And then there were certain spots in my body that were actually heating up, especially around my throat and heart and funnily enough not on the operation side in the beginning.



So I just relaxed and took it easy, yet my mind was very focussed. I was experiencing emotions and thoughts and clarity at the speed of white light, it was very impressive.



About halfway through, my wound started tingling and I actually had to put my hand on my stomach to calm the vibrations down because it was a bit much and it kept on doing that until the end of the session. What was quite interesting was it almost felt like my body was levitating off the bed – that hasn’t happened for many years.



Afterwards I had a glass of water, got into bed and slept like a log which was great because I haven’t been sleeping well which added to my grumpy state of mind. I woke up this morning, and I cannot begin to tell you, I’m a different person. The pain is about a quarter of what it was.



My mobility is a thousand times better than it was and it’s not that sore. I can move around, I’m comfortable and I’m grounded. I’ve also got this peacefulness inside me and I’m not that tired anymore.



So from the bottom of my heart, thank you very, very much. I have new perspective and appreciate everything you’ve done for me.


~ Petro, Victoria, Australia



Another Happy Client! |



During the session, nearly right from the start I could feel definite adjustments being made to my back and neck. It felt as if at least four (if not six) hands were moving inside my body.




After the spinal adjustment they were working on my insides, once again like hands inside my body physically moving stuff around. It wasn’t painful, more like a gentle massage with a very unusual kneading type of feeling.



As soon as they were finished I felt light and happy and then I drifted for a while. Then I remember I was amazed at how good I felt and how light the room seemed. After that I drifted off again.



I remember that I was speaking with someone, giving thanks and saying how grateful I was for feeling better and for all I had and for all that was already on its way and for all that is still to come. That was followed by one of the best sleeps in a long time!


~ Anna, Salzburg, Austria 





About 5 minutes after my scheduled time, I started feeling goosebumps everywhere and a sense of calm and peace.



Then 20 minutes after that, I felt a quick, sharp, twinge in the middle of my chest, then went back to feeling calm and peaceful again.



Something I’ve noticed since the session is the guy I’ve been interested in and have been flirting with etc. for the past few months hasn’t contacted me at all. And I’ve no urge to contact him.



I’ve seen a lot of synchronization in the last few days like, if someone wants you they will show it, not to be someone’s backup plan, sometimes things end without closure, etc.


~ Jennifer, Texas, USA



Another Happy Client! |



WOW! What a night I had. I actually heard the voice of one of my spirit guides and I can’t remember what she said, but feel it was more of an assurance that I am on the right path. I feel good, much more deeply connected on all levels.



I’ve been sighing like when a burden has been taken care of and just being so relieved, that’s the only way I can explain it. I feel lighter, more assured, and determined. This experience really got deep into the areas I have had such a hard time releasing. And I am so very grateful!



I have struggled with faith, confidence and had lost direction but I wanted you to know that you had touched my very core fears and what I have been struggling with for the past six months. Now I am embracing my natural power that I had smothered out over years of people telling me I was crazy and just weird and am ready to own myself again!


~ Iryne, Pennsylvania, USA




Happy Client!

Just looking at the photo you sent afterwards I felt such strong, amazing energy! Very good stuff and so interesting.  



I feel very excited and a little fear (which is just right I’m sure … big stuff is happening!) It definitely resonates and feels like just what I needed right now to support me over the next three months.



Thank you once again!  I am so glad I did this! Blessings to you dear Stella!

~ Beth, Maryland, USA 




Happy Client!

I felt the energy even before my scheduled start time… was awesome.


After the Solstice Shimmer I received random things from people… like I was a magnet for good things. It shifted my perspective in that I realised it is really not about the destination and very much about the journey.


Shortly afterwards I found a new home and moved…



I would say a Solstice Shimmer is beneficial because it stops the old whether you want to or not and starts bringing in the new… not all that looks bad is bad 🙂



What I enjoy about working with you is that you are one of the few that mean what you say and do not promise the world when all you can really do is help people help themselves.



The most important thing people should know about a Solstice Shimmer is that this is a great opportunity and the boost you need to be able to change those things you keep getting stuck on.


~ Eloise, Gauteng, South Africa



Another happy client!



