How to Prevent Overwhelm As an Empath

In this post I will show you ways you can prevent overwhelm by shielding against taking on the energy of others that doesn’t serve you, how to release it and move it out of your system.


In the previous post we explored the various signs that indicate you are an empath.


How to Prevent Overwhelm as an Empath |




1. Be Aware of Your Emotions (mood, attitude and feelings)


If you woke up in a good mood, got ready for work everything ran smoothly and you happily make your way to work, nothing distinct happens on your way there yet you feel like a thunderstorm when you walk in…




Recognise the mood or sensation is not yours. If you were feeling fine and then suddenly like someone flipped a switch and your mood or physical wellbeing changed for no apparent reason it’s probably not yours.



“Firmly state to yourself, “this is not mine; I release it from my energy field for transmutation now.”



If it is physical pain you tune into adapt the above slightly by asking in your mind, “is this mine?” Your intuition will indicate yes or no. Trust that and process it accordingly.




If you witness something heartrending like a lost puppy or a homeless person in the cold rain that you find deeply upsetting within your being. Know this; you can display compassion and love for others without them drawing energy from you or you taking on their baggage for them.




It actually serves them better to send them transformative energy on a vibration of love by seeing them happy, fulfilled, healthy, sheltered etcetera and projecting that over them instead of pity or shame.




If you know you are going to watch something that delves into lower vibration, like a horror movie or the nightly news with disturbing scenes, you can decrease the degree of openness of your chakras.




Imagine that you are pulling a zip down (like a sleeping bag from the inside) from above the crown of your head down to under the soles of your feet.




This will decrease your sensitivity for that time period and then your chakras will naturally open up again later. Or you can consciously “unzip” afterwards if you prefer.





2. Use a Shielding Technique


As part of your daily practise add a specific instruction to set your vibrational tone and personal boundaries.




For example, “I create a filter within my light that keeps all energies that are not mine at bay. I release any energies I may have taken on and claimed and inadvertently claimed as my own and return them to pure Source energy (or your preference) for transmutation now. I will only empath when I consciously choose to do so. So be it.”




If you are experiencing long-term symptoms related to past events, I recommend a cord cutting ritual. You cannot sever any bonds that serve your highest good so don’t worry that you will sever the good things! You also don’t have to know who the cord belongs to ~ just sense the cord itself and not a specific person.




If you have a close relationship with someone, even if you are consciously shielding your energy and aware of your empathic tendencies, you can unintentionally take their emotional baggage or physical symptoms on because of a heart or soul connection.




The reason you do this is because you naturally want to give them relief from it. The thing is you may do that subconsciously and then you don’t know what to do with what you are feeling.




The simplest and fastest way to transmute it is to move it through your body into the Earth. As I have mentioned before, you are not pumping negativity into the Earth by doing so ~ our planet naturally transmutes discordant energy much like trees exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen.




I don’t advocate going around and transmuting in this way on behalf of others all the time because in effect you are disempowering them. It is better to educate them as to how to be accountable for their own bodies, emotions and energies to regulate their vibration.




Otherwise you are actually doing them a disservice because they have not learnt how to manage their vibration independently and they come to rely on others or external means or foster co-dependency on you. This can also generate a karmic debt between you.




They may not even have been in your space recently, they could be across the globe but if you have a connection with them on some level and they think of contacting you or reminisce about you for this to occur.




Suggested crystals for empaths:  I can personally attest to tourmalinated quartz, rutile quartz, black tourmaline and smoky quartz. I have also heard that obsidian and haematite are helpful.




In the next post in this series you will gain a deeper understanding about how it works  as well as look at ways you can perceive your empath abilities as a gift and not a hideous burden.



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