Confident Witchery

Imagine being in this world but not of it, mystical yet grounded


Are you drawn to crystals, astrology, oracle cards, altars, lunar rituals and nature? I also have a tendency to talk to animals, trees, rocks, insects and multidimensional light beings…


But you know what keeps me up at night?

Knowing there are witches out there who think that they are doing something wrong by engaging in what naturally feels so right for them. That you aren’t comfortable being you and might even think you are the only person who feels, sees or thinks this way.


If you feel happier and more connected ~ then it can’t be so wrong.


Maybe you get secret urges to do special magical things like cast spells and you feel that if you knew how everything works then you might be able to do more.


Perhaps you want to embody more personal power and experience life force energy running through you? You might be nervous about exploring unknown things or you simply have no starting point from which to begin.


If you wonder how can you work with the elements, moon and stars and how you can apply this knowledge in a meaningful practical way to everyday situations, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. I’m here to show you how.


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