When I booked an Equinox Coalescence I had a lot of fear spiritually and personally, I also tended to worry a lot. I don’t really even know where all this came from but I simply wasn’t in my own power.




I felt nothing on the day of the session except for the calmness that came over me gradually during the week following. However looking back over the past 2 months I have been having a wonderful time with the new me!



After the Equinox Coalescence session the only way to describe the effect was I went from stormy waters to calm waters. All irrational fear and worry vanished. I am no longer afraid to stand in my power and I have upgraded my website to reflect just that.



Also, about a week ago I got the urge to get a wand so I am going shopping – don’t know the why but just going with the flow. The Universe is quite amazing! Thanks for your guidance Stella. Blessings and Light.


~ Joy, Gauteng, South Africa | 




Starlight Infusion |

It was an awesome experience, thank you. I had a nice salt bath, then went through my list and added final affirmations to it.



When I lay down with candle light at the start time I immediately felt the energy working through me, I knew it was not just me, it was definitely extra energy!



I felt it for the first 15 minutes or so, then went into deep relaxation, no particular visions or feelings, just rest and allowing the flow. I set a gentle tone alarm for so I knew when to come out after the crystal grid session. I know I did not fall asleep, it was really an amazing deep relaxation.



Thank you SO much, you are an amazing and powerful channel, I felt like I was in good hands, safe and secure. The next day I knew that my intentions had been set in a deeper level within my Soul, thanks to your guidance.


~ Julisa, Western Cape, South Africa |



Another Happy Client! |



Stella, it’s hard for me to remember everything that happened. It all felt very subtle at the time, and hours later the effects seemed to expand. I lost time that day − went into a complete timewarp.




It was quite peaceful as I was lying there. During the session I felt extreme pressure behind both of my ears − very intense. I felt as if my forearms were being held in place – I tried to move them a few times during the hour with no luck. Sometimes I could feel a band around my head, like a crown.



By the end I fell asleep until 15 past the next hour. Just after I woke, stretched, did some breathing and gratitude, my Skype rang, and it was someone whom I’d been waiting to hear from for a week; she joined my class starting that day. The rest of the day I was feeling really floaty! Since then, I’ve been feeling more powerful.


~ Elizabeth Locey, Georgia, USA |



Another Happy Client! |



I don’t know what you do with these alignments Stella but I always progress greatly after each one. My friend says that I even look different.



During the session I had a lot of movement inside my body, it felt like stuff getting released and leaving, and I also had very vivid visualizations of things I want to manifest. I enjoyed very much what I conjured.



Afterwards I took a huge nap and the whole time I felt like I had hundreds of hands on me filling me with energy. I woke up really refreshed and clear headed about so many things in my life.



I felt taller immediately after I got up from the bed and stood up on my feet. I could swear I gained half an inch or more of height after the session! I can totally tell something broke free.



Everything has come together for me and I am moving at warp speed. My empathic senses feel in tune again which I have not felt for a long time either so thank you so much, I will certainly book more in future to keep me on track!


Kgosietsile, Gaborone, Botswana



Another Happy Client! |



Almost immediately I felt a buzzing in my head. Like something was definitely happening in there. Which seemed kind of odd − I wondered why I didn’t feel something in other parts of my body, but boy − the head activity was HUGE.




And then about 15 minutes later I got an inspiration that I should be sitting directly on the earth − so I got out of my chair and went outside to sit on the grass between two trees. There was a LOT of activity happening up there − in fact I just got huge ripples of goosebumps typing that 🙂



During the session, I had a very strong thought come to mind: I am a witch. I mean, like it was given to me. I took it and added in: I am a good witch. I am a powerful witch. I was having fun playing with all these ‘I am witch’ affirmations. Which I don’t normally use! I didn’t know where that came from.



Also, I received an insight about a work thing − it’s not either or − it’s combining both in one. And then afterwards I had another brilliant idea for something work related. So it seems like work/ mission/ message stuff got seriously activated Stella!


Jeannette Maw, Utah, USA  |



Another happy client! |


The invitation called to me very loudly and I love how you make some really complicated stuff so simple and easy to understand and apply.



Aside from the actual information which is accurate and enlightening, in true Stella style, spending time with myself has been very very eye opening! A whole heap of stuff has started surfacing for me, obviously the prompts are designed to allow for this but I am amazed at the depth.



