Feel Strange About Casting Spells Yourself? The Secret to Real Spells That Work

Feeling awkward and unnatural or perhaps questioning who you think you are to be wielding magick and blessings around like you’re someone special? What is the very first step in casting a circle?


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Reader Question: “I can never remember all the words for the spells and cannot find all the herbs…



I feel stupid stopping halfway to consult a book to find out which direction to turn and what to do next.”




Another Reader Question:  I feel very weird casting a circle, like it’s not natural for me at all and this messes with the whole flow. Like if I feel ridiculous at the beginning, how am I going to have the confidence or be in the right mindset going forward with everything?



Sound familiar?

In that case, you will find my personal brand of Source-ry to be a good fit, because telling you exactly where to stand and what to say at precisely the right moment is something I don’t do.




Because it simply isn’t a deal breaker. Do what feels right for you.




Thanks to Hollywood and some other channels of misinformation, many new witches think that if they don’t do a spell just right from a book, that things will go horribly awry.



In truth, your spell is built of your energy. You are imbuing it with life force and so your heartfelt intention, mindset and vibrational signature is what counts.



Certainly, specific “ingredients” like botanicals hold a particular energy frequency that compliment your spell’s desired result but it isn’t the be all and end all if;



a) You substitute with another that is similar in frequency E.G. Cinnamon corresponds with sun energy, so does Bay.



b) You skip it out altogether E.G. You draw the astrological symbol for the sun on a piece of paper, in the air or on a candle instead.




Less Fuss More Verve


Witches use what is available in their immediate environment or what is relatively easily attainable ~ thanks to modern interwebs! Working with the Spirit of the Land (and yes that includes your local health shop, supermarket, private yard or public park).



You don’t have to seek out some obscure, rare item.


The magick comes from within you.


That is the obscure, rare ingredient!




Trust your innermost magickal aspect to guide you, improvise and substitute in ways that follow your flow of “feel good” and your spells will be powerful.



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