Be a confident soul connected Modern Witch every day


Stella Seaspirit 300x300Stella Seaspirit is a professional Source-ress who works with a variety of modalities and sacred rituals to help people experience deeper soul connection to create a fulfilling life aligned with their highest truth, good and purpose in today’s distracting fast-paced world.


She is a certified law of attraction life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master and holds a postgraduate degree in psychology. As a lifelong hedgewitch with over 20 years of personal practice, Stella has been showing others how to successfully become more confident and soul connected Modern Witches, since 2006.



I’m available for guest blogging and pre-recorded audio interviews (due to time zone difference, GMT+2). No live streams due to internet speed difference.



Specific Topics We Can Address Include:


  • What Do Real Witches In the 21st Century Really Do and How Is Witchcraft Still Relevant Today?


  • Why Being a Witch is Less “Out There” Than You May Think


  • The Role of Magick in a Modern World for Spiritual Serenity, Full Potential & Fun!


  • Ways You Can Access the Metaphysical and Implement It Practically in Your Day to Day Living


  • Explore Different Types of Magick and Learn How to Connect With Your Own Inner Magick


  • The Truth about What Witches Do with the Moon and how to take action that is in alignment with the natural cycle of creating, developing, releasing and resting.


  • Ways You Can Relate To the Elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth in An Everyday Manner to Help You Stay in Your Centre and Prosper


  • How Spells Work and Reach Beyond Time and Distance


  • The 3 Steps to Take Right Now to Build Confidence in Performing Your Own Rituals


  • How to Get Started with Witch Crafting



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