As usual you have delivered the goods, Stella! Thorough and in depth – allowing for expansion of one’s practice in very meaningful and somewhat unexpected ways.



You are a professional to the bone with a tremendous knowledge which you share in a concise, down-to-earth manner. No matter what the topic you cover it is with sensitivity and care every time. You have such a lovely way of explaining the most delicate matters. 



I am so glad to have been able to work with you – it has proven to be exactly what I need right now in every way. Thank you.


Rain, Western Cape, South Africa 



Another Happy Client! |



I’m just glad that I am not alone! That’s a very nice feeling. I knew that I had inner magick but I didn’t know how to unlock it. Now I have practical tools that I can use at any time I wish and the know-how to mix and match.




Down-to-earth, magickal without being airy-fairy or woo-woo scary. I enjoyed the guided meditations that helped put pieces together.



Stella’s energy is wonderful, after a little bit things simply clicked. I am so happy to know that there are well-balanced crafters out there who aren’t completely bizarre (not that bizarre is bad but it’s just not me).



I’ve become more confident and attuned to myself and the natural world I live in and the results were much faster than I thought they would happen – from the very beginning things began to manifest in wondrous ways.


Annette Pedersen, Florida, USA



Another Happy Client! |


Five years ago I got sick and didn’t really find my way back to myself. Since applying the resources, tools and suggestions things have come together for me in all kinds of little ways.



I’m feeling the connection to All That Is again and things I have been needing all came into my life, like meditation classes, an old book I’ve had for years, and the right person who could help me with a particular situation.



Sometimes I even see sparkles in the air! My anxiety levels have dropped and I feel so much more positive. Stella, it was great to work with you, it was at exactly the right time. Thank you for sharing your light.


~ Lori, Washington, U.S.A.



Another Happy Customer! |


So far my journey with Stella has been amazing. It really helped me to connect with my feelings and allow me to get out of my head.



Stella has helped me connect to my inner witch through her gentle approach and explanation that just makes sense to me. Plus it’s like sitting with a dear friend chatting



From my experience I can feel Stella puts a lot of herself into her work. I felt connected to her the entire time with a deep sense of trust. I never had a feeling of confusion or doubt as it just felt good and right.



I have felt more connected to the universe and seeing the moon in the sky reminds me to calm my “chattering mind” and breathe! As a result I am spending more time connecting with energy flow and hearing my intuition. Mostly I have recognizedhow much has changed in my control of emotions and understanding how much strength lies within.



Working with Stella has actually been a bit more than I expected honestly. BUT after all of the synchronicities I’ve experienced from engaging with her, I’m not sure why it surprised me!


Anne, Québec, Canada



Another Happy Member! |


Stella Seaspirit’s work is one of my biggest inspirations and keeps me rooted in my practice. I’m less reactive. More stopping and thinking and breathing.



I remember that I am a witch more often. I am more aware of the promise I made to myself to live from my truth and that there is so much more to this life than the petty things we get lost in.


Timmie, Alberta, Canada | 



Another Happy Coven Member! |


I booked the 1:1 mentoring passage because I really wanted to connect with someone who could teach me more about working with energy and stepping into the magick.



Before the sessions I felt quite confused and unsure what to do with newfound abilities. I also really felt the call to disrupt the old paradigm.



When we started I was a bit worried that a call every week for 12 weeks would be too much, but I am glad it was set up like this. It really helped me get at it and stick with it.



I LOVE how this commitment turned into a regular self-care ritual with the calls, check ins and Reiki. It has really deepened my connection with myself and everyday magick.



This package has made my path clearer. It has unearthed a deep sense of power that I am able to feel more and more. I am very glad to have had this opportunity to connect with someone who is intelligent, down to earth and talking to faeries all at the same time!



It’s a real journey − you have to dive in, but it is so worth doing if you want to grow more into your power and learn to live more magically. It is truly transformative. And fun. It has given me a different perspective; I am more comfortable working with energy now and owning my power. 



The 1:1 mentoring has helped me turn intellectual knowledge into actually “living it”. I knew magic is not something separate, that it permeates everything but I couldn’t live it before, not like I can now.



