Putting Pen to Paper to Unleash Your Wicked Action Plan

Putting pen to paper expresses your will and provides physical evidence that gives you the impetus to mould castles in the air into reality.


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You are literally bringing a blank page to life, imbuing it with your creative essence, merging it with the former tree’s life force and crafting your dreams into form.




Why writing by hand is so powerfully magical



When you make time to express your thoughts in physical form as words on paper you indicate your intentions to the universe through actively sowing, cultivating and harvesting your thought-seeds in written form.



Writing engages your multi-dimensional right brain more than typing and lets you channel more of your soul resonance into and across the page. By writing your objectives down you are amplifying your emotions around your desires and boosting the way you envisage them by exploring them in greater detail.




When you write out your goals, you are not just planning your year, you are



  • Decluttering your thoughts, opening up to self-awareness



  • Organising your stream of attention



  • Recording inspirations, insights and ideas to act on



  • Highlighting points to pause for appreciation and gratitude



  • Setting synchronicity in motion by fusing the physical with the ethereal from head + heart space




*I Am Witch. I reach for my dreams, expand into new possibilities and claim them now.*

Own it. You know you want to.




The Secret Is


To set out in a simple, easy to read manner with enough room for the universe to steer you in the direction that will serve you, filling in the gaps to your best questions and affirming your journey.



Make it colourful, uplifting and place it somewhere that catches your eye often so that it connects you to your core drives and grounds you enough to pour your creative power into visible results.



Most importantly approach your goals from a place of wholeness within already, don’t squeeze the life out of your dreams by depending on them to make you feel complete.



Mapping out your big goals for each quarter and reducing them into doable daily morsels that take you from “here to there” leaves you feeling less intimidated by what may look like a mammoth task.



Instead this morphs them into loyal minions ~ powerful catalysts of change that not only inspire you to take a new direction or upgrade your way of being in the world but they help you feel good about yourself as you conquer each one at a time! They call out your highest potential and your ability to make it all happen as you cross them off your to-do list.



{On the surface this exercise may appear frivolous but follow through on the manageable tasks you set for yourself and you will be astounded by the results.}



When I look back at my plan as the calendar year draws to a close it makes for tangible evidence of my personal expansion and accomplishments ~ a chronicle in which I have recorded all the magick and miracles that occurred throughout the year as little side notes.




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