Stella’s mentoring is in fact very practical and grounded, it was empowering and soothing at the same time. I feel my confidence is growing and even though I am not sure where it is all taking me, I can feel momentum building. That I am on the right track and that I will finally be able to fully be me, and fully use my talents.



I will absolutely work with Stella in this way again as I really feel understood and that I can talk about anything, no matter how silly it feels at first. As a coach myself I value that some things you just can’t do on your own, Stella is a very wise counsel and I can tell she walks her talk.


~ Monique, North Brabant, the Netherlands |



Another Happy Client! |


Before the 1:1 mentoring passage I felt a little directionless and lost having just broken free from old restrictive beliefs that caused me to be deeply unhappy.




I had opened up to a completely new world of ideas and thoughts, and I had all this newfound energy to invest in exploring my spirituality.



The first half of this year, before my awakening I had been very emotional and down, and had lost the passion for life. Now a few months later, I am beginning to find my energy again thanks to these sessions.



At first I was a little resistant to the calls as I was afraid that the advice given would be mundane or generic − like advice my friends or family would tell me. However I quickly learnt that the advice and knowledge that Stella passed on to me appealed to both my spiritual and logical side, which I absolutely loved!



I couldn’t really see major shifts however I just felt that much better every week. Having a mentor and a guide allowed me to not only release some of my burden through conversation, but also helped me greatly in seeing how I could overcome these issues.



I know that I walk away from this passage more confident in myself and my abilities,as it helped me see and understand the power that I have to create the magic in my life.



What I loved the most was it felt so safe and non-judgemental. I find it hard to discuss my feelings and issues and this was something that I had to get used to. Stella was so warm and accepting and worked with me to find solutions. This is something that I am forever grateful for, as I could feel myself open up more and really get the most out of the sessions.



Even some of the stuff that would have sounded so crazy had other people heard it, felt so normal and natural with Stella and this allowed me to feel comfortable asking more questions. Stella is like the wise, witchy friend that I have always been looking for!



The experience was much more than anything I expected as it helped me take action, stay on track and really felt as if I was doing something magical though subtle and easy to implement techniques. I felt heard and understood and would literally be able to throw anything at Stella and she would always have an answer.



I have been able to gradually break free from always being worried, stressed, future-focussed, overwhelmed, helpless and basically every other negative thought! I have also discovered how to handle my emotions much better, which has allowed me to flow with life a lot more.



I am feeling much more empowered, strong and magical as I know that all these techniques and knowledge are now inside of me, and that I will be able to use these in my life whenever I need them.



This has been an invaluable experience that has helped me navigate the start of my spiritual journey. I am finally beginning to really understand who I am and why that is. Because I have developed such an open and warm relationship with Stella, I will definitely be back in future.


~ Isobella, Victoria, Australia



Another Happy Client! |


I booked a 1:1 mentoring passage with Stella because I had previously purchased one of her courses, and after using it for 3 months I was seeing positive changes that made me want to further explore my connection to magick and learn how to use it every day – it is working!



Other mentoring experiences have been very business focused and healing in the past has either been deeply emotional or passive. In Beauty, Light & Magick I feel like I’m listening and moving with the flow and trusting, rather than pushing, manipulating or controlling.



Before the sessions I was battling my head, heart and intuition. I was not allowing and trusting and I was creating more negative momentum by focusing on the negative. I was also being visited and affected by lower vibrational entities.



Now after the 1:1 mentoring passage I feel more in tune with myself and the environment and realise more quickly when I am out of alignment. I am no longer troubled by lower vibrations. I feel empowered, supported and can rest in knowing that all is happening in divine timing.



My connection with my spirit guides has definitely strengthened and my confidence in connecting with them has grown.



I love that I am now taking action that is guided from within. It is very unique to have the mentoring and healing combination – this really supercharges the benefits and depth of the sessions because I feel even more supported and rested. I seem to be making even better health choices too. I am an extremely healthy eater already but I’ve been drawn to increase my green and spirulina intake.



The entire experience really exceeded my expectations. It’s the support, the answers within, the pathway to get there, being led through unique processes, the healing and the accountability. The long term working with Stella is magical and I have stopped worrying so much!



A 1:1 mentoring passage with Stella is essential if you want to; strengthen your connection to your personal power, learn and feel confident in listening to messages from your higher self and guides, and deepen your connection to the flow of the universe while learning to allow but also take aligned action, which is exactly what I wanted.


~ Heidi Lidholm, International Digital Nomad |




Another Happy Client! |



Before the 1:1 mentoring passage I was looking for hope, confidence and self-trust, also a deeper connection and relationship with the Witch within.




At the time I booked the Beauty, Light and Magick package I felt defeated, lonely and exhausted. Disconnected from the part of myself that I love.



However after the sessions I know I am a beautiful, sensual, strong, brave Goddess of a Witch, who is full of wisdom, has a great sense of humor and is worthy of acknowledging and using her amazing gifts.



Stella continually impresses and amazes me with her wisdom, knowledge and knowing (she always knows what to do without batting an eye)! My favorite part has been talking with Stella every week, and the spells and the energy I felt while doing them.



Also how much more comfortable I’ve become with this. Stella answered every question or concern and never left me to fly by the seat of my pants.



I don’t think I would be where I am today without the unique connection of the 1:1 setting. I LOVE making new self-discoveries and growing and I know that I will work with Stella again as feel I have a lot of untapped potential!


~ Kristen, Oklahoma, USA



Another Happy Client! |


I booked the 1:1 mentoring passage because I wanted to live from a place of self-trust and confidence. Before the sessions I was holding onto past baggage but didn’t know how to let go.



Now I am able to acknowledge and release that which does not serve me quickly and easily. I am able to face the world with open eyes and an open heart. These sessions helped me find and maintain balance within myself.



Stella’s perspective and presence during our conversations helped me to shift in subtle but profound ways. She is open and allowing which helps me to be the same. Stella presents a genuine interest in each session and her weekly guidance was spot on. I felt an immediate trust with Stella prior to working with her and that trust was confirmed week after week.



I was pleasantly surprised by many things during the course of our sessions − at times what seemed to be the most insignificant detail became the most purposeful and resulted in the greatest personal insights.



By incorporating the simple energy alignment and visualization techniques I am more empowered. The releasing meditations and exercises were exactly what I needed and I now understand how to release and receive simultaneously. This process helped me to trust myself because our sessions confirmed all that I already knew and more.



This experience differs from previous experiences as I was accountable for my needs and wants every week. Whereas, in other previous experiences I would have profound moments but then fall back into my old patterns of thought.



The format of the 1:1 mentoring passage creates a forward flowing process of self-enlightenment and follow through. The 12 week passage provided a platform for me to share and discuss my thoughts in an open setting where I felt safe with disclosure and where I received instant feedback and guidance.



Working with Stella has been illuminating. I have been able to accept myself in so many ways that I was not before and it has helped me to realize that I am the key to my freedom.



I would work with Stella again because discussing and sharing methods and outlooks on connecting with self and The All is beneficial. It helps to expand consciousness and the free flow of energy. This program has truly helped me in body, mind and soul. I am brighter and lighter!


~ Shirley, Texas, USA




I was feeling discouraged with myself, hopeless, actually when I booked the 1:1 mentoring passage with Stella.



My number one objective was to make peace with junk food and stop gorging myself on it, but I also wanted to finally end a misaligned relationship that had continued for a few years.



Knowing all of this was going to be very difficult for me, because I had not succeeded on my own in the past; I knew I needed this coaching package! I was at my wit’s end and what Stella had written about it resonated with me as soon as I read it.



I learned that I have had an insatiable appetite for love and affection which no guy nor any amount of junk food would ever satisfy. A change in my DNA would be where the work would have to start and end, and Stella illustrated this to me in a very loving, patient, and compassionate way.



During the mentoring passage, I became resistant to doing some of the work required and saw that when I raise my vibration, my negative self comes up with a lot of resistance. It’s easy to release yet not easy to create new – this is what surprised me the most. I now know that it was also because I had no idea who I was. I cannot even put this into words!



Through coaching and mentoring with Stella, I have learned that I need a support system and someone to be accountable to. All of Stella’s energy work and working from the DNA, healing from the inside out is what makes this passage way beyond any mentor program I have seen or studied!



This mentoring passage will assist you in accepting all of yourself, loving all of yourself, and bringing back in all of those parts of yourself that you never loved and even all those parts you never knew were a part of you from many interdimensional levels.



It is from this place that you can begin to build the Self that you know you have inside of you that has been asking you to come out and blossom.


~ Estelle, Saskatchewan, Canada





I booked a 1:1 mentoring passage because I realised that I needed help in taking action to adjust my energies out of harsh habits that didn’t serve my higher potential. I appreciate feedback from Stella as she has a world of knowledge and is willing to share. 



I loved accepting the visualisations and incantation suggestions offered. Stella didn’t give up on helping me through the harsh energies I needed to back away from and reminded me to take it easy and be appreciative of myself.



After working with Stella I have more patience to understand what comes my way as in what I think, do and don’t see or experience. I have learnt how very soft yet how very determined I really am! I now talk to the winds of change with confidence that they can hear, see and feel me too, no matter how much patience it takes.



As a result of this 1:1 mentoring passage, I take with me a coaxing and gentle voice that recognises outdated patterns and new patterns of learning. I now love finding new spaces to practice exploring within and confidently transform discomforting sensations while allowing an abundance of health and pleasure into my being.


~ Elle, Tasmania, Australia





At the time I decided to book a 1:1 mentoring package, I was at a place in my life that was very good, but I really felt like ‘something’ was missing. I had gotten away from my witchiness and wanted to find my way back.




I wanted to optimise my time in getting ‘back on track’ and accelerate that process, so the 1:1 coaching really appealed to me, plus I could do it from the privacy of my own home, across the world. I also felt I had some ‘blocks’ to making progress to where I wanted to be spiritually, and felt that Stella would be able to help facilitate moving past that (which she did)!



Stella’s approach to working with the cosmic forces and interdimensional support team directly, and her approach to modern witchcraft resonated with me and testimonials from past clients made me feel very comfortable in my decision that she was the best person to work with.



As a result of my mentoring with Stella, I am moving forward in a way even better than I imagined possible. I am integrating my beliefs and practice into my daily life, and exploring new and exciting possibilities and realities and I am confident in my ability to manifest my desires.



I was finding it very challenging to get back to living in my place of authenticity, and feel I have received invaluable advice and practical tools through my mentoring sessions with Stella to do so now. In addition, with Stella’s assistance, I was able to clear a roadblock that had been plaguing me for many years.



The best part of mentoring with Stella is her kindness, compassion, and knowledge. She is also the ultimate professional. Stella is SO EASY to talk to and a WEALTH of knowledge. She always seems to know the right answer! In addition to her wonderful coaching and guidance, we also discussed very useful tools, tips, and advice on the ‘practical’ area of the Craft, such as spells, ritual work etc. I really enjoyed speaking to Stella on a regular basis.



The biggest takeaway from this experience is knowing I was always on the right path, even though my beliefs and thought processes may not be (ok, definitely are not) considered to be the ‘norm’. I am so grateful for the time I spent with Stella. The weekly check-ins and doing the work between our sessions was very good for me in terms of the commitment to myself and spending time on myself and what matters to me.



I don’t feel like I’ve done the mentoring and that’s it. My time spent with Stella has set me up with a great roadmap, tools, and resources for continued growth and learning on my journey to live my life with authenticity.


~ Ann, Atlantic, Canada




At the time I booked a mentoring passage I was dealing with a relationship concern, inner conflict and an energy problem. I was feeling insecure and not sure where to turn or what to do next and very negative.



After working with the guidance and tasks provided, I have become a lot more positive and know anything is possible. Things have definitely come around and started changing for the better. I love how much insight I have gained and it’s really helped me a lot.



It’s remarkable how everything starts coming together after you change your mind set and I am more myself again, which is a breath of fresh air!



The most important thing people should know about this 1:1 mentoring package is that only you can change what is happening in your life and it will give you the guidance needed to get focused and on the right road if you are ready and want to.



This passage also reminds you of the little lessons we learn in life and explains why certain things are happening to you. I would definitely recommend it because this guidance helps especially when you are lost. And it can but only help!



I would gladly work with Stella Seaspirit again because I never felt like I was a nuisance and if there were any questions I had, I could ask and Stella always responded.



I had a good warm feeling from the beginning and liked Stella’s approach of honesty… not just trying to make me feel better, instead coaching me into insight about the situation at hand. I feel like I don’t want to just stop here now! I want to develop more and more.


~ Amy, Gauteng, South Africa





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